Weird Thunder Storm approaches Chennai, Its going to be Intense Rains as long it lasts

As everyone sleeps, a weird Thunder Storm is approaching Chennai. This is called Vagaries of Weather. None of the Computer models picked up this Intense Thunder Storms. It has moved from nearly Northery Direction.

Its super windy in Chennai. Dont be surprised by the rains in Chennai. As Chennai sleeps, i wait without sleep eagerly too see 1st spell of Rain drops, before i start a long Journey to Kanyakumari in next one hour. Hopefully, i can get the blessing of the rains.

A rare thunderstorm at 12.00 mid night and 3.00 am.


caz_chn- 03.05.2015

225 thoughts on “Weird Thunder Storm approaches Chennai, Its going to be Intense Rains as long it lasts

    • Yes its very severe. But will it reach us? Please let us know the Wind direction of these stroms..

  1. CC Express as it traveled from Cadapa,AP to Chengalpattu,TN – Thangaraj from Tamaraipakkam

  2. chennai always unlucky this could have been them most heavy rains…. we could have got a cyclonic like rainfall…..this isn’t fair by nature…..

  3. Bermuda triangle effect . As always our power to tear TS without entering city is mesmerizing

  4. North west areas like, Korattur, Kolathur, Padi, Anna Nagar West. Villivakkam and nearby areas have again been left out badly. Still firmly believe that it’s a matter of time before the above mentioned areas get their due…

    • What just happened to the weather in chennai all of a sudden? Pleasant weather on the first day of kathiri!

      • Sesh, even in the worst of May weather, mornings are always pleasant n bearable. The music starts around 8.30 am and the katcheri goes on till 3 pm deoending on the onset time of sea breeze.. June probably is the month where even mornings are unbearable.

  5. OMG!!just asked my mother said that she heard a loud ts in mid night..i slept nicely..also my dresses which were out where fell was so windy..but no rain…a terrible miss

  6. may month ts always makes a surprise..these thunderstorms will come into radar from no where and surprise us..& yesterday is not an exception .. came to know from pj ,siva,& rajesh that it came all the way from CDP and RJM . looking into the conditions of last night 18GMT(11.30pm) clear cut difference seen between 5.30pm and 11.30pm . trough line has descended down around 11.30pm and triggered ts activity.. position and the extension of trough had a strong relationship with last night ts formation and movement. compare these two images

  7. I was awake at that ittime it was huge and intense in radar but it was down to drizzles by the time it reached Here. Huge bulb for cglpt 😦

  8. Last year before cyclone hudhud we had similar t storm moved along the coast from north to west but that time it rained heavily from shar to pondy. Any way it shows another cyclone is brewing in bay.

  9. Thiruvalangadu (Tiruvallur Dist)


    Dharmapuri pto (Dharmapuri Dist), G Bazar (Nilgiris Dist), Thamaraipakkam (Tiruvallur Dist), Sriperumbudur (Kancheepuram Dist), Poondi (Tiruvallur Dist)

    3 each

    Naduvattam (Nilgiris Dist), Uthiramerur (Kancheepuram Dist), Hogenekal (Dharmapuri Dist), Ketti (Nilgiris Dist), Devala (Nilgiris Dist), Dharamapuri (Dharmapuri Dist), Maduranthagam (Kancheepuram Dist)

    2 each

    Krishnagiri (Krishnagiri Dist), Rasipuram (Namakkal Dist), Periyar (Theni Dist), Tiruvallur (Tiruvallur Dist), Pallipattu (Tiruvallur Dist)

    1 each

  10. Sure shot of thunderstorms for some parts of nellore ongole visakha vijayanagaram today……
    even thunderstorms can develop to the western parts of tiruvallur by today afternoon or evening

  11. Ambattur has received 21mm till 8.30am today. Just now returned back from Tirumala and Very Surprised to see Rainfall in Chennai Suburbs and it was our luck to have Rains but Core City Missed it.

  12. Powerful easterlies of April and May came as a boon for interior TN and andhra and telangana

  13. Hailstorm Report: On 02.05.2015: Bangalore city & Raichur PTO experienced hailstorm measuring approximately 1 cm in diameter between 15:50 to 15:55 hrs IST.
    imd bangalore report

  14. There is a good circulation at 700 hpa in w sw bay east of srilanka likely to move west next few days

  15. West looks dull with some grey and white development. But overhead sun is scorching in Thanjavur. Is this a signal for evening rains?

  16. Plenty of moisture entered into delta region its just a matter of time to condense into storms…this time it concentrate more in north interior TN and coastal TN including pondy chennai belt

  17. When people mention Delta areas, please avoid including places like Cuddalore, Puducherry, Chidambaram, Neyveli. They are never really part of delta. Delta places are Thanjavur, Trichy, Thiruvarur and Nagappatinam.

  18. The ER wave’s N.Hemispheric vortex now lies for almost 3 – 4 days in and around the SE Bay , and its mid tropospheric circulation extends to areas near Central Bay …..In the lower levels it is seen helping the westerlies to attain the cross equatorial flow status to a higher flux …

  19. predicting convectional ts formation using the below techniques


    minimum requirements for a convectional ts to form .

    Lifted index:

    When the value is positive, the atmosphere (at the respective height) is stable and when the value is negative, the atmosphere is unstable.

    Minimum Relative humidity reqd for this to happen 60%

    LI 6 or Greater, Very Stable Conditions

    LI Between 1 and 6 : Stable Conditions, Thunderstorms Not Likely

    LI Between 0 and -2 : Slightly Unstable, Thunderstorms Possible, With Lifting Mechanism (i.e., cold front, daytime heating, …)

    LI Between -2 and -6 : Unstable, Thunderstorms Likely, Some Severe With Lifting Mechanism

    LI Less Than -6: Very Unstable, Severe Thunderstorms Likely With Lifting Mechanism

    Soaring index:

    wen K index less than -10 no chance of TS

    5 TO 10 Increasing convection

    10 to 15 isolated TS

    15 to 20 20% TS

    20 to 25 20 to 40%

    25 to 30 40% to 60% TS

    +35 above 80% TS

    +40 above 100% TS


    CAPE values over 1500 are generally needed for robust severe thunderstorms. However, if the other ingredients for severe storms are strong, severe weather can occur with CAPE values under 1000..

  20. TS lashes Mayawaram n surrounding areas…An hour back. Slight drizzles continue there. Info- courtesy..Dash..

  21. Pitch dark in north of yelahanka today as well.
    Lots of thunders and lightning.

    Unless there is a strong wind which can take away the rains.
    We should expect good rains in north bangalore today as well

  22. While travelling to Tirumala. Some of the images from Nagari and Puttur on May 1st around 4.30pm.

  23. Tirumala weather is mix up of Coonoor and Vellore weather likely. Day was warm could be around 38-39 and evenings are getting Pleasant and Early Morning it was Misty around could be 21-23. Hills Down (Tirupathi) was very Humid and Hot could be more than Tirumala.

  24. Imd 17.30 update shows
    Nungambakkam – 37.5
    Meenambakkam – 35.7.
    Could be a Error

  25. in next 36hrs, a low-level circulation expected over S-W Bay and Srilanka… so more easterlies for Tamilnadu ..
    A weak upper-level (500hpa) circulation is also expected over S-W Bay during next 36hrs …

    source:indian weatherman

  26. OMG… Latest JTWC forecast expects the TD 06W (Possible Noul) at the peak intensity of 110knots which makes it a Violent Typhoon(Higher classification) an unofficial classification used by RMSC Tokyo.

    JTWC forecast has high confidence in its track but low confidence of the speed of the movement due to the uncertainty of the development of weakness in steering Ridge.

    Surprising that while JTWC is very aggressive in its forecast, RMSC Tokyo yet to give a track forecast

  27. JTWC’s latest forecast intensifies the Tropical Depression into a category 3 typhoon by Friday with winds of 205 km/h/ 250 gusts . Typhoon noul in the making

  28. 925mb zonal wind along EQUINOO turned mild +ve when compared to last 2-3 months, which is a good sign for enhancing SWM-currents over BOB in coming days.

    (1) According to literature June-month’s +ve wind anomaly over Equinoo region (60E-90E & 2.5N-2.5S) will foretell the outcome of SWM-rainfall over JULY & AUGUST months.

    (2) Overall +ve anomaly phase of EQUINOO will enhance the SWM-rainfall irrespective of Elnino outcome.

  29. Doppler radar before monsoon: IMD

    PANJIM: Goa will have something to cheer about this monsoon with a Doppler radar being installed at the Indian Meteorological Department’s Altinho observatory, which will give accurate rainfall and wind velocity forecasts.

  30. Bangalore city with 30cm for the year is the topper for karnataka till now this year 🙂 it gas got around 4 times its normal rain quota.. North bangalore (specifically my RG in sahakarnagar) is lagging far behind with 19cm..

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