Dry and warm end to March expected

Chennai is in for 2nd straight nil rainfall month. Maximum and minimum temp will slowly start to rise. Already nungambakkam has recorded 35c day, we should be touching 37-38 in another 2 weeks.

698 thoughts on “Dry and warm end to March expected

  1. Quran-reading at Shami’s house for ‘playing XI’
    In Raina’s ‘Sasural’, Panchayat asks all to watch

  2. The only positive thing for Ind, is in the last 12 matches, 9 matches won by a chasing team in Sydney, , but i feel it’s Aus which is going to finals. let’s see, fingers crossed.

  3. Sachin Sharjah la century adichapo, Ganguly sattaiya kazhatti suthinapo,
    Laxman 281 adichupo, cricket mela oru sema love la erundhomay, adhay
    school paiyan feeling s back after ages with this India-Australia

  4. Ball that hit Phillip Hughes has been destroyed by Cricket NSW

    Sydney: Phillip Hughes’ demise will haunt the cricket world for years and to get over the tragedy the New South Wales cricket association did something unique by destroying the ball that fatally struck the young Australian during a Sheffield Shield match at the SCG last year.

    The 25-year-old Hughes passed away on November 27, two days after he got hit during the fateful Sheffield Shield match between South Australia and New South Wales at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

    On being asked about the six-and-half ounce of red kookaburra that was delivered by Sean Abbott on that day, the Cricket NSW official said that the ball has been destroyed.

    “The ball that was used that day has been destroyed. It is a sensitive issue. We didn’t want any trace that would hurt anyone. It was a collective decision taken by the Cricket New South Wales. Now if you ask me how it was destroyed, I won’t be able to tell you. All I know is that the ball will never be seen again,” Cricket NSW media manager Jodie Hawkins told PTI today.

    Had that particular piece of leather been preserved, it could have probably hurt the sentiments of innumerable number of people who were close to the cricketer.

    When asked what happened to gears that Hughes was wearing, Hawkins said that “those were returned to his parents.”

    There was another piece of information that was provided by Hawkins regarding the playing strip at the SCG where the incident happened.

    “Pitch No.5 of SCG where the incident took place was retired for the season. Not a single match (first class or international) took place on pitch No5. However it has been decided that from the next season, we will again be having matches on pitch No.5,” Hawkins, who was also associated with BBL side Sydney Sixers, added.

    Hughes was batting on 63 when he couldn’t connect a pull shot off a short delivery from Abbott as it hit on the back of his head. He was rushed to the hospital in unconscious condition and he was declared dead on the third day.

    There was a wave of emotions in Australia following the young man’s death as he was declared the “12th man” during India’s first Test against hosts at Adelaide.

    Almost all the Australian players had a silent prayer and tribute on their lips when they reached the score of 63 during that particular match.

    National captain Michael Clarke, who went through an emotionally turbulent phase post Hughes’ death, still wears a black armband as a mark of tribute.

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  5. MUMBAI recorded the second hottest day in a decade, with maximum temperatures in Santa Cruz touching 40.8 degrees celsius on Wednesday. The highest maximum temperature recorded in a decade has been 41.3 degrees celsius, which was recorded in 2011.

  6. Finally beat asad… Got unsailable lead…. The same india which put asad 1 point lead from me has paid back

  7. Dhawans aggressiveness costs the match…. No need for him to do so, run a ball till 35 overs would have sealed the game for india

    • Beating minnows and SA, all thought problem was behind the team and they are world beaters. Truth is they are still the same team that went winless in Australia.

  8. As expected Asad lost the lead in the contest today.
    As we head for the final game its between Jeteender and Joseph Prasanth.
    Current Standing
    Jeetender – 57 points (NZ)
    Asad – 53 Points (India)
    Joseph – 53 points (Australia)
    Bala 43 Points (Australia)
    If Australia wins the WC, Joseph will win the competition, Jeetender will come 2nd and Asad and Bala come 3rd.
    If NZ wins, Jeetender will win, Asad and Joseph will come joint 2nd.
    Good luck to both teams

  9. Youth cuts tongue for India’s victory in Cricket World Cup semifinal against Australia

    VELLORE: A cricket crazy youth in Tamil Nadu cut his tongue on Thursday seeking the ‘intervention of gods’ to make India win the World Cup semifinal match against Australia.

    Sudhakar of Ponneri in Vellore district, who closely follows cricket, was sad after Australia amassed 328 runs batting first against India in the semifinal.

    Desperation drove the youth to act in a reckless manner and he cut his tongue with a knife at his residence, the Jolarpet police said.

    On his hearing Sudhakar’s cries, his relatives and neighbours came to his rescue. They rushed him to Adukkamparai government general hospital.

    The police said they had not registered a case as there was no complaint.

  10. When people doubted that this team will qualify out of group stage,we went all the way along to semis !
    ‪#‎All‬ you plastic fans out there,never damn to give a word about MSD !

  11. this is indians they praise do milk abisheka of dhoni banner after winning anything they lose they start blaming dhoni and discourage every indian….got to change this?

    • No da….No other country people in the world show much crazyness towards cricket….In my office I usually work with australian clients and today they told that they are not even aware of the match…..and they replied me why you indian people are very crazy……Indian team spoiled the dreams of crores of people….so people has the right to protest.

  12. Hope discussions would head back to weather henceforth …
    Let us be ready to get a betrayal from a May Cyclone …….

  13. Today got upset with indian team’s bullshit performance……I think bangladesh might be celebrating festival….

  14. Dear world’s best finisher…try to finish the impossible targets like this…don’t extend the easy targets and give a great finish and try to get credit#shame#MSD

  15. appadi now cricket over… at least from now onwards will the kea cricket blog turn back into kea weather blog! please my request from now onwards lets discuss about world weather, India weather and coming summer cyclone…..

  16. Experts please Answer?????
    for the past 5 years we have got more than 10mm in end of march but this year 2mm why this
    pls answer
    pls answer

  17. As expected Aus won today. Nz vs Aus going to be a cracking game on Sunday. Both r strong in bowling and batting. But Aus likely to win the WC.

  18. Temperature has been reduced today in Tamilnadu and Puducherry.

    Palayamkottai – 37
    Madurai AP – 36.8
    Salem – 36.6
    Dharmapuri – 36.4
    Trichy – 36.3

    HIGHEST MIN – Tondi 27.6



    • its better for him to stop his big mouth n backup wit the bat infact rohit dhawan too steve waugh rightly said he is immature

      • Yes even when he is talking to media after the match he is cool with smiley face…..he supported the team….

  19. Drastic decrease in temp in andhra and telangana
    kothagudem manuguru decreased from 44 to 39
    hyderabad from 39 to 36.7
    kurnool from 41 to 39.7
    anantapur from 40 to 39
    tirupati from 40 to 37
    ramagundam from 40 to 37.6
    all the 9 coastal districts recorded temperatures between 35 to 36
    Hyderabad is cool today with fresh breezes and not even feeling like summer

  20. World Cup 2015: No plans to retire yet, says MS Dhonihttp://ibnlive.in.com/news/cricketnext/world-cup-2015-no-plans-to-retire-yet-says-ms-dhoni/536388-78.html

  21. Indian fans would be very disappointed now…actually , if u see last 7 matches they won, only S.A was a good team.that too one run out of A B DE changed the result. rest dummy teams.this was the only challenge and india failed. it was our mistake to keep so much faith in this team. if i was BCCI , i would change all indian pitches to green. thats the only way bywhich this team can improve and beat top teams in their own arena

  22. Indian fans would be very disappointed now…actually , if u see last 7 matches they won, only S.A was a good team.that too one run out of A B DE changed the result. rest dummy teams.this was the only challenge and india failed. it was our mistake to keep so much faith in this team. if i was BCCI , i would change all indian pitches to green. thats the only way bywhich this team can improve and beat top teams in their own arena…

    • noo these pitches india played over last 4 months wer flat as pancakes all drop in pitches not natural to those grounds… we dont wanna b even embarrassed more now playing on green tops.. btw the domestic ranji matches these days r played on green tops to sim xtent…

    • of course the defeat pains, but remember before the W.C started in Feb.14, no Indian have a hope that this team will go this level, yet they achieved this , i’m really proud about our team’s performance in this W.C, considering our poor show during tests, and tri -series, this is a young team and will learn from their mistakes sure. Hats off to Dhoni for his cool captainship.

  23. Dhoni to take stock of future after World T20

    Dhoni has not ruled out playing another World Cup for India. Speaking at the post-match press conference after India’s defeat to Australia in their semi-final at the SCG, Dhoni said he would probably think about his long-term future after next year’s World T20.

    “I’m not sure about it,” Dhoni said, when asked if he would play another World Cup. “I’m 33, I’m still running, I’m still fit, but I’ll have a year’s time, maybe close to next year, during the T20 World Cup will be the time I would like to decide whether I’ll continue till the 2019 World Cup or not.”

    Dhoni retired from Test cricket in late December, handing over the captaincy of the Test team to Virat Kohli. He remains India’s captain in the shorter formats.

    When it was his turn to take the mike, Michael Clarke, the Australia captain, said he was sure Dhoni would continue to play on for a while yet.

    “I heard you ask if it is going to be his last World Cup,” Clarke said. “I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be, there’s a lot of cricket left in his body ye

  24. Whats APP trending

    After Kohli’s Wicket…

    Dhoni – Kohli what i said, what you did?
    Kohli – You told me to stay with Anushka Sharma, that is what i am doing..

    Dhoni – I told you to stay with Rohit Sharma, not with Anushka..
    Kohli – Oh Bossss, Bossss, i am sorry!!!

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