260 thoughts on “Light showers possible in few areas, otherwise mostly dry

  1. On behalf of the Organising committee (?!) of Keaweather,we reconfirm the first Keabloggers Sports Meet.

    Date:Sunday,the 8th feb 2015
    Venue:SingaramPillai Grounds,Villivakkam

    Special thanks to Shiva for getting us the Grounds.
    The Broad Agenda is as below:
    7-7.30am- Snack and Coffee
    7.30am – 100m dash
    8am – 10am-Cricket with a Drinks/biscuits break
    10am – 12 noon – Tennis
    12 noon-12.30pm—Interactive discussion on Growing plants @ Home /Organic way of life / Nattu vaidyam etc –anchored by Surya
    12.30pm- 1.30pm-Lunch and disperse

    Mineral water will also be available during the event.
    To cover the costs,we need to cost it at Rs.250 per person.This can be paid at the event.

    We invite everyone to the event.Please note that all of us are amateurs in sports and so it is only an excuse to meet and have fun.Kindly confirm your participation in the blog so that we can start the arrangements.

  2. Wet roads n puddles of water between Purasai Abirami theatre area n Central Station area. Moderate rain seen early in the morning. May be around 4 to 5mm..

  3. As far as I know the following people have confirmed.
    1. Gopal
    2. Gajendran
    3. Selva
    4. Jeetender
    5. Velayudham
    6. Me
    7. Shankar
    8. Shiva
    9. Asad
    10. Pradeep John
    11. Gokul
    12. Jupijove

    Others please confirm ASAP. We need to have all the confirmations by this Sunday.

  4. Guys,

    I feel that every time a get together has been arranged only in north side of the city, which is very difficult for the south side bloggers to attend.

    Next time can you please arrange some where near central chennai, it would be easy for me and others living in south side of the city.

  5. @cyclone_deepaak:disqus
    All arrangements for Sports will be made by us.
    You just need to come and enjoy.

    Caps/Cameras could be brought.
    It is a Keasports day and so you are free to play any sport.
    As it is a large space,a few of you can bring shuttle racquets etc..maybe chess boards!Maybe frisbees?

  6. Anand M.sharan, professor from memorial university of newfoundland,canada has recently shown his interest in predicting 2015 rainfall for telangana.. through a mathematical approach and aslo by climatological analysis ,he has concluded that telangana likely to see normal june & excess rains in the later months..

  7. why kea is doing like this?
    today morning nunga reported 0.5mm rain…..i also saw the wet roads …but saidapet got more than 2mm…..butnoe rainfall record deleted from 3.3mm to again 2.8mm,,,,,,,,,like same time on new year rainfall before they present 4.8mm and again they reduced it to 2mm….why they are trying to reuce rainfall figure?????? this is not good

  8. jma report says n.hemipshere monsoon circulation during last december was disturbed by three factors.
    Aleutian Low and siberian high were stronger than normal, indicating stronger-than-normal East Asian and s.asian winter monsoon..and infact mjo was in course of action in 2nd half of december..

  9. To restate:All school /college students of this blog should make it to the Feb 8th event as this has been conceptualised for you.There is also a special price of Rs.100 for this group

  10. The International Cricket Council has paved the way for Pakistan paceman Mohammad Amir’s return to domestic cricket with immediate effect, relaxing his ban for spot-fixing.

  11. One doubt about the location of ground . Is the ground inside school premises or near by? because if I see that site it is a bit confusing

  12. I Am in…But Can You Post The Exact Location..But I am Surely Not Gonna Miss this..!! And Again I am Coming..!

  13. As far as I know the following people have confirmed.
    1. Gopal
    2. Gajendran
    3. Selva
    4. Jeetender
    5. Velayudham
    6. Me
    7. Shankar
    8. Shiva
    9. Asad
    10. Pradeep John
    11. Gokul
    12. Jupijove
    13. sanjay@Mandaveli
    14. Surya
    15. Johny prabhakar
    16. Sriram Rangarajan

    Others please confirm ASAP. We need to have all the confirmations by this Sunday.

  14. Steve Smith credits ipl for his success whereas indian fans blame ipl for bad performances . Is ipl helping foreign players or local players?

    • T 20 has destroyed bowlers..in a way has
      made batsmen more confident…smith has
      got more exposure due to IPL..only in d long
      run one could be judged for greatness…but
      worried t 20 could kill real cricket..hope cricket
      survives T 20 scare n great bowlers r baclk..

    • not only Smith, even Watson’s fortune turned to positive after he played in IPL, after that only he became a regular member in the Aus’ team. it is 100% true i.p.l gave life to lot of players, both career wise, and also monetary wise,

  15. PDO is in positive phase this”may” effect Indian monsoon 2015!! In terms of below average rainfall!! Indications of el nino 2015!!!

  16. Updated list for the Feb 8th event. If I have missed out on any names, please do let me know.

    1. Gopal
    2. Gajendran
    3. Selva
    4. Jeetender
    5. Velayudham
    6. Me
    7. Shankar
    8. Shiva
    9. Asad
    10. Pradeep John
    11. Gokul
    12. Jupijove
    13. sanjay@Mandaveli
    14. Surya
    15. Johny prabhakar
    16. Sriram Rangarajan

    If anyone else would like to join please confirm before Sunday night.

  17. unusually very dense fog (visibility <20m) hovered Hyderabad……
    unable to see the vehicles coming infront…….

  18. “EUNICE”.. she is not nice now. yes she has turned into a super cyclone and thus tis becomes the Strongest storm of tis year so far in s.indian ocean

  19. Hi All,

    PDO- Pacific Decadal Oscillations the basic meaning.
    (Decade means 10 years, Inter-Decadal Means two decades, then it is 20 years)

    The interdecadal Pacific oscillation (IPO or ID) displays similar sea-surface temperature (SST) and sea-level pressure (SLP) patterns, with a cycle of 15–30 years, but affects both the north and south Pacific.[citation needed] In the tropical Pacific, maximum SST anomalies are found away from the equator. This is quite different from the quasi-decadal oscillation (QDO) with a period of 8-to-12 years and maximum SST anomalies straddling the equator, thus resembling the ENSO. (Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacific_decadal_oscillation)

    PDO is a reflection of monthly SST anomalies over North Pacific Ocean also the PDO index is the standardized principal component time series.

    Positive PDO means, warm sst over East Pacific and Cooler Temp over West Pacific and Negative Phase is vice-versa.
    PDO just brings out the average SST over Northern Pacific above 20N latitude. It says that the phase changes in approx 20-30 years time. This is called Inter-Decadal.

    How can we relate it to ENSO?

    During ELNINO, the central and eastern equatorial pacific heats up, this creates the ELNINO atmosphere. The same way the Positive PDO too. The ultimate point is that the ENSO and PDO are inter-related as Ameen has pointed out.

    During the PDO positive phase the wintertime Aleutian low is deepened and shifted southward, warm/humid air is advected along the North American west coast and temperatures are higher than usual from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska but below normal in Mexico and the Southeastern United States. Winter precipitation is higher than usual in the Alaska Coast Range, Mexico and the Southwestern United States but reduced over Canada, Eastern Siberia and Australia

    Drought frequency is enhanced over much of the Northern United States during the positive PDO phase and over the Southwest United States during the negative PDO phase in both cases if the PDO is associated with a positive AMO.

    The Asian Monsoon is also affected, increased rainfall and decreased summer temperature is observed over the Indian subcontinent during the negative phase.

    But a PDO cannot give a forecast, for that ENSO would be the right model to forecast for next 2-3 months time.

    We are observing ELNINO like conditions for the past 7-8 months, but so far it could not be confirmed and said that ELNINO arrived. Since the SST fluctuating from time to time, hence 2014 was not declared as a ELNINO year.

    The same way in 2015 too, ELNINO possibility is very less, but ELNINO like conditions likely until July, so positive PDO likely to happen during the first phase of SWM season until July.

    Since positive PDO possibility exist till July, there is a threat to SWM 2015.

    • There won’t be real threat except late start. So many years (including 2005) in the past to start at low pace at SWM, but later recovered at jet speed.

  20. Leander Paes kept himself in line for his 15th Grand Slam title by reaching the Australian Open mixed doubles final with Martina Hingis as they defeated Su-Wei Hsieh and Pablo Cuevas in straight sets on Friday.
    The seventh seeded Indo-Swiss pair recorded a comfortable 7-5 6-4 win over the unseeded Taipei-Uruguay combine in the semifinals in one hour and 14 minutes.

  21. “Kohli is batting at No. 4 because the middle and lower order is not experienced. We need him there to compensate for that. We are going to stick to the plan as we think it is crucial for India’s fortunes in the World Cup,” – Dhoni

    • that is not right, kohli has to bat at no 3, raina is experienced batsman he is at no 4 or 5, then we have Dhoni,
      who else is inexperience in ODI team?

      we have to be positive, kohli has to be at no.3 to score good, it is not like he is going to get out before no 5, he can stay for longer time on the pitch and score.

      • with Jadeja back in team, i think the management will stick to no.3 for Kohli, but Raina is struggling, we have a weak opening, as well as weak middle order at least till now,

      • but i don’t think the current pitches in Australia are seamer’s friendly, than our previous outings, they are bit slow and low on most occasions. we saw this trend in test matches also, that’s why we were able to play well in test matches.

      • he is not pin pointing, just see the way he got out..

        dhoni got out and within next 3 balls he was just swinging the bat, does not know where the ball is and getting out caught.

        if it was genuine delivery and if he is getting out like LBW or Bowled then no one will question him.

        players have to work for each runs in abroad, they should not blindly swing the bat to score runs, this is not sub continent, this is why i say there is no patience for indian players to bat all 50 overs, the impact of IPL.

      • yes, but with every match we play, our team prove again and again, that we are losing out , from reaching our dream of defending the cup.

  22. the w.c format makes sure that all major teams reach at least Q.F with out much concern, but will we do that? going by the form, i doubt that.

  23. Sending kohli at No.4 is bad descission. We need to replace sikhar dhawan as opener. Better dhawan to come at lower order.

      • yes, all we need is some morale boosting victories, that will surely uplift our team, the more or less same team we have in odi’s for some time now which did better in foreign soils also in odi’s, they have capability, all they need is to back to victory ways,

  24. Regarding World Cup…this is a world cup
    without a clear favourite…teams making it
    to the QF all have a chance except, may be,
    West indies…confidence , spirit , urge n the
    performance on that day will matter most..but
    the long time before QF might be tough for
    tired Indians…Pakistan n Newzealand r
    dangerous opponents..SA n AUS seems
    to have a little bit extra at the moment but
    QF , SF n FINAL is when champion teams
    come alive…the team which has the letter
    ” A ” could take the trophy

    • 2007 was the last time when we had a clear favourite for any icc tournament.. since then it’s been any team’s tournament

      • This time around it seems no team is
        strong enough to list as a complete team..
        normally atleast 2 r 3 teams could be termed
        equally strong n also old world cup guards
        dhoni Sanga Jayawardene r at the end of
        their carrier..devilliers kholi Steyn macculum
        r d few stars to follow..something seems
        missing..the lloyds Richards kapils borders
        Imran’s desilvas warnes pontings mgraths
        Tendulkars missing…lets c who fills rhe lines…

  25. It’s finally going to be Andy Murray vs novak djokovic for the AO.. Relieved to see old guys back again after what happened at the us open.. I was really devastated to see Marin cilic and kei nishikori in the us open finals..

  26. Dear Friends, So many discussion about World cup but real truth is Today loss against England will create more expectation in
    “” chatta bazar””. Please for get about this loss and Dhoni team target is this year also team will lift world cup.
    So, Cheers up!!!! our first match is the final match ( Aginst Pak)

  27. New climate research reveals how wind shear the same atmospheric conditions that cause bumpy airplane rides affects how pollution contributes to isolated thunderstorm clouds. Under strong wind shear conditions, pollution hampers thunderhead formation. But with weak wind shear, pollution does the opposite and makes storms stronger.

    The work improves climate scientists’ understanding of how aerosols tiny unseen particles that make up pollution contribute to isolated thunderstorms and the climate cycle. How aerosols and clouds interact is one of the least understood aspects of climate, and this work allows researchers to better model clouds and precipitation.

  28. Travelling back to Chennai by feb 2..Last 50 days work is very hectic and great coming back but sad rainy days are over..need to wait for SWM rains.. Flight by sunday in Calgary and as mentioned by vela forecast doesn’t look good here in alberta..

  29. The coldest town on Earth

    When Amos Chapple’s friends told him about Oymyakon, they said it was the “real Russia.” It’s dark for 21 hours per day — and, during winter, temperatures average minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Located only a few hundred miles from the Arctic Circle, it is reportedly the coldest town on Earth, earning its namesake in 1933 when it plummeted to minus 90.


    • Roughly 28,000,000 pounds (13,000,000 kg) of chips, 90 million chicken wings, and 8,000,000 pounds (3,600,000 kg) of guacamole are consumed during the Super Bowl Sunday.

      Source : Wiki

    • That looks like deflatable. NFL lost some sheen this year with all these controversies. The Patriots capped this NFL season with this stupid thing. Cricket match fixing looks like a child play to NFL teams gimmicks and cheating.

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