Showers fail to materialise yet again

For 2nd week running, wet weather was excepted for Chennai and yet again didn’t  show up as expected. its safe to say that provided some miracle Chennai will remain dry until May/June.

154 thoughts on “Showers fail to materialise yet again

  1. wait for rain continues.No more easterlies (or) system can be expected until April. Thereafter we can expect local activity due to heat.

  2. Come rain or shine, smile


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  3. 1 hour back I was at marina for walking but it was not much cloudy but few passing clouds gave micro drizzles but now its dark with low lying rain clouds i wonder about amazing nature

  4. This rains will continue due to UAC over kanyakumari! And a low pressure trough has formed over se bay we have to moniter the trough ….

  5. Wow ! Typical nem setting type day today
    1 sudden sunlight with very dark clouds
    2sudden very heavy rains lasting for only 5 to 10minutes

  6. Rainfall till 8.30am.


    Min Temperature in Chennai

  7. The loss at Australian open y’day by Federer meant, the 33-year-old star has now not won a major title since Wimbledon in 2012,

  8. next parrys crnr, to manali stretch and central Chennai may get some flash rains in next one hours..radar..also S Chennai.

  9. A close look at the format of the 2015 ODI World Cup shows. much of the tournament will be played for largely inconsequential games. That apart, the teams playing the last group games will enjoy unfair advantage over their rivals.
    For instance. Even if the Men in Blue lose three of the six group games to South Africa, Pakistan and West Indies, they can still qualify for the quarters by defeating the minnows: Zimbabwe, UAE and Ireland. The same is true for the other all biggies.
    The real tournament begins only at the knock-out stage starting on March 18. That’s almost five weeks after the 2015 ODI World Cup commences on Feb 14.

    Source: t.o.i

  10. Tamilnadu Rainfall Ending 8.30am today.

    Cuddalore (Cuddalore Dist) 2cm

    Sethiathope (Cuddalore Dist),
    JayamkonDam (Ariyalur Dist), Pullambadi (Trichy Dist) 1cm

  11. Today Rains in and around Chennai till 12.30 noon

    Taramani – 4 mm
    Meenambakkam – 3 mm
    Guindy – 3 mm
    Avadi – 3 mm
    Sholinganallur – 3 mm
    Nungambakkam – 1 mm
    Puzhal – 1 mm
    Kattankolathur – 1 mm
    Uttiramerur – 1 mm
    Chembarabakkam – 1 mm

    Ambattur too reported very good spell of rains.

  12. As expected by me yesterday the rain belt has shifted north today yesterday rain was concentrating from marakanam till nagapattinam belt…. Today no rain in pondy etc now rains are in marakanam to Chennai belt tomorrow the rain belt will further shift north may be from navalur till sriharikota… And it may be alive till next 3 days due to UAC over kanyakumari

  13. India;s Fast Bowling All rounders since 1990’s and Why India should open with Stuart Binny, the only hope for M.S.Dhoni
    After Kapil Retired we had some Fast Medium Allrounders, but none can win matches with both bat and ball on the same day.

    Manoj Prabhakar – 130 matches, Runs – 1858, Bat Avg – 24.12, Wkts – 157
    Robin Singh – 136 matches, Runs – 2366, Bat Avg – 25.95, Wkts – 69
    Sourav Ganguly – 311 matches, Runs – 11363, Bat Avg – 41.02, Wkts – 100
    Ajit Agarkar – 191 matches, Runs – 1269, Bat Avg – 14.58, Wkts – 288
    Irfan Pathan – 120 matches, Runs – 1544, Bat Avg – 23.99, Wkts – 173

    Certainly, if the above allrounders (excl Ganguly as he is mostly a batsman / Agarkar more of bowler eventhough he holded the then record for fastest 50 ) deserved to play for India, then Stuart Binny can play 100 ODI matches, till India searches for Next Kapil Dev.

  14. Dimitrov vs Andy Murray .. one of the most draining matches of this tournament .. tremendous athleticism from both the players .. going toe to toe..

  15. Night temperatures have rosen considerably in many parts of andhra pradesh….

    Lammasingi 7
    Visakhapatnam- 16
    Kurnool- 19
    Tirupati- 19

    Hope this bloody chilly nights go awaway still faster…….
    waiting for the summer to arrive soon…
    Kurnool and anantapur are the only places in Andhra pradesh which usually records 39-40 degree day in february months…..

  16. 2015 least temperatures of Andhra and telangana

    Lammasingi- minus1 degree
    Paderu- 0 degree
    Adilabad- 3.7 degrees
    Medak – 7 degree
    Hyderabad – 7.8 degrees
    Anantapur – 10.5 degrees
    Kurnool – 11.1 degrees
    Tirupati – 14.8 degrees

  17. Tomorrow some isolated rain chances for below pondy. Delta dist might have some light to moderate showers.

  18. Temperature in Chennai.


    Rainfall today
    Periyar in Theni dist-2cm

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