134 thoughts on “Wet weather possible on Friday

  1. We will be organizing a KEA sports meet in February. Details as under,
    Date: 8th February
    Venue: Singaram pillai (subject to confirmation)
    Timing : 6:30am – 5 pm
    Events: 100m dash, Cricket, tennis
    Cost: TBA
    Please confirm participation. Further details will be posted in a few days time. Any question please contact Shiva (9445674499), the chief organiser of this event.
    We need minimum of 30 confirmations for this event to go ahead.

  2. Warm night is expected already, yes that is due to OLR is slowly changing from positive to negative since yesterday over South India. Minimum temp will increase due to OLR change over, this does not mean that we will get heavy rainfall, this is natural phenomenon of OLR changing in 20-25 days time.

    Still Meena Minimum Temp recorded today at 08.30AM was 19C.
    Only nunga has recorded 23.0C.

  3. OMG.. pressure is shooting over the top @more than 1020 hPa, and yet there was an unusually warm night yesterday. Why did this happen?

  4. OLR – Outgoing Long Wave Radiation.

    It is the energy released by earth’s atmosphere into space. When more energy is released then it become Positive OLR, sometime the energy is returned back to earth due to cloud cover and dust, atmospheric temperature, water vapour in the atmosphere, these times the OLR becomes negative since the energy could not be emitted into space.

    Since the energy is returned back to earth, the surface temperature increases.

    This is why we had above normal minimum temperature last night, you can also see that there is no increase in humidity or there is no decreasing value of MSLP.

    This heating of surface will help the pollutants to clear from the atmosphere, once again OLR will return to positive and earth will emit more radiation into space and we will get below normal minimum temperature back in action.

  5. Shimla is likely to receive snowfall on wednesday, and thursday, heavy to very heavy snowfall expected in the higher ranges of H.P,- met dept

  6. Friends, The venue has been decided. It’s Singaram Pillai, Schools, Villivakkam, Madras 600 049.
    Log on to sptenniscentre.org for more details…

    Location and other details are there in web page.

    Any further change will be communicated. Thanks.

  7. Day of Nervous encounters for all top players at AO
    Nadal comes out of a thrilling 5 set encounter.
    Federer pushed to four sets.
    Sharapova pushed to 3rd set very close game.
    Australian young guns Kyrgios and Tomic get thro to 3rd round.
    Another promising young player Kokkinakis exits in 5 sets

  8. Rafael Nadal persevered through stomach cramps to fend off American qualifier Tim Smyczek 6-2, 3-6, 6-7 (2), 6-3, 7-5 in a second-round match on Wednesday at the Australian Open.

    • This is not the first time we are hearing such ailments like stomach cramps, groin strain, stomach bug, back spasms and what not…Its inevitable that Rafa will take a MTO if he loses two sets on the trot or he is under enormous pressure from the opponent.. whenever Rafa struggles to win or if he loses to some unknown player we always get to hear such news…And it was no surprise that he took a MTO today too when he was on the verge of losing…Remember last year AO finals when Rafa took a cool 9 minute MTO when he was getting thrashed by Stan in the first set and a break down in the second..

      • May be he is really suffering from cramps or something .. look he underwent appendicitis surgery last year and he is still not 100 percent .. may be that is the reason why he had stomach cramps.

  9. It’s just bad sportsmanship from Nadal today. took medical timeout just to break the rhythm of his opponent and then took a long toilet break to change his clothes. This destroyed the momentum of the American

      • Did you see how much time he wasted. He took his own sweet time taking his t shirt and shorts from his bag. and slowly going for his time out.

        They should have deducted a set for this behaviour

      • And every single time he gets away with this sort of conduct. It’s almost inevitable that he would take a MTO if he loses 2 sets on the trot..Rest rooms should be locked and sealed when he is playing..

      • Nadal is a liar. He says he wanted to throw up, felt dizzy etc etc etc. The doctor who saw him would never have allowed him to continue if he was sick.

        As a doctor he is responsible if anything happens to Nadal

      • They Should Have Punished Nadal He Cheated Indirectly By Taking The Concentration Of His Opponent

  10. శుక్రవారం తడి వాతావరణం సాధ్యం


    శుక్రవారం కొన్ని వర్షం ఒక అవకాశం ఉంది. కానీ ఈ ప్రారంభ రోజులు ఇంకా. 10-15 mm forecasted కానీ ఆ ఏడాది ఈ సమయంలో జరిగే అవకాశం ఉంది.

  11. Wonder WY many ppl r talking bad about nadal today
    . Even I don’t like him that much but I respect him a lot as a player. After all nobody can say that he is not a legend..

    • Exactly..gone r the mats wilander, Courtney
      walsh days..even indian cricketers whom
      many admire know to cheat…the problem
      with we , fans , is that we want only our
      favourite to win..if only true sportsperson
      should win there wont be any winners these
      days..no questions that nadal is a champion
      but many people like, him to loose..thats
      the irony…good sportsman is a rare breed..
      a sporting fan too is a rarity…

      • Exactly. And we also need to take into account that he is coming back after undergoing a surgery. It may not be easy for him to get his full fitness back and he is bound to cramp at this stage. WY do anti nadal fans always think that he is cheating every time. Leave him alone guys. He is a 14 time grand slam champion.

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