Cold Night to continue for one more day in Chennai

The below normal cold nights in Chennai for the past 2-3 days will continue for a day or two as cold wave has dipped upto southern peninsula. However, by 15-16th of January good cloud cover in Chennai will decrease the loss of radiation, thereby by increasing the night temperature.

Light Rains are expected in northern coastal areas of TN from Pongal.


318 thoughts on “Cold Night to continue for one more day in Chennai

  1. Active North Australian Monsoon
    Last week the Madden–Julian Oscillation (MJO) gained strength as it moved across the Maritime Continent region contributing to wet conditions across Australia. An active monsoon across northern Australia was enhanced by the MJO. This week also saw tropical cyclone Bansi form near La Reunion in the western Indian Ocean even with the MJO suppressing broad scale convection in that region.

    The MJO is moving across the western Pacific Ocean and is likely to enhance convection over the Coral Sea and South Pacific this week. Model forecasts for the MJO suggest it will weaken later this week and not be a strong influence on tropical weather. The risk of tropical cyclone development will remain elevated over Australia’s northern waters and the far western Pacific Ocean while the monsoon trough remains active in the region.

    – Australian Meteorology

  2. El Niño–Southern Oscillation: neutral

    The El Niño-like conditions in the tropical Pacific Ocean have weakened recently. As the climate system transitions toward the southern hemisphere autumn, changes in the pattern will become more uncertain. The latest NINO3.4 sea surface temperature anomaly is +0.4 °C, half a degree less than it was only one month ago. The 30-day SOI value to 11 January is –4.6.

    – Australian Meteorology

  3. Delhi records 4 degree Celsius

    Delhi on Tuesday recorded the coldest day of the year so far at 4 degrees Celsius, four notches below normal, even as dense fog led to cancellation of 13 trains.

    According to the MeT, visibility dropped to less than 50 metres at 8.30 a.m. from relatively better conditions at 5.30 a.m. when it was recorded at 400 metres.

    “Most of the north-bound trains were several hours late due to dense fog in the northern zone. While 55 trains have been delayed, 13 trains had to be cancelled,” a Northern Railways official said.

    However, the fog did not affect flight operations with no cancellation or diversion reported, airport authorities said.

    Predicting a clear day ahead, weatherman has said that the skies will turn partly cloudy midnight onwards.

  4. Jan to Mar 2015 precipitation forecast slightly above normal for NTN.

    0.5 mm/day above normal rainfall forecasted from Jan to Mar 2015 for North Coastal and North Interior TN,
    as per IMD seasonal prediction model.

    Also the temperature anomaly is likely to be 0.5 to 1C above normal for the same period in entire TN.

    Bay might produce a strong system in March 2015.

  5. India’s Mars Orbiter programme team has won the 2015 Space Pioneer Award in the science and engineering category from the US based National Space Society (NSS), the society said.

    This award will be presented to an ISRO representative during the National Space Society’s 2015 International Space Development Conference, the 34th ISDC, to be held in Toronto, Canada at a conference from May 20-24, 2015.

  6. Nasa is launching a new satellite this month that will improve drought monitoring and flood warnings. The Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite will provide the best maps yet of soil moisture levels from pole to pole, scientists said.

    Data from the satellite will track global soil moisture levels for the top 5cm of Earth’s surface every two to three days. The mission is planned to last three years, at a cost of $916 million, but the instruments could last several years longer, mission scientists said.

    The SMAP satellite, which will be carried aloft by a Delta II rocket, is scheduled to launch on January 29 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

    source: t.o.i

  7. Today morning at 10 :30 am i was playing in ground it was P T period! At 10 30 am very very very very cold!

  8. My pongal holidays starts tomorrow 13th January 2015 ! And ends on Sunday and school reopens on Monday 19th January 2015

  9. Cyclone Bansi Possibly Keeping Schools Closed Till Thursday

    Bansi is thankfully not being merciless to us. It has been accompanied with huge amounts of rain, filling our reservoirs. The torrential rain will, however, possibly account for a further delay in the resuming of school classes – not that the students will complain of this either!Students and teachers all across Mauritius must have been overjoyed at the 4 a.m weather bulletin of today when it was announced that a class two warning cyclone is in force in the country. Well, their happiness might extend till Thursday. The current weather conditions will most probably intensify, thereby pressing the authorities to keep educational institutions closed for two more days.

    The weather is expected to follow a deteriorating trend towards an increase in torrential rain which will possibly persist till Thursday. Interpreting their ongoing study of the weather, the director of the meteorological station of Vacoas has stated that by tonight, the rain will have increased in intensity. Winds of 200 km/h have been recorded in the eye of the cyclone.

  10. Rains In Mauritius

    The following data illustrate the different towns and villages drenched in the torrential rain of the week-end:

    Grand-Bassin: 27.4 mm
    Providence: 27.2 mm
    Moka: 23 mm
    Nouvelle-Decouverte: 22.4 mm
    Quatre-Bornes: 19.7 mm
    Queen Victoria: 17.2 mm
    Souillac: 16.4 mm
    Beaux-Songes: 15.6 mm
    Mon Loisir Rouillard: 15 mm
    Pointe-aux-Canonniers: 13 mm
    Mare-aux-Vacoas: 11.6 mm
    Albion: 11.4 mm
    Belle-Mare: 10.8 mm

    The data below shows the extent to which our reservoirs have been filled:

    La Nicolière : 100 %
    Piton du Milieu : 100 %
    Mare-Longue : 72, 5 %
    Midlands : 67, 8 %
    Mare-aux-Vacoas : 64, 1 %
    La Ferme : 60 %

  11. Pongal easterlies wave my rain forecast this is rain outlook…. “NOT ACCUMALATED RAINS”…..

  12. It is not fog – Bhogi bonfire smoke covers entire Chennai and the Sun as well with least or no message from Pollution Control Board this year.

      • Vehicle exhaust is also contributing all kind of respiratory ailments. We cannot control the overgrown technology but percentage of burning Plastics and other non degradable substances are reduced this year when compared to last year.

      • I think its not a solely factor to cause pollution.It just a 0.01% of overall pollution . Excessive usage of Air conditions, SUV, Two wheeler and 4 wheeler are involved in daily contribution of pollution even though we are aware of it. So i feel its not fair to generate opprobrium for this silly tradition.

      • exactly, ofcourse we should avoid burning plastic and other toxic pollutants, but bogi celebrations, diwali celebrations are one day rituals, but if you watch pollution level daily released by pollution board, on all days of the year it is high, pin pointing a particular reason is not at all fair.

  13. annai varukuum iniya pogaloo pongal nal vaztu heartfelt greetings for all the respected farmers out there, because of them we eat our daily food, infact we cannot eat money, so thanks again for the respected farmers for their humble contribution to us with the help of mother nature. Please enjoy its your day and we will enjoy on belalf of you..pongaloo pongal..

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