1,480 thoughts on “Rains from final system exceeds expectations

    System has moved NW direction during past hours now it is 10.2N, 82.7E heavy rains possible today also

    • N it has moved NW and moving NW…. NE movement will start on 31st December as the WD approaches north India and pushes the system

  2. Heavy rains here today we can see convection will increase gradually in radar as said by PJ sir due to system has moved NW direction during past hours…..

  3. How much did chennai received yesterday from this system. And what is the current position. Can anyone let me know

  4. TS consolidating near our coasts it is strong and very slowly moving…. It will pound us because it will also move slowly oon us!

  5. The system seems to be moving more North than North West.. Eventually will make the North East turn.. what baffles me is why the rains that are due for us evades us and moves away to other areas that are SWM heavy weights

  6. Coordinates suggest a N/NE movement.
    The NW bands are getting sheared and so Chennai is possibly getting the sheared band rains ( very high shear off Pondy / chennai coast).System is building a good East/NE band where the shear is favourable.

  7. Alert….. Next system is under making. This system will follow complete westward direction after entering BOB from MTC towards TN/SL unlike 95B. Very good rains possible from this january system.

  8. From this position,System will face high shear if it moves N or NW..it has some respite if it moves NE for the next 300kms

  9. 3 years record broken..Thanks to 95B ..we got the max rains in December ..Dec 2010 : 287.6 & after that …
    Dec 2011: 136
    Dec 2012 : 126.5
    Dec 2013 : 85.8
    Dec 2014 : 150.1 + ..

  10. Chennai lakes storage not bad compared to last year..
    last year total -3409mcft,this year-3022mcft..
    with wet days towards end of December which will improve ground water table as well the storage of water in lakes can extend couple of days in summer months than last time..hopefully if jan system hits TN then its going to be great year for Chennai with no water problem

  11. Rains from final system exceeds expectations” – but our system gone for a six whole after noon yesterday -same old problem unable to access Kea Blog

    • rains not from complete system. rains due to outer bands. if whole 95B went for six, then Chennai might have crossed 350 mm rainfall.

  12. The system’s mid/upper level outflow is converging with the westerlies. As a result stratiform bands have developed along the outflow boundary which can be seen in Vizag radar

  13. Dhawan out..ivana vachikuttu oru kolai kooda panna mudiyaathu..
    India team has 2 denda soru in tests,dhoni and dhawan..

      • Rohit will play only in home conditions .. against the likes of quality bowling in quality pitches he won’t even take his guard properly..

      • yes..he is too lazy..lazy foot work will not help in swinging,fast conditions..
        In Australia you need to use the crease well and for that you must not be lazy..example smith,clarke,ABD,duplessi,hayden,ponting..all of them use the crease well with fast footwork,fast hands..for Indians now kohli,rahane using the crease well
        exception case shewag-he has quick hands which is missing with rohit..he doesn’t have quick hands as well..

  14. typhoon hagupit doesn’t fulfill our dreams/thrust.

    but Jangmi, which is following similar track of hagupit, would fulfill our real typical NEM-thrust.

  15. System gained some convection and moved north.. Convection shifting north northeast unlike yesterday (northwest) .. still n.tn have a decent chance of winds and rains as day passes.

  16. No one can complain kohli batting skills..but
    Many indian commentators and media folks blame kohli attititude..but aussie cricket commentators except ian are loving kohli attitude..thats the mentality of Indians..brett lee will hit Tendulkar with beamer but Tendulkar will forgive that and indian ppl will praise him like anything..what is this?? we must be aggressive in words as well

    • Sledging is the attitude of Australians, we are seeing this from Alan Borders time.
      Several times they have teased opponents and also they have influenced umpires to give decision against opponents.
      We have seen Ricky Ponting doing it when we went in 2008.

      I praise Virat Kohli for his temperament, even though he gets angry, he scores, why sachin was not doing the same, because, he is afraid off, if he does not score after he shows his anger, then it will become shame for him.

      That is why he will be silent always.

      Virat is extremely confident that he will score. Generations are changing, we have to accept that fact.

      • yeah true..but sledging and getting out is totally different as kohli said..he said “I wont feel shame or afraid of getting out”..aussies never feel ashame even if they are down,,Johnson going for none for 100 + runs with 4.7/hr but still he sledges

  17. 95B initiated by MJO/Kelvin wave combination and drifted north by unexpected last minute (when 95B is on ventilation on boxing day) increase in SOI.

    Overall MJO-kelvin combination has good record in creating 2014-BOB-pulses. Most of them (including Hudhud, 99W except 92B) successful in yielding good quantum of rainfalls.


  18. Rainfall chances slightly reduce from tonight.
    We are going to end with near normal category thanks for the rains from the final system.
    Now system making speed movement s.ap will have some showers in next 24hrs.

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