2,402 thoughts on “Low pressure expected to bring some isolated showers for Chennai

  1. Kea,
    More than 30mm for sure and this system could be interesting and another pulse entering into BOB can expect rains in jan mid too so clearly we can say that only period of NEM is over and NEM extension possible till jan 20.

  2. TS approaching chennai from E! Can we expect atleast 2 cm from this coming TS? Because it very slow moving….

  3. At 5.30 am.. 9.4N, 83.1E, 25 kts.. conv is still good..& its steadily moving North.. if it maintains the same momentum,,the core can produce more bands & heavy TS towards North TN today..

  4. I think many of us would have got more disappointed…still the convection is present & it will not lose its intensity until it cross our coast..we can expect more rains today & tomorrow.. Since these are the last rains for this year ..let us greet it..

  5. Moderate shear of 10 knots is seen close to the LLCC
    Lower convergence maxima of 20 + is seen to the WNW of LLCC
    Upper level divergence maxima 30 is seen around the same area …
    Overall low level relative vorticity has slightly weakened

    • Yes , mid to upper level steering wind patterns are beginning to be mostly northerly , it will stay that way for the next 24 to 36 hours ……….

  6. If this LPA is consistently going to show a northerly movement, then Chennai should wind-up this NEM with 40-50mms added to its tally. But, if it moves NW, then Chennai will have a bounty.

    • Many models say it will move north, but I think it will move west and maintains the distance between the coast. 🙂

  7. Run the doppler animation..the anticlockwise circulation of the rain bands is very clear..next set of NE bands are 150kms away..if they sustain,we can expect our next showers from 10.30am

    • Yes sir morning band was looking very strong and when it was coming it weakened but when it came very near it intensified into severe thunderstorm

    • Gopal I think you have created a record of sort, no one in this blog (atleast according to my knowledge) predicted timing of the rain so far

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