1,370 thoughts on “Chance of rain on Monday /Tuesday

  1. How can positive or negative topic bring rains? Some are happy with negative topic claiming sure shot rains. Some are happy when rains are predicted saying now it’s predicted rains will happen. Is there astrology to rains also?

  2. The best decision will be to build a reservoir around Parangipettai and surrounding areas and dedicate that for the Chennai city…People in Dubai hardly get rain but work it out with Desalination process 90% for water supply…So instead of complaining lets use the best of the resources..Veeranam is already connected with Chennai which is 238 kms from the city same way we can connect Thamirabharani (If possible) and other heavy rain belts in TN to chennai..

    • if more and more water reservoirs are connected to chennai then people may started to use the water luxuriously (that is most of the human tendency). instead people in chennai has to do rain water harvesting.

    • though interlinking with chennai is a solution, the view of mr. sivakumar is correct, there was a hurdle to built a reservoir near tiruvallor to get land from the villagers, this was some extent overcame now, there is a possibility of other district people opposing to connect their water resource with chennai only.

    • Interlinking rivers can be done to some extent only, we cannot go against nature, it will bring more disasters.
      Many developed countries did the same, they have been penalised by nature later on.

      It happened in North America, and also in China.

      • interlinking done between veeranam with chennai through pipes can be a solution for other rivers also, in this way any river or dam can be connected, though it will cost more, and more willingness from the govt. side, and the local people who now have the benifits.

      • At least we must spare rivers as such. Sand mafia has depleted almost all rivers. And also dumping of wastes, ideal example would be our very own Cooum river!?. If these human interference are reduced, rivers would be much better

    • this is expected Rami, till 23rd we can see SOI coming down.
      forecast for Darwin is to have frequent precipitation for next 4 days.

      the challenge is from 22nd, Tahiti may experience a tropical storm, that time once again SOI may reduce, that impact is likely to continue till 25th.

  3. 1. 25th to 02nd Jan is going to be a great week.

    2. MJO likely to emerge into Phase 4 on 20th and then coming to Phase 3 on 22nd.
    If it comes to Phase 4 first, then SOI once again will increase, then if MJO comes to Phase 3, once again SOI can decrease.

  4. Radar absolutely clear. No chance of India avoiding batting after Tea today. Oh wait, first they need to take a wicket to bat.

  5. These dry winds are sucking up the water..not gud… bucketful of water in the balcony yest, is half full now..evaporation due to dry winds..hmmm

  6. How long we have been blaming the poor bowling performance, i was seeing this from 1996, we have been penalised by poor bowling every time, we are producing batsmans, why the richest board in the world could not produce good genuine fast bowlers or quality spin bowlers.

    Where are the money earned by BCCI?
    Why are they not spending money to develop good bowlers or all rounders?
    Why are they not spending to improve technology, the ground conditions, when the rain stops the next few minutes we have to play, but if you see our ground conditions, if there is a rain even for one hour, that day will be abandoned.

    So many things that BCCI can do to develop Indian Cricket, but nothing has been done.

    In the past 18 years, they could not develop even a single genuine Fast Bowlers or All Rounders.

    • they have mrf foundation to train fast bowlers, and a spin foundation also there, but unfortunately like pak always producing fast bowlers every season , we are not able to produce quality fast bowlers

      • If i am correct, MRF Pace Foundation is there from 1995, i have visited several times,

        I saw fast bowlers from other countries trying to improve their line and length, but when i saw Indian bowlers they were just medium pacers, i could not see any one bowling fast, the names are displayed like this..

        Austrailan, Pakistan and South Africa – Learns Fast Bowling Technique.
        Indian Bowlers – Medium Pacers.

      • this has been the case for more than 4/ 5 decades for India, that’s why they struggle in getting wickets in foreign soil

      • Courtney Walsh or Glen McGrath were not the fastest bowlers in their own teams. It’s not pace that matters, it’s the bowling craft that matters. Same is the case with Wasim Akram.

    • The current breed of fast bowlers are far better than what we had a couple of decades back. Irrespective of the bowlers India has had a problem bowling to tail.

  7. Japan’s Himawari-8 (a weather satellite) 1st pictures from geostationary orbit
    At 02:40 UTC on 18 December 2014, the first images from all 16 bands were captured by JMA’s Himawari-8 next-generation geostationary meteorological satellite, which was launched on 7 October 2014.

    Testing and checking of the Himawari-8 system, including related ground facilities, are going well. Himawari-8 is scheduled to start operation in mid-2015.
    For more information: http://www.data.jma.go.jp/mscweb/en/himawari89/index.html

  8. Rajeshhrd, Dry air will pose a problem only if it in surface level and lower level .High pressure in mid latitude will not cause dry air.Currently we have dry air due to the circulation in the south which is pulling the winds from north which has less moisture.Only when the high pressure descends down further in lower level and surface it will prevent the formation of convection as the air would be sinking.colder air can hold water vapor but its only the sinking which prevents the convection.In our case its due to surface to lower level wind from northeast is carrying less water vapour.Dry air is not synonym to high pressure , a high pressure can hold moisture at the same time there are low pressure which doesnt not have any moisture.Dry air depends on the where the wind come from, if it comes from land it will be dry and moist when it comes from sea.
    Surface high is currently in north india and not in TN.Yes, this NEM we have the surface high(STR) to dip bit southward and its causing the outer rim to furthur go below the latitude and is guiding the storms down south .Thats only a slight change.Once we get any strong system even though the system might not track towards north TN we will be getting rains from the outer bands as the trough will start to extend north pushing the outer rim of high pressure bit north.
    For past few days we coud see the cumulo nimbus cloud in chennai which says the air is rising but if its a surface high there would be no cloud formation at all.

    • surface str creates divergence at surface ,thereby avoiding cumulus formation.. but for the past two days chennai witnessed a train of cumulus n congestus around..

      • yes we had the congestus and even i saw cumulonimbus .It means instability is there we only need the moist winds from east.

  9. as long as the minimum temperature does not go below 22 C the wind pattern is all the more ideal. SO there are plenty of scope for chennai to get rains soon. already one or two minor disturbance noticed in latest satellite picture.


  10. aus inngs ends at 505, 97 runs ahead, the real litmus test for indian’s begins here, in the last 25 matches here they never lost a match, 17 wins and 8 draw, let us see how the indian team march forward

  11. @vinodh1986:disqus and @selvanfun:disqus,

    Any idea why sometimes convection gets more deeper into the entire depth of the Troposphere, and sometimes shallow convection is seen , and I saw an image which showed trade winds inversion somewhere in lower to mid troposphere ,and the convection got limited to mid layers …

    The foll. image would give an idea ……

      • yes, normally if you go from equator towards the STR the cloud intensity will continue to decrease.That could be due to this inversion.if we take our basin also, you can see the intense clouds near the lower latitude but as we go towards the STR we can decreasing intensity of clouds as instability decreases there

      • 2 days back you were talking about the low instability values right? that could be due to this reason only.As the trough in lower latitudes moves northward the instability will increase and we will see more intense thunderstorms.Currently you can see the moderate cumulo nimbus clouds which shows that trough is extending north.

      • if you see the high pressure also it is extending till the surface in north india and gradually it is moving up as we go down in latitude.Lower levels in some region , midlevel and higher level.

  12. Jupi,

    In the past 112 years:

    47 times, we had SWM rains above normal.
    In those years NEM was normal to excess for 21 years and failure for 26 times.

    49 times, we had SWM rains below normal.
    In those years NEM had failed for 20 times and successful for 29 years.

    With this can you confirm that SWM and NEM is directly related?

    • with so many disturbances to south of us, its creating strong winds.There is a huge trough south which is hoisting many disturbances so as lot of air getting lifted there , the winds are moving towards that giant trough.so we are getting strong winds .

  13. navgem goes one step ahead of all models.. by looking at tis pic tis is easily a strong tropical storm or minimal cat 1 cyclone

      • deepak, pls dont call me sir.. each models output differ with rainfall, cyclone track.. so just observe it and dont bother abt the outcome .. as far as rains r concerned, v hav some chance on 21st,22nd as teh s.bay system turning significant along with trough wich is freely flexing on tat day twrds n.tn so v may get some chance of rains from disturbance or normal moist easterlies flow..still it is not assured.but last week system looks good for entire coastal tn widespread rains..

  14. people saying this is the first time they are seeing such huge windy in maarghazhi month…….its like aadi month htey r saying

  15. Widespread rains from Trough of low for second day in coastal TN, ending 8.30 am on 18.12.2014
    The trough of low at mean sea level over southwest Bay of Bengal and neighbourhood now lies over Comorin area and neighbourhood.

    in mm (min 20 mm)

    Muthupet – 115
    Adirampatnam – 85
    Anaikaranchatram – 76
    Bhuvangiri – 75
    Kamudhi – 73
    Peravurani – 72
    Manamelkudi – 70
    K.M.Koil – 66
    Tiruvarur – 66
    Madukkur – 63
    Lalapet – 62
    Chidambaram – 60
    Komaratchi – 60
    Pandavaiyar Head – 58
    Needamangalam – 57
    Kodaikanal – 56
    Lower Anaicut – 55
    Kodavasal – 52
    Vedaranyam – 51
    Andimadam – 51
    Manjalar – 49
    Ayyampettai – 48
    Thiruthuraipoondi – 47
    Neyvassal – 47
    Mannargudi – 46
    Pattukottai – 44
    Parangipettai – 44
    Thanjavur – 43
    Vallam – 43
    Upper Kodayar – 42
    T Palur – 42
    Manamelkudi – 41
    Karaikudi – 40
    Devakottai – 40
    Cuddalore – 36
    Thirumarugal – 36
    Vettikadu – 36
    Sirkali – 34
    Valangaiman – 34
    Rameswaram – 33
    Kannangudi – 33
    Annamalai Nagar – 33
    Sethiathope – 32
    Thiruvidaimaruthur – 32
    Thuvakudi IMTI – 32
    Kulasekkarapattinam – 32
    Thiruppanandal – 31
    Jayamkondam – 31
    Karungulam – 31
    Kothavachari – 31
    Nagapattinam – 30
    Papanasam Thanjavur – 30
    Srimushnam – 30
    Alangudi – 30
    Bogalur – 29
    Viralimalai – 29
    Thiruvonam – 28
    Tiruchendur – 28
    Kumbakonam – 28
    Kallal – 27
    Karaikal – 26
    Kayalpattinam – 26
    Orthanad – 26
    Arimalam – 26
    Sendurai – 25
    Gandarvakottai – 25
    Mudukulatur – 24
    Pondicherry – 24
    Tiruppullani – 24
    Ramnad Nicra – 23
    Papanasam Dam – 23
    Mayiladuthurai – 23
    Thirumanur – 22
    Vanmahadevi – 22
    Tirupathur Sivagangai – 22
    Pamban – 21
    Pudukottai – 21
    Tiruvaiyaru – 21
    Annagramam – 21
    Arantangi – 20
    Aduthurai – 20
    Satankulam – 20
    Kadavur – 20
    Thiruvarankulam – 20
    Trichy Junction – 20
    Gingee – 20
    Tirumayam – 20
    Budalur – 20
    Chettykulam – 20
    Tiruvadanai – 20
    Ramanathapuram – 20
    Neyveli – 20

  16. If current system intensifies which direction it will move??? Will the trough of this system extend North to give us rains after growing in DD??

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