945 thoughts on “Rains disappoint again

  1. Vela sir already predicted that in the negative and we had just had a trace of rainfall this morning – it all looks like – when we enter cls on dos system the screen clears. All the approaching clouds have vanished in a jiffy. Will the coming days be good ?
    Nature has to answer our bloggers curiosity and never ending prayers.

  2. NEM is over for chennai. Hereafter only sri lanka and some parts of South TN can expect rains. We should not give hyped hopes. Let us say bye bye to NEM 2014 and welcome cool weather and then hot weather.

  3. Aiyyayyoo… Athu angai peyiduthu… Omg.. The system went off there.. Read AP in October or Southern TN in november..
    Aiyyayyooo… It dissipated… Sheared, ACC, bernuda.. Whatever.
    But smile bloggers, Chennai still has 120 cm plus in its bag and may add a few more. Only Mumbai and Kolkatta have seen more rain.

    • If you are a chennaiite, you will feel our pressure. Last four years, we are not enjoying the kind of NEM it used to be. We have lost NEM fervour altogether in these years.

      • Know that. I am in chennai every month, grew up there and my parents live in chennai. There is a change… Swm has become more reliable and bountiful.., and Nem a bit more vulnerable. If you notice our average rainfall has gone up over the last two decades

      • not sure whether you saw my reply.. I grew up in Chennai,, may parents live in Chennai and visit Chennai once a month. The pain is shared. But, there is a change. SWM has become more bountiful while NEM goes through its phases. I think the long term average annual rainfall has risen in Chennai over the last 2 decades..

  4. So is our rainy season over for good. Only yesterday everyone were talking of five systems steaming in like a runaway train. What happened? Why this sudden change?

    • but no similar situations..all gone down and all people in this people also gone down to this negative topic..hopes gone..NEM ended

    • California, Our Tuticorin district equivalent state of USA, Continuous droughts now this year rains. Also presence of windmills.

  5. Chennai Rainfall yesterday (16.12.2014)

    Madhavaram – 20
    Taramani – 18.3
    Marina DGP Office – 10
    Redhills – 5
    Minjur – 5

  6. A look back at Thane ….
    cut to cut………
    Remember those dumb bell shapes ..??
    Remember the dense fog close to genesis ??
    MJO aggressiveness from 20 th Dec ..??
    Ehsan sorry for consuming a lot of space

  7. Sharp Showers near Shell fuel station between Padi Britannia and Ambattur Ind estate bus stop for five minutes and also near Anna Nagar Railway station.

  8. todays TS is isolated. is this topic intentional? I expect good rains for Chennai starting today. NEM will last till mid Jan.

  9. Mr Modi told Mr Sharif that “the savage killing of innocent children,
    who are the epitome of the finest human values, in a temple of learning
    was not only an attack against Pakistan, but an assault against the
    entire humanity.” But they have NOT felt like this during mumbai attack

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