942 thoughts on “A shower or two cannot be ruled out

  1. UK kindoff weather prevails. Smashing and down to drizzles. More expected tomm as a new rain mass forming near SL.

  2. Music to the ears…. suddenly its heavy… then it becomes light…. like a symphony… Super way to start the morning 🙂

    • Sir, STN compensated for the Chennai rains and even South Cuddalore belt had good rains.
      For Chennai it looks this is the right time for rains and do want to see the chillness back again.

  3. From yesterday 8:30am till now my terrace RG 27MM
    So from Dec 1st to Dec 12 8:30am 66mm +27mm=93MM TILL NOW

  4. Came back to chennai its on and off heavy spells here in ambattur.
    At the same time its pouring down heavily over karaikal and mayiladuthurai.
    Snap from relatives in mayiladuthurai

  5. Wish this years deficiency is nulled by the rains in December.Even heard we had rains in Chennai on Pongal times..Keep Hoping..

  6. Hugupit track w/sw..and moving 17knts past 6hours.jtwc expecting it will dispate over water next 24 hrs.jtwc declared this is last warning for hugupit.JOINT TYPHOON WRNCEN PEARL HARBOR HI. THE SYSTEM WILL BE CLOSELY

  7. we may be in for a surprise …monday tue wednesday next week…think on off showers may contiue for another 3-4 days

  8. More than 220,000 people are without power after heavy rains and high winds slammed northern California.

    The storm brought rainfall of more than an inch an hour in San Francisco and winds gusts of 140mph (225km/h) in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

    Flooding has already closed two major motorways in the area, delayed public transport, cancelled 240 flights and shut ferry services.

    The rain is much needed in the drought-hit state.

  9. Winds Gusting, Trees Down During Bay Area Storm

    A powerful storm churned through Northern California Thursday, knocking out power to tens of thousands and delaying commuters while soaking the region with much-needed rain. In Santa Cruz, about an hour south of San Francisco, an elementary school student was trapped for about 15 minutes when an 80 foot tree fell on him, pinning his arm and shoulder until rescuers with chain saws cut it apart. He was taken to a hospital in good condition but likely a fractured arm, officials said. http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Bay-Area-Storm-Trees-Down-Accidents-Rain-Winds-285473111.html

  10. Both KEA site & IMD Nungambakkam never record proper rainfall figures. They are showing very lesser numbers. yesterday it rained heavily in kodambakkam and most of the nearby places, but KEA says hardly 3 milli meters. Meenambakkam recorded 22 milli meters. It is highly misleading. People in Triplicane & Mylapore said it rained for nearly 45 minutes and so it could be more than 2 centimeters.

    KEA For your opinion on this.


  11. 80 mm so far this December spell of rains at 16th Main Road, Anna Nagar West. This includes 38 mm since 2am today morning till now. Not bad at all when we expected the least.

  12. IMD nungambakkam rainfall recordings at 8.30 AM

    10/12/2014 11.1 11/12/2014 11.4 & 12/12/2014 11.8
    total 34 Milli meters.

    However Meenambakkam has touched almost 60 milli-meters.

    several other parts of chennai have received in total more than 50 milli meters. Quantum wise very little, but of some use to surface. if the rains pick up next week, this would improve the ground water levels.


  13. It would be better to have one more recording station at chennai so that we can arrive at some better accuracy. Chennai port could be an ideal choice. The figures recorded at Nungambakkam & Port can be added and a mean can be taken for city. Or even kathipara junction also could be ideal.


  14. Easterlies extend into Karnataka, Unseasonal Rainfall ending 8.30 am on 11.12.2014
    The trough in the lower level easterlies from Comorin area to southwest Madhya Pradesh across Lakshadweep, coastal Karnataka and interior Maharashtra persists.

    in mm (min 30 mm)

    Amruthur – 93
    Nalkeri – 92
    Rae – 87
    Koila – 75
    Annuru – 74
    Kodambadi – 68
    Huliyurdurga – 60
    Sunkathonnur – 58
    Srimangala – 57
    Kuruchu – 46
    Bailur – 45
    Kenchamman Hoskota – 42
    Hosanagar – 42
    Kalavara – 42
    Bindiganavole – 40
    Dudda – 39
    Sunkasale – 37
    Sasalu – 37
    Basaralu – 36
    Sangabettu – 35
    Pandavapura – 35
    Keragodu – 34
    Varana – 34
    Kowdle – 32
    Srirangapatna – 32
    Puttur – 31
    Chintamani – 31
    Sukravarsanthe – 30
    Bantwal – 30
    Hulukunte – 30
    Belthangady – 30
    Kundapur – 30
    Agalakote – 30
    Hulimangalahosakote – 30
    Haunsbhavi – 30
    Nuggehalli – 30
    Mysore – 30
    Lingarajachatra – 30
    Melkote – 30
    Mani – 30
    Honakere – 30

    Source as taken from Tamil Nadu Weatherman

  15. it looks like the remanants of pacific system re-emerges as a low pressure area over south andaman sea in another 48 hours. – as per present indications, movement towards TN central coast. – karaikal-nagapttinam belt. things would be clear only by monday. before that the present easterlies would bring more rains to chennai as well especially during late evening/night/early mornings. We could see totally north east winds are prevailing and hence it is warm.


  16. Dry Air and Easterly Wave meets at SW arabian sea and extends till north MP, through coastal KTK and SI Maharashtra.
    WD pushing in from East Europe until 15N latitude, The trough from SE Arabian Sea extends till North MP.

    Due to dry air and moist air meets near arabian sea, the trough over SE arabian sea is getting stronger than the low in SW Bay, this impact makes the east coast of india weaker in terms of convection, and increases the convection over West Coast.

    The Moisture Laden is very active over West Coast, expected more rain in that region.

    Since the bay convection becoming weak, the day temp over Interior TN expected to increase, hence the interiors can expect severe TS activity from today afternoon or evening.

    TS activity expected to increase over Central India from tomorrow.

    The picture below given for your reference..

  17. Kerala gets heavy rain after a long break, Rainfall ending 8.30 am on 11.12.2014
    The trough in the lower level easterlies from Comorin area to southwest Madhya Pradesh across Lakshadweep, coastal Karnataka and interior Maharashtra persists.

    in mm (min 20 mm)

    Neyantikkara – 99
    Piravom – 91
    Velayani – 85
    Perumkadavilla – 68
    Perumbavur – 66
    Trivandrum AP – 57
    Trivandrum – 53
    Kochi CIAL – 50
    Madupattey – 45
    Peermade – 44
    Taliparamba – 42
    Pambla – 39
    Munnar – 35
    Cheruthazham – 32
    Neeriyamangalam – 30
    Thodapuzha – 30
    Kannur – 29
    Mattanur – 25
    Manjeri – 25
    Nilambur – 24
    Peringamala – 24
    Vythri – 23
    Chengannur – 22
    Irukkur – 22
    Hosdurg – 22
    Mavelikkara – 21
    Chalkudy – 20
    Kuppady – 20
    Kottayam – 20
    Sengulam – 20
    Vaikom – 20
    Idukki – 20
    Thariode – 20
    Idamalayar – 20

    Source as taken from Tamil Nadu Weatherman

    • But not in terms of rains, they get rain in SWM and we are just spectators and when we are supposed to get rains during NEM still they are getting rains and we are still spectators!!

  18. further strong easterlies would push the rains also towards north tamil nadu coast. particularly during late evenings and nights. for another 2 days, we could expect fairly heavy showers after some hot & humid day. Even a cloud burst like situation is likely as near the coast of Chennai, possible dual effects can also trigger massive convection and can bring heavier spells of rain within minutes. even by mid afternoon this is possible.

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