1,063 thoughts on “Long dry spell could end by tonight

  1. So far radar is promising as expected to be on tuesday..hope it doesnt dissapoint like in the past by dissappearing after entering chennai triangle opposite to bermuda triangle where majority of storms pass through..
    (Yaarum illadha kadaiku yaarukuda tea aathittu irukka..:)

  2. ohh great..small pop-up formed suddenly in thiruporur and its getting first rain from current TS..radar looks great 200KM east..

  3. Starting from office and will reach room in another 1 hr..hope by then TS enters chennai triangle..
    meanwhile my area thiruporur area getting decent rain now..

  4. It rained heavily for few minutes with good intensity all the way from Ramapuram to saidapet this morning, but only drizzles in tnagar

  5. Surprised that no body has reported any heavy rain. IIT was lashed with a heavy spell for twenty minutes or so at 8’O clock in the morning.

  6. Typhoon Hagupit crosses the Philippines

    Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby), which made landfall over the central Philippines on 6 December, was downgraded to a tropical storm before moving over the northwestern Philippines on 8 December. Hagupit is currently moving west across the South China Sea towards Vietnam. It is forecast to maintain its current strength for a day or two and then weaken.

  7. Madden–Julian Oscillation

    The last week has seen the focus of tropical weather extend from South-East Asia and the western Pacific Ocean into parts of the South Pacific. A Madden–Julian Oscillation (MJO) moved eastward into the western Pacific Ocean this past week and likely contributed to the observed increase in tropical activity over these regions.

    While most large-scale tropical activity was focused around the typhoon in the northern hemisphere, northern Australia experienced an increase in cloudiness, humidity and local-scale convection from this recent MJO activity.

    Climate models indicate the MJO will continue to move eastward this week and weaken, reducing its influence over tropical weather. While the MJO is active in the western Pacific Ocean, it is likely to continue to enhance tropical weather over South-East Asia, northern Australia, the equatorial western Pacific Ocean and parts of the South Pacific Ocean. This increases the risk of tropical cyclone development in the waters to the north of Australia and in the western equatorial Pacific Ocean.

    While the MJO is active in the western Pacific Ocean, a typical impact over the tropical Indian Ocean is supressed convection.

  8. El Niño ALERT

    Many climate indicators remain close to El Niño thresholds, with most climate model outlooks suggesting some further intensification of conditions remains likely. The Bureau’s ENSO Tracker status is currently at ALERT, indicating at least a 70% chance of El Niño occurring in the coming months.

    The latest NINO3.4 sea surface temperature anomaly is +0.9 °C. The latest Southern Oscillation Index value to 7 December is –5.8.

  9. Yi-Chun Chen has spent years studying the low clouds that linger over Earth’s ocean but has never been out to sea. As a postdoctoral scholar at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, Chen writes computer programs to simulate cloud formation, then runs them and compares the results to satellite measurements. Chen is a numerical modeler, a scientist who uses a series of equations to study the natural world. Chen’s latest paper, published in the journal Nature Geosciences, suggests that precipitation, temperature and humidity all have a say in how clouds respond to very tiny atmospheric particles called aerosols. The better she understands these micro-level processes, the more she can help scientists trying to model larger systems, including our planet and its future. The image below was acquired by one of the northward-viewing cameras of the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) instrument on NASA’s polar-orbiting Terra spacecraft.


  10. a low pressure is notified at 4.2 N & 61.9 east at arabian sea. what is the use. only kanyakumari can get some thing. we need a strong system in south central bay.


  11. radar continues to maintain rains over above 13 north latitude which indicates some showers possible for chennai soon. There will be a pull effect over bay due to arabian sea system coupled with good easterlies. today morning it was really warm.


  12. historical blue marble image ..on 8th dec of 1972, apollo 17 was launched to the moon.one of the crew snapped tis foto of earth on the way.. indian mainland seen at the top right corner ,northeast with cyclone hitting tamilnadu .. tat particular cyclone is what v call now as cuddalore cyclone of 1972

  13. Admission eligibility for Atmospheric Sciences – University of Wyoming

    Admission decisions are made by the atmospheric science faculty who select applicants based on their qualifications and the research opportunities available in the department. Grades, courses taken, research experience, test scores, letters of recommendation, and the statement of purpose are all considered. Special attention is given to transcripts to insure that applicants have sufficient math and physical science preparation. International students must be proficient in English. We accept applications from students with undergraduate or advanced degrees in physical science or engineering disciplines showing competence in college physics and calculus, through partial differential equations and multiple integral calculus. An undergraduate degree in atmospheric science or meteorology, although significant, is not required.

  14. Thankfully it’s not that cold here in Delhi, days are relatively pleasant n by 6pm gets bit cooler though it can’t be compared to the usual Delhi winter which you normally get to feel during second week of December.

  15. Our popo slowly coming from E to Chennai and intensifying so good rains expected in Chennai from this popo

  16. What is the wind Shear near Chennai coast if it is 15knots the the popo will intensify rapidly when nearing Chennai!

  17. good & bright sunshine during day is ideal to bring heavy showers by evening. certainly next one week, we can experience good showers followed by a good system from bay of bengal.due to phillipines left over.


  18. the latest satellite picture not much promising, though some clouds over 13 north latitude. but things could dramatically change by evening, as the bright / sunny weather always trigger massive clouds in short durations.


  19. i do not expect anything tonight. but it is warm today. hope our magic weather man pradeep john blesses chennai for another deluge. the boremotor is now running 20 minutes more to get the sump full. God save chennai.

  20. nothing much for chennai as per radar. we will continue to have bright /sunny weather at least till 4 PM. late evening showers possible. but the conditions are ideal to generate good rains for next 3 days.


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