Dry Wipro Chennai marathon ahead today

Chennai’s biggest marathon is expected to be a dry one this time around. Starting temperature at 4 am for the full marathon will be between 23 and 24 C. It will rise to around 25 by the time the 10k marathon starts at 7 am.

744 thoughts on “Dry Wipro Chennai marathon ahead today

  1. Enjoy the marathon with bright sunshine . Our hopes are fading with the progress of each day – will nem turn the corner?
    A million dollar question troubling all the bloggers.

  2. This December is not typical one..current temp in Calgary,canada is max 5,min -2 which according to locals is unbelievable in dec and in coming weeks temp is on the rise..tue/wed temp max 9,min 4..last year its horrible winter here..
    also in California it rained at the beginning of dec and big rains expected in coming weeks which is unusual..
    So we can expect Chennai to have some unusual things happening in dec..if that comes with heavy rains it will be good..hope Chennai will get decent rains from 3rd week of dec and CTN/STN to get heavy rains..also there is a chance of moderate rain by tue/wed from NTN to CTN by looking cloud mass in sat picture east to Chennai..

  3. No rain; nippy weather to continue a few more days
    There is no scope for rains till Tuesday as the northeasterly winds are weak. There is a slight chance for light showers on Tuesday night or early Wednesday as a weak weather system develops, say meteorologists.

    β€œOnly if the northeasterly winds gain speed, can we expect some rains over the city. However, the monsoon is also about seasonal reversal of wind. Until the northeasterlies are there, even small disturbances in the weather can bring rain in January too,” he says.

    Chennai has recorded a rainfall of 60 cm, so far, this monsoon β€” a deficit of 14 cm.


    • Disturbance are forming but other conditions need to favorable .Throughout this NEM shear was casuing trouble to the systems which is typical of Elnino.

  4. The typhoon still maintaining shape even after moving into land due to very low shear of 10 knots.The outflow for the system over north is very good due to the the mid latitude system to the east of japan.The ssytem will continue to maintain structure if these conditions prevails.

  5. What Is This Rains On Full East Coast Of Tamilnadu Except Chennai Rains in pondi,karaika,chidambaram,nagapaatinam and knyakumari

  6. Three models bringing hagupit into gulf of Thailand, n 2 into bay ..waters r quite warm , but shear is of increasing trend around 30knots in south China sea.

  7. Susa– Read that Catbalogan had recorded 280mm until Sat night..could be more by now.
    2 feet rains ( approx 60cms) rains were forecasted for certain parts yday

  8. For the past few days, expectations were really less on December rains. May be, that could be the reason why something interesting is shaping up in bay.

  9. What will happen if this dec is left dry?
    real estate ppl who have made plots in lake areas will still remain extremely dry forcing people to buy the plots..then more plots will come in dry lake areas..Next year will be like 2005 rains then ??

  10. here the facts about cyclone in different months and their tracks

    may-bangladesh/myanmar (mostly)

    october (N AP/orrisa)

    mid nov to dec(S AP/ TN )

    above all the months we can surely expect cyclone and in dec if cyclone forms it will be made for tn and s ap but for that cyclone has to form know

  11. Temperature and Dew Point Are Raising But Pressure is increasing And Humidity Is Decreasing
    Any Chances Of Any Rains

  12. Sheer Beauty:

    Must watch Video

    International Space Station Flyover of Typhoon Hagupit (RubyPH): EyeWall & Outer Rainbands: Prior to Landfall

  13. KEA blog promotes HPA I think. When you open the page the wheel that revolves to refresh the page is rotating clockwise. If you can make that wheel anti clockwise I think Chennai will get rain.

    • Idhu enna pudhu vaasthu technique. Sathama solladeenga, blogle varum varumnnu potta puyal Chennaikku varummnu Inge nambaravanga jasthi.

  14. Hey guys please see this image… This is the Accuweather forecast for chennai.. Plz see and comment:-D

  15. Well someone came up with this idea, I don’t remember who, but what if we start making our own videos from Kea blog and upload them to youtube ? it could be really informative and could give timely updates that are easily understandable. This is pretty similar to what Robert Speta of Westpacwx does

  16. ECMWF expecting trough to form south of Hagupit circulation.. If the trough starts to dominate then we could have a good spell.

  17. Ok guys bye! Wowooi! Tomorrow i have computer Half yearly exam not yet prepared, now i am going to start preparing for exam bye! Wowooi!

  18. strong easterlies for the past few hours. satellite picture continue to maintain that. there will be a system formation close to north tamilnadu coast. probably next few days, we can expect useful rains for chennai also.


  19. OMG overcast here more dark clouds approaching here from E strong winds from E!!! Moist air will arrive within a day! Enjoy! Wowooi! Monsoon revival started in chennai!!!! πŸ˜€

  20. Dear Vela, today the blog title is related about marathon linked intelligently with weather, because chief is the author of the title. I’m a news paper delivery person on every Sunday, cycling more or less than the marathon participants (35 kms). Can I have the liberty in posting the similar topic when I start on every Sunday early morning 1 am from t.nagar to Thiruninravur?

  21. Dear Gajendran,

    I don’t want to create any conflict or debates from ur post. I want to clarify my understanding….

    Today’s blog title is regarding Marathon…

    Today’s weather has been affected roughly around 12,000+ peoples in marathon includes runners, visitors, volunters, and also organisers. So the topic focuses on more people.

    But u r asking to post ur Sunday activity, yes I too understand that u r doing more than the person doing in marathon….. Still it focus a individuality.

    So u decide whether u wanted ur Sunday post. If needed please mail ur Topic details to KEA. He will decide and do it ….


    • Vela, FYI, on record, I’m responsible for 7000 newspaper delivery every day morning in my native place. On Sundays it is 12k. I have 30 employees to support me at any weather forecast. FYI, this is not a business on profit basis, purely goodwill basis.

      • Sorry to interrupt the debate here. Out of these 12,000 people there are many handicapped people as well on their wheelchairs. Many runners running for charitable purpose too.

        For the last 5 years chennai marathon has been affect by rain, and each here the title is dedicated to them.

        With regards to your newspaper delivery affecting 7,000 people, if you think carefully it’s affecting only the 30 people who help you out. The 7,000 people don’t go out to get the newspaper.

      • Eashan, I’m neighbour of you. I’m living at scb haddows for 14 years. I knew you and seen you. This is a question to Vela who insisted about weather related topics.

      • kaana mayilaada kandiruntha vaan kozhi, thaanum adhuvaaga paavithu than pollach chiragai virithu

        Edhukku boss vidunga. Mamiyar udaicha mann kodam marumagal udaicha pon kodam.

        Adai mazhaiyilum paper yen nanainchu vandhirukkunu mattum than engalukku kekka therium.

        Kalaila nadakka pora racekku nadu rathiri update potta enna podatta enna.

  22. Yesterday only I asked something spicy is missing in blog for many days, but today it’s heating and spicy up, he he soodana Sunday special

  23. Shear is epxected to be the lowest this NEM in our BoB (5 knots). Any pulse (from Hagupit) is going to create good atmosphere for system to form and intensify.

  24. hagupit has weaken it seems and could slightly intensify after LF in philil in the open waters and could starts loosing its shape due to high wind shear in s china sea and could make a 2nd LF in south vietnam as tropical cyclone its gonna create a trough which is expected to form as a circulation in andaman and also another cyclone awaits phili so good days ahead for BOB and TN

  25. alert!!!!

    we can start to get isolated drizzles from tmrw and can get some descent rains on 10,11,12 dec with SOI value increase as jupi mentioned

      • no kea dont worry we will get moderate rain next week but it wont be drizzles and our chance for heavy rain will be on 3 week of december with good easterlies expected

    • Vignesh, soi value synchronised with mjo will say about the landfall of a system, as per Rami. Soi value alone doesn’t or will not determine about the rainfall.

      • yes sir you are right but , if the upcoming easterlies want to gain in latitude means we want soi to increase and for some convection we need mjo to be favourable and if both soi and mjo became favourable then system might form and chances for it to hit TN also high

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