No end in sight to the dry weather

NEM deficit has crossed 106 mm for Nungambakkam and 102 mm for Meenambakkam. Today is the 19th straight non Rain day(>2.5 mm) and in most likelihood this could extend to 20 or even 25 days. Forecasts is looking good for 3rd week of December, but even that is still 15 days away.


510 thoughts on “No end in sight to the dry weather

  1. Good title – more depressing and desparate situation – on the rain front . Third week long way to go . Or are we seeing an
    extended NEM season this year – may be beyond January 2015.

  2. After this point, storm expected to weaken due to influences from a continental trough (cold front) coming in from the north, and the upper-level influences of a strong NE atmospheric surge, creating unfavorable VWS (vertical wind shear) conditions over the region.

  3. Australia’s warmest spring on record – The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a Special Climate Statement.

    Key points:
    – Spring 2014 was Australia’s warmest on record
    – Mean temperatures were 1.67 °C above the 1961–1990 average, the largest such departure from the long-term average since national records began in 1910
    – Numerous records were approached or set. For example:
    – Australia’s warmest October day on record, 36.39 °C national mean maximum temperature on 25 October
    – Australia’s warmest maximum temperature anomaly on record for any season (+2.33 °C), surpassing +2.17 °C set in autumn 2005

  4. White House: U.S. Has ‘Moral Obligation’ To Help Communities In Warming Arctic
    by Emily Atkin Posted on December 2, 2014 at 3:21 pm
    In just a few months, America will have the unique position of leading the Arctic Council, an international panel tasked with addressing the most important issues facing the Arctic region. On Tuesday, the Obama administration released some preparation material for that position: a blog post discussing the moral imperative to help citizens living within the Arctic Circle, especially those who are being forced to relocate due to rapidly warming temperatures and sea level rise.

  5. even gfs expects the hagupit to hit philiphines but higher altitude , i think slowly gfs will change the track more west from now onwards and follow ecmwf

  6. Drenching rain will fall on much of California through Tuesday night, bringing some relief to the ongoing drought and raising the risk of flash flooding. While a series of storms have brought rain to parts of northern and central California over the past few weeks, Tuesday’s storm will bring the first significant rain event for Southern California since the spring. Some rain moved over part of the state on Sunday ahead of this week’s storm, giving a preview of what is to come.

  7. How many times people of Manila can suffer. Let God show mercy up on them and send Hagupit to Chennai. We are ready to suffer to save them.. : )

  8. Today its a refreshing morning with beautiful sunlight without heat even now you can feel the chillness it is better to be like this than cloudy climate without rain

  9. Not enough NEM resulting there is a drop of 20% in reservoirs supplying water to Chennai. (Source Dinamani Tamil News paper)

  10. I think there is a possibility of rain around this weekend. Not based on forecast or any predictions. Whenever corporation cleans up the velachery lake by removing those unwanted plants (aagaya thamarai), we had rains soon. This morning on way, i saw the lake very clear

  11. Japanese space explorer: Hayabusa2 on 6-year journey to explore how earth was formed – The Hindu

    A Japanese space explorer was launched on Wednesday on a six-year roundtrip journey to blow a crater in a remote asteroid and collect samples from inside in hopes of gathering clues to the origin of earth. The explorer is expected to reach the asteroid in 2018 and spend about 18 months studying it before returning in 2020. The research includes shooting a projectile into the asteroid to blast open a crater so the explorer can collect rock samples from inside.

    Asteroids can provide evidence not available on earth about the birth of the solar system and its evolution. Japan’s space agency said Hayabusa2 will explore the origin of seawater and how the planet earth was formed.

  12. precautions of past cyclones:
    1) cyclone phailin- max ws 220 kmph- 30 dead
    2) cyclone hudhud – max ws 185 kmph- 68 dead
    3 ) cyclone thane – max ws 145 kmph – 45 dead
    odhisha government is better than ap govt.
    but ap govt is better than TN govt
    proud to be in TN

  13. NVEST ‪#99S‬ remains weak but the low-level circulation appears to be organizing as indicates the latest ASCAT pass … nonetheless, any intensification is unlikely to be significant and the system is not a threat to land

  14. Is there any relationship (inverse one) between formation of cyclone near Thaiwan/Philipines and BOB. In the Agri forecast, for the 3 cyclones that were forecasted between Oct-28 to Nov-15 the forecast goes like – “If there are no cyclones near Philipines, Thaiwan then some cyclone could develop in BOB”. Wanted to know if it is out of astrology or is there any weather science behind it.

  15. IMD:
    The trough of low at mean sea level over southwest Bay of Bengal has become unimportant
    A trough of low at mean sea level lies over Gulf of Siam and likely to emerge over Andaman sea by 5th

  16. imd delhi mid day report
    Weather Outlook for subsequent 4 days from 06th December 2014 to 10th December 2014

    ♦ Rain/thundershowers would occur at a few places over Andaman & Nicobar islands and at isolated places over extreme south peninsular India.

    ♦ Weather would be dry over rest of the country.

  17. normally any system over bay of bengal tends to move straight west during December. So we can expect SIAM system to finally cross near cuddalore by next week bringing useful rains to north tamil nadu coast.


  18. Eventhough rains stopped now, whole oct-nov rains leads worst situation in many low lying streets.. Nicely pointed out by Dinamalar yesterday with politicians street and general public..

  19. upcoming trough can intensify upto low pressure area around dec 7 and it may give heavy rainfall over andaman ( mostly south andaman) and it may fizzle out in se bay around dec 8 and after that we can expect strong easterlies

  20. Back in the year 2005, around the same time, all those memories are fresh and alive, that evening of the day , when my locality, Tambaram received that 310 mm (app.) rain in a span of almost 9 hrs from the weakening Cyclone then “BAAZ”….Wow !!!!
    No words to explain that stream of continuous waters that was merciless on the ground

  21. easterly wave approaches fast ( as per satellite picture) – might touch the coast by tomorrow evening, followed immediately by a strong system. satellite picture continue to give lot of promise for chennai also. may be by tomorrow position dramatically can change. the minimum temperature tomorrow will go up.


  22. BBC shows heavy rains start on Chennai on Sunday evening or Monday, but other models not picked, but earlier forecast it can change day to day lets wait

  23. Clear blue skies with lots of sunshine – and a bit of pleasant breeze time to enjoy the weather. Till we get a system to stir our
    sleep -with thunderous rain.

  24. upcoming trough can intensify upto low pressure area around dec 7 and it may give heavy rainfall over andaman ( mostly south andaman) and it may fizzle out in se bay around dec 8 and after that we can expect strong easterlies

  25. Fate of Hagupit…

    As the MJO moves to Phase 6 by 05th, the ACC will shift to central pacific and the trade winds direction will change, hence the hagupit will also divert from WNW movement to NNE movement from 06th or 07th, and then due to high upper level wind shear over NW Pacific, this system will not cross anywhere and weaken over the open waters.

  26. once considered as a dry area ramnad district got good rainfall, where as the fate of main delta area tanjore, and overly populated chennai and neighbor dist changes.

  27. accu weather predicts rains from next Monday.tue,and weds , where we can expect 20-25mm..hope things turn out to be true..

    • Hi susa, will the coming easterlies affect chennai because of extending north ? because we missed last easterlies because of ACC over central India…

      • No, it was not ACC… the system didn’t intensify and was driven south, that’s why. Wait longer for coming week easterlies.

      • Then why TS band s were struggling to enter chennai 50km radious??LPA came upto karaikal then we should be pounded like anything but it didn’t happen why what was the reason?

      • it was due to HPA hovering over chennai and even now it is hovering , only a strong easterlies can push it up

  28. I just have seen some models, showing that upper level steering winds may come down below 13N even near 10N from 07th or 08th. It completely chaging its direction from SE to SW…

    I have a doubt on the upcoming easterlies and its strength..

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