162 thoughts on “Chennai’s bad luck continues with this system

  1. Good morning all .As i see the topic , let’s understand that Nature has its own way of balancing things. Let’s help in planting more trees , saving trees that are already there .Without doing anything to Nature/environment , i think it wouldnt be prudent enough to always ask.

  2. very worst Nov in recent yeas coming to an end. I think Dec is also like this only because Dec rains are restricted to STN only.

  3. One thing to learn from this system is not to be over confident. If some model says no rains for us, it will be for some reason only. This is not the time to pick and chose the models based on rain. BBC was the worst model for over a year now and I was surprised how everyone blindly believed it’s forecasts for this system.

  4. Surely our monsoon can’t be this bad. Hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel. We have waited and waited but no luck.
    GFS has removed the Dec 2nd week cyclone. No positive signs yet in forecasts.

    Chennai has witnessed worse NEM’s than this. Will we get anymore rains this monsoon? I am not sure.

  5. The system cant be written off yet. Leaving the quantum of rains aside, it is definitely not moved south as predicted by models and chennais chances are still there

  6. Good morning, it’s very disheartening. Sitting here in the farm, I am wondering where all the cows in this area are going to graze as already the grass is turning brown. Normally this is not the case in karthigai. Then comes the farming. Unmindful pumping of water from wells irrespective of water level is making matters worse. Of course it’s survival for them. Where this is going to end?

    • V need to plan ourselves to increase ground water level.

      If u take CHENNAI, even though it has rained near Normal average. There is no sufficient water in lakes.

      No one has taken care of save water from Govt side or from Public Side.

  7. To kea- All the models are wrong for this system..Bearing few no one is over confident..again I am telling prediction doesn’t mean over confident..if that is the case you have been predicting no rains for almost all the systems..i remember when PJ,Patha predicted rains on oct-17,18 you said it wont rain..but it rained..,like this many cases ur prediction of no rains also failed…but we haven’t said you are over confident about stating no rains in Chennai…

  8. That’s all I want to tell if god wills anything can happen it may become depression also and cross Tamil nadu and may give massive rains to chennai… Or it may dissapate also anything can happen don’t trust models, believe in God and pray for rain think your own positive forecast it will come true 🙂

  9. Dear mates
    Goggled about trees and rain. Found in scientific American as follows.. .
    Do Rain Forests Make Rain?
    Long-standing assumption: rain forests are a consequence of heavy rainfall. New hypothesis: some forested regions may produce conditions that lead to heavy rainfall. This “biotic pump” model contends that a vast forest such as the Amazon draws in large amounts of water vapor. Evaporation and condensation of the acquired water lead to a local atmospheric pressure drop. That decrease causes rain and attracts more water vapor to the forest, in a continuous positive feedback loop. “This theory could explain why continental interiors with huge rain forests remain so moist,” says Wildlife Conservation Society researcher Douglas Sheil, who in an April Bioscience paper revived the biotic pump model, originally proposed in 2006 by Anastassia Makarieva and Victor Gorshkov, both at the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute in Russia. “It could also underline the dangers of widespread deforestation.

  10. Now its time for no rain group surely we will back with rains this afternoon and our time will start till that we will listen

  11. There is good convergence values taking place over north coastal TN and showers reaching to chennai is still delay and could reach by late noon or evening.
    Cheyyur to kollidam coast will have good rains today.

  12. Pondy is battering now….!! Thunderstorms forming in chennai latitude will it reache chennai that i doubt

  13. Many of us have been criticizing GFS for bringing out negative and “bad” forecast. Looking at the turnout of events, it is right on par with ECMWF. Hats off to those 2 models.

  14. System likely to move SW into GOM if it stays 2 days in GOM chennai will be pounded! Pray for this like situation!

      • Even in that case also There won’t be any rains in chennai .. system has lost it’s intensity.. nothing possible from now. Luck might give us few drizzles

      • Its does not necessarily mean system in GOM should give widespread rains to TN. when the current system at present latitude not able to give rains how it will give the same at GOM. This year parameters are not favorable for NEM which we will get a picture when the NEM season ends. But this year is not so bad compared to last year and NEM as a whole has given good rains for STN which is not a failure.

  15. @murali Duran,

    In what sense is BBC prediction better than mine? They have been predicting deluge for Chennai past 2-3 days.

    • Even last year their predictions were horribly wrong. I guess they predicted both Helen and lehar to crash into Chennai. Helen went to n.AP and Lehar finally turned out to be the biggest joke of the decade ..

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