2,145 thoughts on “Wait for rain continues

  1. Interesting days ahead..anything is possible deluge like nisha or more days of rain with breaks in between…Models are models and they arent nature..Low formed near SL which is good for chennai,thats it

  2. do you think that we’ve got enough rain for the year? can we get thru’ without water scarcity until next rainy season?

  3. Hey guys don’t worry rains are on the way for chennai these rain bearing clouds are moving in NW direction!!! Will reach chennai by any time!!

  4. Imd chennai expecting current system to form into a D and cross NTN coasts and prodouce very heavy rains in whole TN including chennai!!!! Don’t worry gfs will change soon kea sir…

  5. Currently two low pressure area are there on in sri Lanka and another one is NE of Sri Lanka Am i right?

  6. The clouds are moving as per BBC. If it continues to behave like this, Chennai will get heavy rains by evening.

  7. Massive divergence of 60 and convergence 0f 20 and the circulation has moved north that’s the reason the rain bands have started moving north.

  8. Expert opinion please…extremely dissappointed with this system promised so much…looking at the sat pic clouds are moving north defintely very closely to chennai latitude but i just peeped out to the sky absolutely no clouds…
    i would say we might get some odd shower max …

  9. Today I have took leave for school very tired yesterday i went to thiruvallur night time to see grandma

  10. Recent radar pic picking promising northern rain band.. if tis gets supported with proper convergence n divergence v may see the pic of Ecmwf n ukmo forecast happening tonight.. the right end of the rainband will b inching closer to n.tn as day gets passed. It is also seen producing some ts now.

  11. There will be many who will be surprised with the rains from this spell. That should be the end for GFS and GFS based Cola.

  12. Been reading each and every post of Ameen Bijli and I’m astounded by his endless energy levels and indomitable spirit in seeing rains for our region..The way he keeps up his faith and the way he rallies around others and even going to the extent of instilling confidence in others is really amazing..Sparkling young boy one has to say. Sunspot and Surya rightly highlighted his limitless enthusiasm some time ago. Ameen, blogging here would surely take some time out of your school studies schedule, hope you balance things perfectly. Keep it up.

  13. the bands are moving at a steady fast…it will reach by evening..
    and whether the new bands will form quickly one after one?
    experts pls…

  14. IMD GFS predicts 925 hps winds at 30 knots. It is approximately 25-27 knots at surface level which makes it a depression as PJ said.

  15. IMD GFS is taking the system right to Chennai. Its expecting a depression. the Influence of the ridge in Burma / Thailand is taking the system in to BoB and then it moves under the influence of Indian HPA towards TN.

      • boss from the morning u r trying to pull others leg..:)..
        To answer ur question its instinct that says “negative topic gives heavy rains”..It happened many times before

  16. Band is gaining strength and near chennai no need to worry rains are on the cards for chennai cheers! 🙂

  17. A steering wind is trying to take the system west into srilankan landmass.If system escapes the clutches of this steering, it can come to central Tn n give good rains to entire TN incl chn.

    • that’s the reason I guess kea mentioned about GFS purposely..
      My understanding is he definitely knows its going to rain after seeing the radar by midnight when it crossed karaikal latitude and changed the topic to negative..

      • kea is a double edged sword. when he is talking positive, when negative is difficult to understand some times. Many times, his negative topic has given rains. Hope it happens as like earlier situations

  18. Y Kea changed the Headline within hours?……that too negative…………I think, negative Headline will give super rain to chennai………..

  19. Hi All,

    MSL trough over Arabian sea is weak.
    Divergence and Convergence shifts to SW bay.
    850mb vorticity over east coast of srilanka.
    500mb vorticity moved into bay from north indian ocean.
    Negative OLR over Chennai.
    WV Insat shows convection reached Chennai.
    RADAR shows the Rain band reached Cuddalore.

    Once the ACC over west coast starts moving east, LOW will be moving closer to our coast.
    Now the low lies over east coast of Lanka.

    All positive signs, just precipitation getting delayed for 1 day.
    Today evening or night we will be start getting rain.

  20. for the first time in the last 3/4 days, today morning i saw ants busy movement, which increase hope for our rain, fingers crossed

    • No system is moving N as of now the the movement will be NNW and intensify into depression and may be deep depression and hit south of Chennai as per IMD GFS…

    • Don’t worry heavy rains are on the way for chennai will reach by evening or night and as per IMD GFS predicting D or DD hit chennai and bring massive rains to chennai and NTN

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