Rainfall to decrease over TN

After an eventful 2-3 days in Chennai with around 110 mm recorded from the latest system, Friday is expected to be relatively a quiet day. A shower or two cannot be rules out due to the pull factor.

Next system is expected around 20th, its still early days to know where it will strike.

1,350 thoughts on “Rainfall to decrease over TN

  1. It’s fine. Actually breaks are good for the reason that our infrastructure is still not good for storing excessive rains. At least whatever rains we had, the ground will absorb it and the congestion issues are minimal…….. We need to improve our infrastructure sincerely to store these good rains.

  2. Gm guys according to toi ” There is a low pressure over sri lanka, gulf of mannar and adjoining parts of tamil nadu. Over the next 24 hrs, while sourthern Tamil Nadu will get widespread rain, there will be isolated but heavy spells of rain over northern part”said RMC director SR Ramanan

      • It didn’t rain..let us hope the trough moves north..btw it seems to be on the northern side of the gulf of Mannar so we could have had heavy rains if it was big enough but right now it looks like a normal collection of thunder clouds.

      • Ameen don’t call as sir just say the name.
        We could get some isolated showers in the day time and the prepent popups over east move to S.AP.
        Wind direction-ESE

  3. Btw I just crossed the TN K’taka border and very very inclement weather nr Hosur..thick fog and steady drizzle. It looks much worse in b’lore. Y’day I was going with my neighbor to someone’s engagement along the NICE road and visibility was as low as 5 ft due to the very heavy rain. Mosquitoes are again merrily buzzing in Chennai after the rain ceased..I bought one of those UV mosquito killers and somehow it attracts kosu from a radius of nearly a km (or so I’d believe, seeing the # of dead kosu in the day) and many don’t get inside the trap..

    In Mumbai, Rain and Train make for a v bad combo…

  4. No rain but extremely inclement in Bangalore..resembling Ooty on a bad winter’s day. Global warming might be an invented word, but climate certainly seems to be changing everywhere.

  5. I have been thinking about this for a while now.

    Somewhere halfway into a system, there seems to be a band of relatively lesser rains and ever after this “band”, further out ,there is another area of heavier rains.

    Take the case of 99W to understand better. Areas in and around Chennai fell into this band of lesser rain. Now I’m not saying that we got less rains but we did get comparatively lesser than some places in S AP.

    In the October GOM low,which was much further south, Chennai was the biggest beneficiary of the extreme outer bands whereas areas like pondy and Cudallore did recorded relatively lesser rains than Chennai. They fell into this “band” of lesser rain.

    This is Just a thought. Let me know your opinions about this.

  6. Nothing in T Nagar yet. Too much of rain in Chennai brings surprising problems. This year, rain gifted Chennai with Typhoid. If one goes by the newspapers, almost every household in Madipakkam and surrounding areas had a case of typhoid.

      • They say every cloud has a silver lining. What is the silver lining in Chennai? And I strongly suspect either you or your ancestors must be from outside TN. Every true born Chennai-ite’s favorite pastime is to bash the city to pulp as much as possible..Chennai-ites love discussing the city’s problems and this proves you are “outsider”. You want to enjoy the rains but close your eyes to the civic problems and issues it brings in its wake.

      • I know you will not sustain in this blog for a long time as you and your problems will be reduced after nem exists, but don’t comment about personally which you don’t know about me and my birth place, I am a true born Indian, and a chennaitee, but you are not a concerned Indian, you might change it to concerned chennaitee, which can be a ideal one

      • Chennai Thamizhan endru perumaiyudan kooruvadhil emakku evvidha achamum illai. Thangal vetru nabar endru muzhumaiyaga niroobanam agivittadhu.

      • This is not a blog to dicuss about these type of issues, sorry for disturbing a disturbed character, first you reveal your true identity and your name and then you will have a good time in this blog

  7. It was mentioned in the blog by a few that there will be isolated showers in chennai till saturday morning. Keyword is isolated….

  8. El Niño – Southern Oscillation remains neutral
    Overall, the El Niño – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) remains neutral, despite the tropical Pacific Ocean warming over the last two months.

  9. @disqus_DCLlpcGD8J:disqus Some kids seem to be walking back home from schools in T Nagar. Or maybe walking to school..but I wonder why since rain has tapered off.

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