Heavy rain pounds Chennai, more rain possible today

Heavy rain will continue in TN on Thursday as the low moves into TN. The rains will continue till Friday

Low Pressure fails to organize into depression. As it moves into TN coast, persistent rain with intermittent heavy spells to continue, but it will not be as persitent as it was yesterday. Concentration will shift to interiors today!

2,613 thoughts on “Heavy rain pounds Chennai, more rain possible today

  1. Just stay calm……..Chennai will get its share…………..Chennai is special to Rain god always……………………. 🙂

  2. As I said south Chennai will come up with big numbers…radar looks gr8 for south Chennai..but it wont take much time for nunga,many times we have seen it receives one huge spell which will overtake all other areas

  3. Consistent rain shower with out wind for past 4hrs if I recollect it correct ..place santhosapuram on velachery tambaram road

  4. good morning all…congrats kea… your yesterday observation was spot on. .evening it started and continued thro night. so what is the reading at Vu…

  5. Kea..is it ok to update Info’s like water logging areas and traffic pile up roads so that some one or other reaches their place safe and on time

  6. in this year we had no cyclones or dd or lpa to cross Chennai..
    but all giving rains which was going to GOM,..

  7. Good morning..BN recorded 92mm between yday 12 noon and 6.30am today..add 38 mm of tue evening to yday morning…we have a cumulative 130mm from WP 99..hail the system!

  8. System well placed near GOM..9.9N, 80.5E.. so the storms are all moving to N.TN..esp chennai coast..it will trigger some more severe TS to the current band over chennai..

  9. Vedaranyam/Nagai getting battered.
    But as the system has descended a bit,northern quadrants will pound Cuddalore to Pondy for the next 2 -3 hrs..Chennai will get its moderate share.
    WP99 has been suh a gracious system that even after dipping into GOM,it offers good rains to South AP..see Machili radar now

  10. As expected this system has descended to Gulf of mannar. If it stays like oct 17 system, we should get rains for another 2 days.

  11. As the dawn breaks there is little less shower than moderate. While the sky is covered with dark clouds predominantly in the east south east direction hoping to get good more shower. location santhosapuram

  12. Heavy rain is lashing in Chennai city from yesterday.

    Many parts of the city have recorded more than 180 to 220 mm rain from this current low system.

    This tropical disturbance is downgraded as Well Marked Low (WML) yesterday evening and is centered at south east of Chennai city.This is expected to move further west- south west and diffuse gradually in land areas of Tamilnadu.

    Further medium to heavy rain is expected in coastal and other interior districts of Tamilnadu for another 36 hours.

    Holiday declared to schools and colleges in Chennai, Kanchipuram districts including few other districts.

    Enjoy the rainy days..

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