Dying WML may give Some Rains in part of Chennai

There is a huge build-up of clouds suddenly around the existing WML near north TN and south AP coast.. Everyone’s eyes have turned to the Andaman system which is expected to come towards Chennai around 12th November. But the existing system has developed good clouding and is saying watchout. I may give you something before fading away. See the intense rains expected in Chennai as per GFS.


909 thoughts on “Dying WML may give Some Rains in part of Chennai

  1. Madrid, Spain is the least humid city partly due to it being the highest capital in Europe at 667m (2,188 feet). Temperatures fall at night due to low humidity, otherwise, Madrid would be one of the hottest cities as well.

  2. One of the most tropical storm-prone areas in the
    world is the on island of Luzon in the Philippines. On average, the island experiences 10 typhoons each year.

      • yes. but vvp2 not looking good. vinod too was not confident of rains from this. He said little or no rains. I too stick with Shar to ongole. let us see..

      • I feel it’s closing in towards the city areas. Can surely expect some decent showers from this system. No need to underestimate it.

      • check this. you will understand what i say.

        PPI V

        PPI V is planned position indicator velocity data. Using the Doppler Theory, the radar uses a Doppler Shift to determine the velocity of a reflector. In this product, a single elevation angle is scanned, and the velocity of the reflectors is returned. Negative values indicate reflectors moving towards the radar, while positive values indicate reflectors moving away from the radar. It should be noted that the further the radar beam extends from the radar, the higher it’s elevation, thus it should report higher velocity values as winds are generally stronger at higher altitudes.

  3. In 2005 we had a worst deluge more than 50cms of rain in a single day and followed by successive rain cum cyclone systems. Now as per our expert susa and forecasts back to back systems are forecasted and if comes true then it is NEM 2005 repeat.

  4. as expected rain started in chennai…now its a drizzle and after 3 AM chennai will recieve moderate showers…

  5. How 91B has been regenerating with moisture filled clouds/convection?? All factors are same/not changed.

    Very eager to see the latest SOI value.

  6. 91b got intensified much than expected..its interaction with land pulls all the moisture and proved itself as a super wml..its same will happen for 99w ..if it get weakens & while reach our coast..its going to pound us..

  7. Wished for some drizzles at Perambur station in the morning and got it. Slight drizzles when I got down at 6.08 am today morning. Seems Perambur station areas had got decent showers around 3.30 am as there were puddles of water to be seen. My auto driver confirmed the time.

  8. Alert…SOI will drop down till mid-next week. Then how the moisture is coming to 91B.

    Whether 99W is pumping some moisture to 91B or any some other factors?

  9. System in Andaman sea has intensified .clouds have not organized yet and is close to land. upper atmospheric conditions looks favorable close to system but its high to the west of system.An high pressure is slightly visbile over the low pressure in upper level providing good outflow.Any slight intensification trend will organize the low pressure into a depression.

  10. Kavalli, guntur, ongole getting most the benefit from this WML..if it would have moved litte west..it would have pounded nellore and we would have got 2 cm rain from that..

  11. System close to Ap gaining slight intensity.It has build impressive convection to the west and clouds are displaced to the west due to easterly shear.Low shear is approaching from the east but system is already close to coast so it will move into land before the shear decreases.

  12. Guys the main thing is tht tn comes under the rain shadow region. And most of rains are vanished. But still we must not lose hope. We r all here r praying everyday for rains and for sure our postive attitude will be paid very soon.

  13. Good morning.WP 99 has been doing a slow and steady progress overnight.
    Shear continue to be favourable in its current path and the system has been tracking westwards.It will continue West/South West until 90E whereby steering winds (at this juncture) will transfer the system to a NW path.While the current shear is high,forecasts show a decreasing and so a favourable trend.
    The current westerly path may make the system loose a few rainbands to its Southern Quadrant to Northern tip of the Sumatra Landmass as it scratches through,but it will quickly regain strength as it heads into the Open waters of BOB.

  14. Conditions across the Bay of Bengal are only marginally favorable for tropical development. As a result we do not expect a strong tropical system to develop; however, it is likely that a weak tropical cyclone will develop early this …from accu weather

  15. Gopal sir will the new system from Andaman trigger heavy rains to chennai ?? Everday I’m losing my hope on NE monsoon always all cyclones track towards andhra and nothing else is left for us…. Why this is happening … Andaman low will come to chennai?? Or as usual strike andhra??

  16. huge disappointment….strong thunderstorms were there at just 30Kms away from chennai…but n o rains..guess they woulkd have moved north west

  17. Ok Gopal sir then you were telling it will change its track towards NW After reaching 90 E that’s why i was shocked

  18. Guys why it is not auto updating in my system. I have to refresh it every time to see the latest comments. Any solution you can give.

  19. Lower convergence and Upper divergence is great for the second system now,,,,it is able to breathe freely …and for the next three hrs wind shear is expected to remain on a decreasing trend ..

  20. Don.not write this wml off. still has steam in it. Expect some showers today late eve..l.m sure let’s see..

  21. Astonished to see such great enthusiasm in all the bloggers for rainfall in chennai….watching all your comments from the past 5 days….it all shows your passion for the rain….Can’t find such a blog like this anywhere….hope chennai gets pounded as soon as possible….Even as the resident of kurnool(AndhraPradesh) I want all the rain to be pounded in chennai and tamilnadu as this is your share…..

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