Chennai crosses 1000 mm for the year and the wet start to November set to continue for next two days

Chennai has crossed 1000 mm for the year and for 2nd straight day, Chennai and north TN coast has got rains. These night/early morning rains will continue for another 2 days. During the mornings and afternoon there will be breaks in rains.

The elongated trough at sea level and other synoptic analysis is given below02-11-2014

02-11-2014 - 1

02-11-2014 - 2


1,710 thoughts on “Chennai crosses 1000 mm for the year and the wet start to November set to continue for next two days

  1. Can anyone identify the name awesome cyclone with an micro-eye and tell what is unique about this cyclone. It has a special value in Indian basin.

    • PJ,

      Answer should be 1989-typhoon Gay (Kavali cyclone). It has 4 special features.
      (1) According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Gay was the first typhoon since 1891 to form in the Gulf of Thailand and enter the Bay of Bengal.
      (2) The one and only BOB-cyclone which has the name with “Typhoon”-Gay
      (3) It has the smallest micro-eye, which was about 20 km (12 mi) wide.
      (4) Gay became the first typhoon since 1891 to make landfall in Thailand, striking Chumphon Province with winds of 185 km/h (115 mph).

      More interestingly “typhoon gay” immediately got in my mind after reading micro-eye in ur comment with little doubt about Giri-2010 (without seeing ur radar picture as I could not able to see in my mobile). But after seeing radar image from my desktop, then immediately understood that it should typhoon gay (Kavali cyclone).

      Actually I mastered in identifying cyclones due to continuous practice of BOB-cyclones by MJSOI’s model πŸ™‚

      Typhoon Gay (1989, November 1-10):

      • It came all the way from Thailand?? Unbelievable. The only foreign name outside of India, Bangladesh, SL and Pak I guess. πŸ™‚

      • I remember this storm, Chennai was expecting heavy rain and strong winds which never happened because of the tiny area of real estate this storm covered. In Chennai, there was only few very low cumulonimbus clouds which passed for few minutes from NW, that’s it. Really disappointing.

    • Cyclone Ogni-2006. Shortest duration cyclone..Just two days..System skirted along the coast right from SL, GOM TN coast and made landfall at Bapatla.

  2. Missing rains in Chennai..Reached Vancouver Canada and waiting for domestic flight to calgary..First thing I opened here is radar and the blog..enjoii the rains guys

  3. Many small pop-ups formed very near to the coast,before the big fish reaches the coast this small one will give good rain,,infact heavy rains..

  4. Happy to join the blog amidst the nature lovers and weather pro/enthusiasts… Have been following this for about 2 years and you guys have never disappointed in sharing the information across ppl… Hats off!!!

  5. LPA should come near to land for getting heavy rains. If the LPA has chance to cross land surely we will get around 25cm rain. Is there any chance for this?

  6. Coming cyclone will be go to north Andhra..once again threat for vizag..i wont happen this..if cyclone hit ap that is sooo bad for Andhra..if any chances to cross s.ap???any one else to say this?

    • many years.Analysts should give u correct info. we should actually look at whether we have touched 80 CM from NEM which is our average. So far we have received 46 CM. Still a long way to go.

  7. The birth place of ashobaa still unclear, that will give us some view, in which we can some how track its possible path

  8. Awesome! Both Chennai stations have reached 100 cm for the year, and Nunga might even be slightly ahead of Meenambakkam by a few mm now!
    IMD Nungambakkam AWS – 19 mm
    Meenambakkam AP – 9.8 mm

  9. Well. Forget Ashobaa because we have an ample time to track it. Now , No rain and quite cloudy .. Is there any possibility for today rain? or sun will be peeking out?

  10. I have an question Jeetender sir… The trough of low off NTN coast but where is the heavy rains to Chennai??? On October 17th the trough of low which was far away from TN gave very heavy rains to Chennai of 28 cm in 4 days but this trough is close to tn but not giving heavy rain to Chennai why??? When real heavy rains will start in Chennai from this trough of low?? Can we expect good rains tonight of 100 mm to Chennai??? Yesterday PJ sir told me that we can cross 200 mm by Monday??? Please answer to my question

    • Need to consider Andaman trough as the bigger/deeper one compared to NTN coast’s. So all the TS travelling/spiraling towards Andaman sea.

      So less severe rainfall for coastal areas at present.

    • The present circulation is also interacting with the other end of it, we should have had heavy rains by yesterday itself, but simultaneous interaction with other can sometimes fails and end up giving less moisture clouds

  11. All thunderstorms are going somewhere some thunderstorm are reaching us but it loses intensity before reaching Chennai coast and giving only moderate rains why?? What is the reason?? Now I am confused…

      • Jeetu, Good Morning..Not exactly due to the upcoming system ..Purely cos of the disappointment of not getting pounding rains which was expected since Friday night.. As dash said yesterday-What we got yesterday was just kosu thooral in peak NEM period. All said and done, we need to be patient and good intensity rains are not far off..

  12. From October 17th till today (362 mm from the first seven day spell, 50 mm from this second spell of the season) Total-412mm so far in 16th Main road, Anna Nagar West.

  13. popups in daytime means low is quite nicely building up… should get as much as possible from the system , wherever it lands

  14. Hardly any TS visits us when we expect too much like the Friday TS….And when we ignore………comes like this……..Now I know the plight of Ramanan and IMD in forecasting……….

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