315 thoughts on “Tonights D2D marathon expected to be dry

  1. Coastal Tamilnadu get good showers today.
    Interior TN doesn’t seems to get good rains from today may be some TS around interior possible.
    Heavy rain possible for south TN.

  2. Last September-2013 Madras got about 220 mm ..Will there be a final thrust in the remaining days.Got about 3 days exactly.

  3. i do not see a link to the next and previous topic at the top, which used to be there before.. is it some kind of a setting that needs to be in place here?

  4. Great weather in chennai.
    Enjoyable weather these clouds are looking really big and dense.
    Easterlies like weather its like november.
    80% of sky is filled with TS.
    As i said in mrng coast will get plenty of passing showers.

  5. A small request. Can we have our location added to our names so we can all know the wther over there from ones post. I just did mine after seeing Novak profile name 🙂 🙂 :-

  6. Hi All,

    Just 3 days to go for NEM season..

    It s great to see storms coming in from East and wind direction supports too.

    Excellent RADAR, no one should miss RADAR image.

    Looks like NEM clouds.

  7. Special News to Share.

    When i was travelling in train from Urapakkam to Tambaram, i saw dew drops in grass in Vandalur station.

    When train halted in vandalur stations, there was patch of grass between tracks, those grasses were very wet and there were dew drops on it.

    The first one of the season, or i am seeing it for the first time this season??

    Also over Vandalur hill there was huge fog covered.

    • Nice to see fog over vandalur hill so early…that hill will looks amazingly in our rainy season..i use to see that when i were in urapakkam..( 7 yrs before)

  8. Does anyone know how much rainfall Karaikal got from BOB01 this Jan ? I have the radar image and it looks like a tropical storm…

  9. Shiva,

    I spoke to Gokul last evening, he is surely great weather lover.

    He has immense knowledge on weather. He should have been at the list of top bloggers here.

    I learned 2 things basically from him.

    1. the jet streams about its influence on cyclonic systems.
    2. on the trough and at what level it is influencing the convection and how can we track the same on weather models.

    • Gokul, paadhi mattera, veliya sollave maataaru, low profile aalu…Kettadhaan kidaikum..Yes, his knowledge and keenness to learn more is amazing..You are absolutely right.

      • I just digged at him and pulled out the info, if we had planned an hour back, we would have met actually.
        I went to my new house to see the finishing work status, it is very near Gokul’s house.

      • Susa, just wait for few more days..As Partha said, we are few days away from the actual NEM season..Im expecting them to get active.

      • But that is the killer wait 😛 On the other hand, they have posted a few times, Jupi too, who was missing, all of a sudden came back with posts after our move to blog.I too feel they’ll eventually come back before NEM

  10. I always get surprised by the following bloggers. Highly enthusiastic.
    I am very much jealous of these people’s knowledge.


    especially Selvan and Gokul, even though they come rarely, they come up with great info.

    today selvan once again bringing different one from Aral Sea in Uzbekistan.

  11. here heavy drizzle for 10 minutes..and then clear skies with some patch of dark clouds…
    again my area is covered with full of dark clouds..

  12. Talking about people, KR, KN, Martin, VSN, Karthik Storm, Rajendran(HR649), etc. have all magically vanished. KR has lost interest in weather and HR649 is working abroad, but others ?? I’ve missed many others too

  13. Micro Drizzles in BN..I can see cumulus clouds over the sea coming in.But these are gathering strength after reaching land.The rains in TBM is a case in point

  14. Rainfall Update from IMD

    Kodaikanal – 72 mm
    Valparai – 41.4 mm
    Adirampatnam – 25.1 mm
    Karur Paramathi – 15.4 mm
    Pamban – 8 mm
    Palayamkottai – 5 mm
    Tiruchirapalli – 4.8 mm
    Coimbatore Ap – 1.8 mm
    Salem – 1.7 mm
    Coonoor – 1.3 mm
    Madurai Ap – 1 mm
    Tondi – 0.8 mm
    Cuddalore – 0.1 mm

  15. These showers will be like pre monsoon showers. Storms that come from sea will weaken and give only moderate showers to coastal areas, but storms that form inland will move and give heavy showers to suburbs

  16. Though monsoon withdrawal has begun in the country, several parts of Mumbai
    suburbs saw thunder and lightning with rain on Thursday night.
    Weathermen said they were expecting such spells on account of cloudiness
    on the Arabian Sea coast. But if such showers continue, they can be
    termed “withdrawal symptoms”.

    “A trough active from the interiors of
    Karnataka to Kerala was expected to give the city rains,” said K S
    Hosalikar, deputy director general of meteorology, Regional
    Meteorological Centre, Mumbai.

  17. UAC continues to give super rains to Karnataka, ending 8.30 am on 26.09.2014
    The cyclonic circulation over Comorin area and neighbourhood persists and now extends upto 4.5 kms a.s.l. Hassan, Mandya, Mysore, Tumkur, Ramanagar and Bangalore Urban districts got very heavy rains.

    in mm (min 60 mm)

    200 mm + rains in Karanataka visit

  18. IMD Update:
    The upper air cyclonic circulation over comorin area and neighbourhood extending upto 4.5 km above mean sea level persists.
    A trough runs from this system to Konkan & Goa coast and extends upto 3.1 km above mean sea level.

  19. 500 mb height forecast.

    The monsoon axis over north india has weakened in the past few days.
    but height of the trough at 584. This should move away from that place, then only the monsoon withdrawal will reach south peninsular india. The movement of 584 trough is expected by 02nd October, this will move away and the 588 will be replaced.

    Hence monsoon will withdraw on or before the scheduled date.

    We can expect by 12th or 13th from entire country.

  20. IMD:
    -The cyclonic circulation over Comorin area and neighbourhood now lies over Comorin and Lakshadweep areas and extends upto 5.8 kms a.s.l.
    -The trough from the above system to Konkan coast has become less marked.
    -The cyclonic circulation over Gujarat and neighbourhood has become less marked

  21. Good morning, rain is playing hide and seek for the last 4days. It gets very hot, by noon there are dark clouds and after all the drama, clouds dissipate. Lots of dark clouds here now, same time sunny too. Will it rain today?

  22. It’s great to see so many people so knowledgeable about weather in this platform. Iam sure it’s mainly the passion that has made you learn. Hoping to catch up with you all someday soon

  23. Due to heavy rains in the catchment areas, the flow of water into Stanley Reservoir here continues to be on the rise for the
    second consecutive day. The inflow increased from 19,131 cusecs to 28,422 cusecs on Friday morning. Public Works Department officials said that the water level increased from 88.60 feet to 89.30 feet against its Full Reservoir Level of 120 feet. Also, the storage also increased from 51.067 thousand million cubic feet to 51.856 tmcft, as against the reservoir’s full capacity of 93.470 tmcft. The outflow was 18,679 cusecs.

  24. Scattered rainfall across the district brought some welcome showers to Pulivalam on Thursday. The village recorded a maximum of 50 mm of rain during the 24-hour period ending at 8.30 a.m. on Friday. The following is the chief amount of rainfall recorded in other parts of the district during the same period (in mm): Sirukudi 47; Devimangalam 24.80; Musiri 20; Samayapuram 19, Thathaiyengarpet and Thuraiyur 15 each, and Marungapuri 7.20.

  25. Dear bloggers,
    As Ne monsoon is around the corner,i feel that many should add their area’s name along with their names,So it will be easy for others to identify the current raining spots,otherwise if you post “its raining here” or”pouring here” means we cant know where your are from, and simultaneously no use of such comments,and also we no need to reply where its raining,Today also many comments happened in this manner,So i also Remind once again to KEA to fix this issue,as i had mentiond several times,and i hope this issue will be solved very soon

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