180 thoughts on “KeaWeather WordPress blog will close down on midnight of 31/12/13

  1. My last post of 2013 and in Keaweather blog.. Feeling sad..

    Happy New Year to all and wish it brings a good surprise in terms of weather and also the new platform.. :)


  3. Hai guys all see you at a newer platform which is going to come soon at today midnight and


    Lets all hope that 2014 will be the wet year for overall tamilnadu and fullfilling the dams,lakes,rivers and make farmers happy to crop and also for chennaities to make happy especially to kea blog members.

  4. Fellow Bloggers. Wish you a very happy and enjoyable new year 2014 for all of you. 

    If this blog is evolved into another fabulous experience, we are for it else let us keep this way. At least Kea can allow us to test that new site with our feedback before jumping into it full fledged.

  5. Good bye Kea Blog. I have spent more time in this blog than Facebook. Will miss this style of blogging.
    But as Ehsan said, new style which is going to be revealed soon is much better and secure and will be useful platform. Catch you guys there.

    Wish all my co-bloggers a “Happy New Year”

  6. am_metramisettisrinivasa yes, here weather is very uncertain. Its very hard to depict what would happen (sunshine? rain? snow?) in the next 1 hr.

    however I like our monsoons very much. especially NEM.

  7. ramisettisrinivasa am_met You too. You are fortunate to live in an area where weather is constantly interesting with wet systems throughout the year. However we are constrained by monsoonal bursts. Still no regrets – this is the best country to live.

  8. ramisettisrinivasa am_met If thats the case I will log back at that time. But I dont want to logon and figure out why NEM is failing every single time. After a certain point analysis of dry weather gets boring.

  9. am_metramisettisrinivasa no, Jan-14 first week some rain is in store for S, SE, C TN due to favorable MJO & SOI (+ 0.7 at present) co-ordination.

  10. ramisettisrinivasa am_met I am not sure. Anyways I know your id now – so I will find a way to keep in touch with you offline even if I dont come to the new platform as often as I can. In any case weather is now more straightforward till June so my interest would wane as well.

  11. am_metramisettisrinivasa thanks and wish you the same. We will meet again in the new platform. My doubt is that our kea friends would maintain the same name? or keep different name on new platform?

  12. ramisettisrinivasa Was great to exchange views with you on various climate, weather related matters.  Wish you the best in life.

  13. Hello friends!

    “Wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year-2014″. Hope 2014 would be a good year in terms of rainfall and crops.

  14. hi guys

                  blog members wish you a happy new year . letswelcome 2014 and 

                     already 50% Nem is over for us another 30 % left for us . Lets hope 

                     for rain in chennai .

  15. am_met pypkmsrikanth What to do am_met, I have to do some work for living otherwise my wife would throw me out of home.  Work travel and some personal travel meant I could not be active in the forum

  16. Feeling very sorry for WordPress..it is living its last moments..everybody has abandoned it now itself ! :-( All bcoz of Kea :angry:

  17. gopal666 BN Not surprised to know of GFS  showing current disturbance sinking into SL.

    Points to consider why it did
    1) Whoever of  a disturbance intensifying over land ? This current disturbance spent considerable time interacting with the topographical features of Indonesia. One can guess there were convective bursts into the land at that time
    2) Presence of coupled vortices- From the beginning the system had coupled vortices over the northern and southern hemisphere. Such systems tend to move slowly and must adjust to each other’s presence over several thousand kilometers.. Looking at the upper level divergence map and lower level convergence map showed a system distributed across the equator.

    3) Absence of  any MJO boost – I think most people underestimate the presence of a significant MJO signal in a easterly wave  genesis. MJO signals do not travel east to west but instead west to east. If the MJO signal were to be present at the time of the genesis then MJO convective bands could have contributed to the convective bands of the system. Currently MJO is well on its way towards the west pacific.

  18. Dear Bloggers,
    Sorry to keep you waiting with suspense regarding the future of WordPress KeaWeather blog. It is true that we will be shutting down this blog from midnight. Of course old posts will always be available for reference and research.

    We are moving to a very exciting platform from tonight. Our tech team have been very actively testing it for the past couple of months and final touches are going on. All details regarding registration, mobile application etc will be posted at 10 pm tonight.

    Thank you and a very Happy New Year from all the moderators of this blog.

  19. Breaking News from KeaLeaks!!!
    Leaked reports have emerged from reliable sources that Kea & his secret team are planning aggressively on some new platform apart from the Weather report channel. It looks like one has to pass rigorous verification processes to get registered as a member of that group. Some of them include submission of personal details like contact numbers, OTP, scanned photograph, proofs for address, age and photo, fingerprint and retina,
    occupation details with proofs, etc. This may evoke mixed response from the followers of the old blog but it seems Kea Team is ready to face them and stubborn in going ahead with the plan.

  20. My Dear Bloggers,

    the moment has arrived to say goodbye, which is never easy, especially
    when you all been part of the KEA family. It
    has been a fantastic journey and a great learning experience where I
    have enjoyed every moment and I appreciate having had the opportunity in KEA Blog to
    share our knowledge with each of you with whom I have interacted in this blog.
    My Sincere
    thanks to all ADMINS & MODERATORS, and KEA Bloggers for their support and guidance to
    excel in updating my knowledge in weather. 
    I am also very thankful to the Blog members who were always there to guide me towards the knowledge enrich process with whom I have spent the wonderful moments, that would last a

    Even though I will miss you all, I
    wish you all the very best in life. 
    I am reachable at my personal email
    and Contact number available in my profile.
    was a pleasure knowing each and every one of you are interested in weather. 
    In case I have intentionally or unintentionally hurt any one, please forgive me. 
    Needless to say, please
    stay in touch.Thanks & Best Regards,
    S. Velayudham

  21. KeaWeathers_velayudham 
    Dear KEA,
    Ur plan for Start Kea Weather Channel from tomorrow onwards….
    But u have think about me and other bloggers, how can we participate and share our views.
    I am totally upset of your decision….
    V r just the bloggers, ok whatever u want u can do it.

  22. Today is the Last Day in this Blog.

    Lets Enjoy ourselves and share our thoughts regarding weather…..

    From tomorrow, we may or may not be meeting here in this blog, so lets share ur thoughts.

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year

    S. Velayudham

  23. Good Morning All.
    Interesting discussions between am _ met and RSS.
    GFS shows the current disturbance in the North IO sinking into Srilanka with no impact on us.But they show a decent disturbance between 13th to 15th close to us.Anyway thats a long term forecast and things will change n times.
    Hope the shift to a new and a better blogsite brings a bountiful in 2014 and lets get greedy and look forward to a record breaking Jan 2014.
    Wish all the Bloggers and their families and Friends, a rainfilled 2014!

  24. am_metramisettisrinivasa actually WD would complete its total journey within 2-3 days. But the present one I am seeing at the same place for last 3days. and expecting to stay next 2-3 days?

    For this reason I am saying this is differing from regular WD.

  25. ramisettisrinivasa am_met There was an incoming western disturbance which we talked about few days ago. I showed you the vorticity map. Then yesterday some convection came from the Arabian sea and mixed with this disturbance. As a result its quite a well developed system if you look at the upper level divergence. Plus the shear is almost non existent which is remarkable for this time of year.

  26. am_met don’t u think the present winter system of N.India generated locally there only. It was almost stable for the past 3-4 days and expecting during next 2-3 days. This is quite contrary to regular WD.

  27. 2013 ended with
    109cm rainfall in nungambakkam and its 31cm deficit of normal 140cm.
    Meenambakkam received 125cm and its 13cm deficit of normal 138cm.
    Nagapattinam,karaikal,pondy,cuddalore all ended with

  28. Novak Nole. Anna Nagar West. Madras. pypkmsrikanth Have your teeth chatter when you keep on uttering this saying – how much chill can a windchill chill if a windchill can chill chill ?

  29. Novak Nole. Anna Nagar West. Madras. am_met pypkmsrikanth Well wonder what you would say to living in Colorado where I was once. -20 C without the windchill. With the windchill a very pleasant – 40 C.

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