179 thoughts on “NEM rains have ended

  1. once the west Australian cyclone reaches the coast, SE BOB would throw-up a good system. 
    this system would give good amount of rainfall for TN.

  2. Funny people are already celebrating when reality is quite the opposite. 

    The centers of  upper level divergence and lower level convergence are showing system has shifted east than west. Now maybe the prevailing upper level easterlies will push the system west. Right now its not the case. 
    The system is currently in a high shear zone. That could explain it.


  3. iam reached 2000 comments with good news————–
    very cool outside with sun . forca predicts good rain for nagai————–http://www.foreca.com/India/State_of_Tamil_Nadu/Nagappattinam——————–http://www.weatherzone.com.au/models/?lt=wzireg&lc=asia&mt=gfs&mc=mslp&mso=0&mh=168&focus=mh

  4. Good morning friends, Had been to Rameswaram. It is windy there. clouds formation occuring everyday but did not rain. The NEM has disappointed there too! Let us hope the trough in BOB brings rains and cheers too!

  5. Good evening to all.
    Any one say
    in which site i can search
    dindugal,theni,sivaganga place temperature readings.

  6. What will be interesting to monitor is whether the twin vortices will continue to be symmetric till the time the northern one makes landfall.
    If they do these waves have a special name.

    Thank u paul.
    The profile picture is
    Dec 31,2011 which hited pondy and cuddalore at 140km/hr that is THANE CYCLONE radar image.

  8. Dont worry, all high performers are not top rank holders. Our exams are just testing our memory skills, and not our inteligence.

  9. paul abraham 
    I did everything well :D  what about you? anyways, lets stop with this question as sailu sir might delete our comments :S

  10. Hi Paul Abraham, hope you did well in your exams. Is that the image of Thane in your profile photo? Or else which system is that?

  11. good news is rain may start from 2nd January for Chennai but rain is less more impact will be for Srilanka and south Tamilnadu so lets hope for best and advance happy and wet 2014 lets welcome with bang

  12. The original disturbance from where it came from its hard to say but however this particular disturbance came from northern russia. You should see the chart for Europe for that chart and then compare it with the Asian one and confirm the path of the disturbance.

  13. Vandachu..Vandachu..
    My 400th post with a Bang !!!
    Build-up message as of now:
    Humidity is increasing..Wind speed is increasing..Northern bands of Na-Nauk to give 2 to 5 cms for Chennai next weekend!!!

  14. Wow one more Depression / Cyclone on the cards? We can soon see the blog go hyper mode.
    GFS – http://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/gfs/2013122800/gfs_mslp_pcpn_ind_44.png 

    NavyGem – http://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/navgem/2013122800/navgem_mslp_pcpn_ind_21.png
    Sri Lanka / Ramanathapuram

    CMC – http://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/gem/2013122800/gem_mslp_pcpn_ind_23.png
    Sri Lanka / Kanyakumari

  15. am_metramisettisrinivasa I don’t think WD compulsory feeded directly from the ocean. It may survive from indirect upper level westerly flow of moisture.

  16. ramisettisrinivasa Actually this map is not complete. Kazakhstan is land locked . There is no water body here. So the disturbance must have come higher latitude. Either something in Russian sea or Artic sea. Its just spreading down the latitudes.

  17. am_metramisettisrinivasa yes u r right. its originated from the Kazakhstan side. At the same time a depression crossing at nagapatnam on 3rd January (can be seen from the same maps)

  18. ramisettisrinivasa am_met No but look at the 500 hpa geopotential chart / potential vorticity chart for past few days and you will see anomalies over those latitudes.

  19. ramisettisrinivasa am_met I understood that part but I dont think particular WD originated from northern Atlantic ocean. This one came from Russia or whatever that water body above Russia.

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