284 thoughts on “New year system may skip Chennai

  1. Good morning to all.
    Kea metsite not working for 5 days and also same topic for 5 days with only 220 comments.
    Pls fix the kea metsite because of this problem i can’t able to know about chennai sky and temperature from karaikal.

  2. Pathetic to see the blog in deep hibernation. For the second consecutive year, NEM has back stabbed TN and especially chennai . Hope the upcoming new year gives unexpected rains in april and may to quench our thirst. 

    I should say, I dont have the feel of having experienced  rainy season at all.  How many of you share this feeling.

  3. Ice storm leaves half a million without power this Christmas in US and Canada

    Repair crews worked around the clock to restore power to nearly half a million customers who faced a cold and dark Christmas in parts of the central and northeastern http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/United-States and into eastern http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/Canada after a weekend http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/ice-storm. At least 24 deaths have been linked to the storm.


  4. SOS 54 years ago warned about vanishing glaciers
    TORONTO: At a time when glaciers are melting at an alarming pace, an SOS buried in a bottle 54 years ago in the Canadian Arctic, and unearthed now, sent a distress signal about the world’s rapidly disappearing glaciers. 

    more on this at  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/environment/global-warming/SOS-54-years-ago-warned-about-vanishing-glaciers/articleshow/27912295.cms

  5. am_metShrinivas @VelacherySad.. The ever so vibrant Keaweather blog is silent.. Shows how our NEM despite being alive still is in hibernate mode.. :(

  6. Shrinivas @Velachery am_met A tropical disturbance did form in the BoB 2 days ago but on exactly that day MJO signal went back to being inactive. So whatever meagre interest is there its all dried up.

  7. am_metShrinivas @VelacherySad, yet true.. Just saw the Sat Image, there is a train like clouding near SL. Bad luck for us, not even a compartment for us..

  8. Shrinivas @Velachery Atmosphere is not very interesting right now. So when it does become interesting – enthusiasm will be back.

  9. originaldashman  hey ODM… Bigger things coming up so not been able to work on this… But why don’t you do it! we can put it up as a nice article.. :)  Susa might have some radar images for reference

  10. Northeast monsoon rain in South India has remained weak till now and is expected to fall short in almost all the regions, except coastal Andhra Pradesh where it has been in excess of 41%. Rayalaseema, south interior Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry are running short by 23%, 37% and 29% respectively, from the period 1st October till 18th December. Kerala has witnessed normal northeast monsoon rain during the period.

  11. Any 1 say how chennai climate as of now.
    Here in nagapattinam
    no clouds at all only 20% small cumulus clouds are there and its pretty hot sun here.
    How chennai weather is there clouds situated largely.

  12. @keaweather The KeaWeatherLive widget is not working since Sunday,, Please try to fix it.. It is showing the same reading for the last 48 hours..

  13. Excellent paper. Is the aerosol output from chennai and bangalore significant enough to change local rainfall patterns? For example bangalore city gets more rains than the old airport.

  14. Selvanfun ramisettisrinivasa Agreed that mjo impact on tropics is widely accepted but not mid latitude and extra tropics. So its a research topic yes ? It needs to be studied further.

  15. ramisettisrinivasa i think u hav mistook my point… u said mjo phase 2 would give some sporadic showers from equator to maharashtra…. tat  is not possible ..so i said like tat.. mjo path and convection will be concentrated only along the equator,tropics of 5 degree on either side ….. only wen the system forms from the trough ,it moves above tropicsso ,convection will expand till mid lat… and moreover mjo impact on tropics is widely accepted but not with mid lat ,extra tropics..

  16. ther is an area of disturbed weather on the itcz axis, just s-s.east of lanka …  ther is no big circulation seen yet…ther is no strong low level equ flow to bind it in southern periphery.. sat image looks promising with consistent storm formation..  http://manati.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/oscat_images/cur_golf/zooms/WMBds209.png  lets wait n watch   http://www.imd.gov.in/section/satmet/img/sector-vis.jpg

  17. SenthilkumarP_Adm Population is growing exponentially beyond what mother earth can recharge herself with through rains. For the long term sustainablity of the population and urban areas we need to get into rainwater harvesting on war footing.  It is the only way to prevent our earth go parch dry soon.  
    What people don’t understand is the various lakes & waterbodies were natural aquifiers, with real estate pressure all have vanished in most cities.  We need to create artificial aquifiers through rainwater harvesting.

  18. shajaya-madip/ekkad Papanasam RG must be at the dam site.  Amazing place with greenery all around.  Had stayed for a couple of days at the Singampatti Zameen’s palace a couple of years back

  19. Just now came back from Ambasamudaram. Was expecting a good rainfall in and around ambai during last few days as papanasam was topping the lists. (which is hardly 5 – 6 kms away from our house). But surprised to hear that the town areas did not receive good rainfalls and only forest areas of papanasam was battered. (where the RG is located). Importance of having green around each house…

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