106 thoughts on “KeaWeather featured in this week’s Kungumam magazine.

  1. Thanks for all the wishes bloggers, but please note that it is a collective recognition for the blog rather than a few individuals who were named in the magazine.  As I always say when we are more  visible and recognized the more responsibility is kept on our shoulders.  The only way we can do justice to this responsibility is to become more qualitative in our contributions to the blog.  
    In this blog all of us are equally responsible for the success of the blog and similarly all of us equally share the responsibility that comes with the laurels & public spotlight so lets take the opportunity to increase the height of the bar even higher so that we aim to become “The Weather Blog” in the days to come for this part of the country.

  2. pypkmsrikanth Sri, I have already conveyed my congrats to KEA and the team. Again I wish the team higher heights!! One thing I wish to mention, you all seniors have created awareness, knowledge on various factors of weather and enthusiasm among bloggers, which nobody will deny. Till before joining this group, I failed to understand why rains are failing though clouds formed. Now fair amount of knowledge was gained, credit is due for this team only!! Thanx and keep it up.

  3. has anyone estimated the amount of precipitation Chennai receives because of dew formation. Even it is equivalent to only 0.5mm a day it adds up.

  4. It was not expected to impact us anyway, models show some easterly coming in towards the month end but we will have to wait and see what sort of impact It would have for Chennai.

  5. Good morning to all.
    Lets all hope for rain in chennai.
    Maduranthagam getting some light rain.some blud dots seen at radar near MDK.

  6. Muyarchi thiruvinaiakkum…kea vela sir matrum srikanthku ulam kanintha paaratukkal.
    I congatulate all the bloggers who made this happen and i wish we continue in future.
    pj,dash,selva,jon,ramsetti,gopal,rajesh …also deserve the same accolades.
    May god bless all.
    Happy to be a small part of this blog.i wish to be as a part always.

  7. Congratulations to all of them…even though i dont contribute to this forum by posting but always log onto the forum and get the knowledge….

  8. The upper air cyclonic circulation over SriLanka
    coast and neighborhood extending upto 1.5 Km above mean
    sea level would move westward and become less marked during next 48 hours.

  9. no rain for Chennai till month end dry days ahead bye to 2013 nem lets welcome summar and swm then nem—————————http://www.monsoondata.org/wx/prec.html

  10. —– The following post comes under Read-Enjoy-Delete category —–
    Phailin, Helen, Lehar, Madi
    Chennaites: Four Cyclones..not enough..wat to do..???
    (Boxing Cylone Na-nauk enters….)
    Chennaites: Oh..Okay…
    Chennaites: See..Justu for rains…!

  11. Report from Anna’s favourite weather forecasting group 😛
    Weather in South India will remain warm and completely dry. Rain has stopped to occur way before the end of the Northeast Monsoon season. As a result, Tamil Nadu will continue to reel under a rain deficit of over 80%. Forecast at Skymet show that South India may be dry for the entire week however, towards the weekend there are chances of light rain due to a flow of moist easterly winds from the sea.

  12. I wish Keaweather to be quoted in all the News sites for weather reports..with our current growth, im sure that day is not far away!

  13. A hospital in southwest China has opened what could be the smog—hit country’s
    first special clinic for patients suffering with symptoms related to

    More than 100 patients with sore throats, runny noses and coughs
    have been guided to the smog clinic since its establishment on December 9 at the
    No. 7 People’s Hospital of Chengdu City, the provincial capital of Sichuan

  14. A hospital in southwest China has opened what could be the smog—hit country’s
    first special clinic for patients suffering with symptoms related to

    More than 100 patients with sore throats, runny noses and coughs
    have been guided to the smog clinic since its establishment on December 9 at the
    No. 7 People’s Hospital of Chengdu City, the provincial capital of Sichuan

  15. originaldashmanvery difficult. Our bloggers should be double sure what they give to press. Once you get the trust that kea weather bloggers are trustworthy. They will quote automatically.

  16. Idea! posted on Kea Connect
    “How about organizing Kea Marathon 2014??? 🙂 A Run by Kea Bloggers from Kea’s house till IMD Nunga spreading the awareness about RWH and environmental protection..”

  17. originaldashmanI am part of a team with like minded people who spend most of our weekends planting and maintaining trees in and around Chennai. If you are serious about this Marathon, I can get you any support from my team. We have helped out in major marathon events in Chennai including the recent Wipro Marathon and will be present for the Dawn to Dusk in IIT this Jan.

  18. Thanks for your offer! Kea has to decide and im sure he will seek your help. It is a long term plan and requires lot of planning..before that we need to grow bigger in terms of size and popularity.

  19. Congrats to KEA and the team. It is a very entertaining, educative and sometimes emotional blog.
    If this blog can be harnessed by small time farmers and individuals who grow cash crops the true potential would be realised.
    BTW, i would not like to see any weather chnage in chennai till Jan end. The low humidity, light winds and seasonal low temps are immensely enjoyable.
    Let it rain in Feb/March/April/May and reduce the temp and provide water to the folks of chennai and TN.

  20. Sri, sorry for a delayed response. During office hours, though I follow the blog, will not reply, not because of any ethics but out of fear that the web site may be blocked by our system admn. The winds are absent today. Also the early morning chillness has come down from yesterday. Chance of any revival of nem?

  21. Kalyan_nanganallur You are right Kalyan if you see the Kea Metsite today’s min temp is lesser by about 1 degree compared to yesterday.  I feel there could be a revival of NEM towards the last week , but whether Chennai would get majorly benefitted or South TN would get benefitted we will have to wait and see.

  22. s_velayudham Vela both the systems would not benefit us unfortunately.  93 would move SW and may be dissipate after sometime while 94 is a southern hemisphere invest which will move in W direction south of equator

  23. Cyclone Bruce and Cyclone Amara are expected to be about 1300 kms away going by JTWC tracks.  It would be a very interesting case to monitor the actual track of both of these cyclones to see if Fujiwara effect takes place and which one of the two becomes the stronger and pushes the other to take a different path.

  24. pypkmsrikanth Kalyan_nanganallur Yes, going by the past records. Even the cyclone that hit Rameswaram in 1964 almost formed around 10N and virtualy travelled west and hit Thalaimannar of SL and then RMM – almost a horizontal travel. By the way a mass is developing at 8N / 81E. Hope this wil bring us some cheers!!

  25. Nandambakkam(south chennai) chennai receives so far 162 cms rain  so far from JAN 1 2013 TO DECEMBER 18 2013 JANUARY -0,FEB -45, MARCH -10,APRIL -12,MAY 20,JUNE-155 ,JULY-185,AUG -225,SEP -315, OCT-300, NOV – 245, DEC 105

  26. hariprasadhere_alwarpet
    read your marathon comment..this is good news..so we have a marathon organiser in our midst..can we continue in the Kea connect blog?

  27. Tokyo and the Kanto plain continue to see light showers throughout the day on Thursday while the higher elevations continue to pile up with yet more snowfall in central and northern Japan.

  28. For Japan the storm system will continue to intensify and bring wings up to 129kph and 7m high waves along coastal areas of the SOJ in to Friday morning. (That is the equivalent of winds in a weak typhoon) Thunderstorms, damaging winds and even Torandoes are possible with this low as it moves across northern Japan and by Friday night east of Hokkaido
    Courtesy: western pacific weather

  29. @Sri..Thatz the job Kea has assigned me secretly during dull days in Kea weather blog..had to confess it now.. 😀
    i have been asking everybody to concentrate on Connect blog since its birth..np..naa paathukuren..

  30. mary211271  http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/real-time/windmain.php?&basin=indian&sat=wm5&prod=dvg&zoom=&time=

    I think URL is better at telling what that system is capable of. It does appear as if that system has strong areas of divergence (20). However I dont think this system will affect us i.e. Chennai. Southern TN and Sri Lanka likely beneficiaries.

  31. mary211271 this is only upper level winds. The system is not influenced by upper level winds. so it wont move up.

  32. Pradeep John – Anna Nagar Westmary211271Sir, yesterday and mostly today the climate here is heavily clouded, symptoms rainy, we here see chances for rain.

  33. Been pondering since yesterday afternoon as to why the blog comments have almost come to a grinding halt..The ongoing (NEM Never ending misery) has literally drained all our energies and has left a deep scar in the minds of the majority of the bloggers. Still we are living on hope as some murmurs of a Boxing day system to help us out. We have already taken lot of  jabs,  left hook,  right hook from the systems which formed near  and by passed us. If the said Boxing day system  doesn’t happen, it would be the final knock out punch that would floor us to the mat..

    Meanwhile,  it pretty clear that something should be happening near our coast to ignite our passion to hit the blog..Else the distance is always maintained.

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