349 thoughts on “Water scarcity looms as NEM is on it’s way out

  1. Good news to all.
    In jaya plus news IMD sayr in next 24 hours tamilnadu wil get rain due to ‘KATRIN POKKU SATHAGAMAA IRUPATHALUM’ and ‘VALI MANDALA SULARCHI’.
    And also says chennai wil get passing showers.

  2. maisuhcommon i just explained where to see the UAC. Ok i wont say anything further. If you are going to be stubborn.

  3. chenai nagai means not near the coast.  it is too far away.  south central means it woul dbe more than few hundreds of KMS.  too difficult to pick up UAC by seeing picture, there are some matrix involved in it, which IMD can calculate and declare.  easterlies have to pick up in strength if at all we get rains.

  4. shiv_metmaisuhshiv met. SS has not understood the concept of UAC. There is no UAC near chennai to nagai strech

  5. maisuhAiyoo. It will be visible in 700 hpa charts. If its is extending up to 3.6 kms. It will visible in 500 hpa levels if it is over that.

    Please dont ever tell its not visible.

  6. maisuh But dont you think. there is still a lof dry air from chennai to nagai strech. that will not change unless we get some strong easterlies

  7. UAC never visible in any pictures.  Only satellite points can be studied and derived.  south central bay means nearby TN coast only.   South west means Actaul TN Coast & lanka coast.  See the IMD map.

  8. maisuhbut where is the circulation in TN coast- Nagai-chennai stretch.
    There is no circulation in this stretch.

  9. Both wind shear and SST are favourable.  but let it reaches mean sea level to call as LPA.  but some times even UAC would spread and bring quite a few heavy spells of rain.  some times these system itself fetch not less than 10 centimeters of rian within one hour.  Even chennai has received more than 10 centimeters due to thsi.  Fortunately there is no wind from RAYALSEEMA.  so chances are bright.

  10. IMD reports UAC over central parts of south bay of bengal which means it is just east of TN coast- Nagai-chennai stretch.  IMD keeping silent on this, and they do not want to say any thing now. Probably this would be upgraded as LOW by tomorrow.  Going by the sunny day throughout, chances are bright.  No dry air is also present as we could experience north easterly winds.

  11. paul abrahamIts not due to UAC. UAC are mid level winds in this case. How can the msl get impacted because of that. If thats the case, then it will be called as LPA

  12. @ COOLGUY16. Yes there was some clouds seen over all south tamilnadu coast and also some white dots near trichy.ok
    anyhave lets hope for rain.

  13. @paul abraham. I think that particular energy is situated near perambalur,trichy.
    Even villupuram,ulundurpet is clear but near perambalur and trichy having cloudy weather with hot and the clouds was like thick and NEM clouds.

  14. @coolguy
    there was no clouds seen in sat image near tamilnadu.near kanyakumari some clouds situated that i know.
    But one doubt is in sat image there was clear in trichy also but how trichy is having the cloudy and chennai is clear thats the question.

  15. Any one say
    why there is no cumulus clouds in chennai what is the reason.
    My friend now going to thoothukudi and he says lot of thick and large cumulus clouds are there after ulundurpet that is in perambalur,trichy.
    Why its not in chennai.

  16. Kalyan_nanganallurPradeep John – Anna Nagar WestKeaWeatherbecause its based on GFS. Cola is also based on GFS.

  17. Pradeep John – Anna Nagar West Kalyan_nanganallur KeaWeather Sure. But Accu changes its forecast very often and its reliability quotient is very poor, as I have observed.

  18. Pradeep John – Anna Nagar West Kalyan_nanganallur KeaWeather Sorry PJ! Then it is interpretational mistake I hope.Thanx

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