419 thoughts on “Madi disappoints Chennai with only wind and no rain

  1. ☼ sailudavey – Kellys sunspot13 

    Was my post exactly matched with the point I posted down below word by word?. So this blog doesnt allow somebody to elaborate their point. That post was a reply to a person. But the comment I posted here is for all.

  2. Does anyone know puyal Ramachandran? He predicts about rain, cyclone, earthquakes etc., and he claims he can for 300 years forward. I heard him speak once on BIG FM. But couldn’t spend much time listening to his predictions.

  3. hi folks………what if Madi comes back again thru arabian sea to Indian ocean and bay of bengal????? will that happen? any chance?

  4. I went through all the post on a lean day for this blog today.
    First the broken records prediction of 150 cm rain for the year went Kaput after Madi folded quickly like indian cricket team in a foreign soil.
    This blog should be pan indian as weather is a universal subject.
    Chennai had rains during christmas in 1983 and during the Pongal days in 1981 .
    This failure of rains should highlight the benfit of rainwater harvesting and need for open spaces and planting of more trees which is everyone’s responsibility.

  5. am_met ☼ sailudavey – Kellys 
    In my opinion, kea weather chennai blog should be maintained the same way as it is. Think global, talk about local issues. If this blog becomes pan india blog, it may lose its identity.

  6. am_met ☼ sailudavey – Kellys 
    I think no body made insulting comments to mitan. It is your imagination i think.They only asked him why his comments are always negative compared to hopeful or positive comments by other bloggers. He should not have got insulted by that.

  7. Dash, karachi metro has his own blog there… If a small area of convection sustains in arb sea for 2 days, he wil say its going to b a super cyclone crossing pakistan karachi coast… Blindly go wit models picture.. Totally a funny guy.

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