Is this the end of NEM?

Some light showers are possible tomorrow as the system is.expected to make landfall. Other than that nothing more is expected. Sadly this could well be the end of NEM rains for us.

597 thoughts on “Is this the end of NEM?

  1. Sud T.nagar It has been the feature of this NEM we chennaites are made to look at the sky for rain – while other centers are being battered

  2. . Itwould move west-southwestwards and cross Tamil Nadu coast close to Vedaranyamwithin a few hours. It would emerge into the Palk Strait and move west-southwestwards and cross again Tamil Nadu coast between Atiramapattinam andPamban close to Tondi by midnight of today/early morning of tomorrow

  3. Atleast this Madi should have wetted chennai fully for all the efforts beloved fellow bloggers put. FInally our words have gone to deaf ears.

  4. The system has dissipated and moved to arabian sea I think. Now some body may say chennai will get rains due to pull effect from arabian sea.

  5. Rainfall Data upto 6:30pm (AWS/ARG Data)
    CHEYYUR – 103mm
    MAILAM – 49mm
    NEYYOOR – 45mm
    PUDUCHERRY – 24mm
    CHIDAMBARAM – 14mm
    NAGARCOIL – 12mm
    TIRUCHENDUR – 12mm
    KANCHIPURAM – 11mm
    NEYVELI – 10mm
    KOLLIDAM – 9mm
    KARAIKAL – 8mm
    KUDAVASAL – 7mm
    PECHIPARAI – 6mm
    MANALMEDU – 6mm
    ORATHANADU – 5mm
    ARIYALUR – 5mm

  6. Even southern Kerala has started seeing heavy rains.

    Bad luck that the rain bands haven’t reached Chennai.

    It wad pouring in Pondi a while back, the heaviest of the rain for today.

  7. Lot of us took great expectations from the forecasts available with us wothout understanding what nature is destined to give. My sincere thought is that instead of creating any big hype lets keep low of a low ro cross chennai. Expectations is the mother of disappointments.

  8. looks like west coast has only one radar in mumbai.. but east coast has one every 300km from madras to calcutta.. any reason behind this..

  9. @deena chennai so chennai is unlucky to be in btween andhra and tamilnadu……bcoz many depressions heading straight 2us will move to andhra and some wml presure area is moving to delta districts…..

  10. shiva bolt

  11. sir i have a doubt why the districts situated below chennai are receving more rains pondi karaikal cudalore nagapattinam and even kanyakumari are receiving more rains. ….Bt nt chennai ….is there any reasons behind it…

  12. All of them disappointment most of the tamilnadu under rain from chennai to chengalpet belt not receiving rains from mahabalipuram to pondicherry get heavy rain and cheyyar interior getting heavy rains tonight for cuddalore to vedarniyam going to battered

  13. What a Great
    Nellore to Vizag got received good rain in SW and NEM
    Evem Kanyakumari to Mahabalipuram received good rain in NEM
    Chennai will get only Bulb

  14. Sub: Depression over southwest Bay of Bengal
    Latest Satellite imagery and coastal & RADAR observations indicate that the well 
    marked low pressure area lay as a Depression at 1430 hrs IST of today, the 12th December 
    2013 over southwest Bay of Bengal near lat. 10.7°N and long. 80.7°E, about 90 km east of 
    Nagapattinam. It would move west-southwestwards and cross Tamil Nadu coast between 
    Vedaranniyam and Pamban by midnight of today or tomorrow morning. 
    Under the influence of this system, rainfall would occur at many places over 
    Tamil Nadu & Puducherry with isolated heavy falls during next 48 hrs. 
    Squally wind speed reaching 45-55 kmph gusting to 65 kmph would prevail along 
    and off Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coasts during next 24 hrs.
    Fishermen along and off Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coasts are advised not to 
    venture into sea during next 24 hrs.
     Next bulletin will be issued at 2030 h

  15. mahabalipuram to to cuddalore now good rain today night heavy rain for nagai district and interior northern belts received heavy rain

  16. Rain rate is increasing in Edaikazhinadu :)

    Edaikazhinadu is a place which look like a mini Kerala, covered with lots of trees. I think these clouds are moved there to kiss those trees.

  17. Jupijove@Valasaravakkam Disagree. All long term mjo forecast point to a incoherent mjo signal. Only GFS predicts a east ward propagation. However your optimism is to be admired !

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