597 thoughts on “Is this the end of NEM?

  1. Some light showers are possible tomorrow as the system is.expected to make landfall. Other than that nothing more is expected. Sadly this could well be the end of NEM rains for us.

  2. It could not have been a more depressing topic than this – we hope and pray – we have some good spell at least tonite – as it is usual with nem rains.

  3. ☼ sailudavey – Kellys But i think it will b only 1 day max.. Madi may dissipate by friday morning after making landfall!!

  4. Guys let us accept this bitter truth that NEM has not ended because actually it never started first of all. All we got this monsoon was some rains here and there. Let us forget this poor NEM and analyse deeply why god gave this utter disappointment to TN residents who are god fearing and good guests for other regional people. ( Vandaarai vazha vaikkum thamilagam). 

    Let us see how andhra gives krishna water to chennai in this terrible condition when their house itself is on fire. Krishna water is the only hope left for us and other one is  brimming veeranam tank in cuddalore district

  5. After this System Land Fall, immediately Easterlies & Pull Effect will gives u Rain No Need to Worry.

    Once KEA post the Negative Topic, Immediately, we will get rain….

    So everyone be happy……….

  6. sunspot13 Yea people say panchangam wen wrong actually it did not , Just look at the number of systems in the BOB this year ! 🙂 The predicition by our ancestors is right ! But the systems have gone mad and screwed up ! 😦

  7. Kudos to IMD and other models for predicting this system properly at least in the second half  and almost accurately. I think our cyclone warning system is in safe hands.

  8. no feeling ma just relax madi illana …. next or madi will  go down all the to srilanka and will reborn and the story cont

  9. Ganesh ArshavinWhat i am not able to comprehend is that this fire ball with loads of water – is dissipating and even getting charged and discharging in bob rather than on the land.

  10. tuboli Ganesh Arshavin No No boss that was yesterday ! 🙂 It got destroyed …NOw its regenerating ! 🙂 This fire ball is here to land ! 🙂

  11. tuboli Ganesh Arshavin
    tuboli, how many times system will give rain only to land. At least this one is  giving rains to BOB. Let us support BOB at the expense of Tamil nadu.

  12. Ganesh Arshavin s_velayudham
    According to IMD., this system will not make land fall. That means it will never touch land. It will dissipate in sea itself.

  13. sunspot13 Ganesh Arshavin s_velayudham Really ?? I dont think they predicted that ! Their co-ordinates were over land tooo ! 🙂

  14. tuboli Thambi/annae!! Its re-intensifying.. were is the que of dissipating.. may b it will dissipate after landfall..

  15. Ganesh ArshavinI do not have a link but based on the below discussion what am able to make out – i am still a novice unlike most of you who are really experts. Just a thought.

  16. sunspot13 Ganesh Arshavin s_velayudham Well JWTC expects it to cross as D ! So lets wait ! 🙂 As of now the system is intensifying if you notice , So IMD may be proved wrong now itself ! 🙂

  17. Ganesh Arshavin sunspot13 s_velayudham
    funny thing, chennai is not the beneficiary of rains in the region to be affected. That is tragic.

  18. Raghavendra_k-Madipakkam tuboli Yea as of now its intensifying so the question of Dissipating is not there as of now ! 🙂

  19. sunspot13 Ganesh Arshavin s_velayudham We ll wait ! 🙂 If it intensifies it can move more  WEST ! 🙂 And Expected LF is pondi as now right ??

  20. Ganesh Arshavin sunspot13 s_velayudham
    This system if at all gives rains, the credit should go to ur untiring efforts , rame and suraj.

  21. People ,IMD , Experts say MADI will dissipate over sea … 
    If u ask me it will be a huge no ! This will definitely make LF As a LF
    Just have to salute the determination of MADI
    Stayed in the sea for More than 10 days ! 🙂
    Got Destroyed … Now again its growing back again ! 🙂



    just wait and watch the amount of rain we are gonna get from this ! 🙂

  22. sunspot13 Ganesh Arshavin s_velayudham I still believe this will give us rains ! 🙂 Believe in the balancing act of nature ! 🙂

  23. An easterly wave is expected to follow right behind this degraded Cyclone… its expected to reach central, S-E Tamilnadu coast on Saturday

    -Indian weatherman

  24. s_velayudham I think both r gona happen at the same time.. will it pave way 4 a new system is the million dollar que..

  25. Vela, this is south west moved, whereas 30w crossed near Nagai was north west moved system, which gave Chennai good rains due to the pull effect. Technically whether pull effect will be the same?

  26. GajendraKumar_T.Nagar good point.. even i had this doubt.. 30w was towards chennai.. this 1 is away from chennai.. will both b the same??

  27. Raghavendra_k-Madipakkam sunspot13

    From 13.10, it has come to 13.10 and from 82.70 to 82.64. That shows North west movement isnt it

  28. Normally if any system situates over south tends to produce good rains thru north bands.  On the same pattern, we can expect good showers once the system moves little bit south at 12 .5 latitude.  in the meanwhile the south west bay is bit warm and it develops convection.  this is not an end of monsoon season. we will have few good rains spell, as officially still 20 days to go for the season.

  29. The Scene type is CRVBND so its looking like it will be weakening ! 🙂 It will gain strength soon 
    DOnt worry gguys !
    This was told buy a reputed expert ! 🙂

  30. Guys- Today is Mahakvai Subramania Bharathiyar’s Birth Anniversary..Ive just attached a link of a song penned by the Mahakavi to echo our (Bloggers) feelings over Phailin, Helen, Lehar and of course the on going Madi.. disappointing the state of TN.

  31. Cyclone Madi loses steam rapidly to wind down as depressionhttp://www.thehindubusinessline.com/industry-and-economy/agri-biz/cyclone-madi-loses-steam-rapidly-to-wind-down-as-depression/article5448451.ece?utm_source=happy&utm_medium=diwali

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