879 thoughts on “Shifting track, weakened ‘Madi’ heads back to TN coast – The Hindu Business Line

  1. Minimum temperature in New Delhi yesterday was 9  Degree celcius and In our twin city of Bangalore , the minimum temperature touched 15 degree celcius. Even chennai meenambakkam touched 18 celcius before a day which is a lowest in two years in december.

  2. Selcyclone : I hope you can recollect that the past BJP govt. in Karnataka arranged for special poojas & prayers in all the temples all over the State, which was hugely criticized and lots of mockery was there. But at the end, what happened ? Karnataka had an overwhelming SWM & had abundant rainfall. Who are we to judge the Mother Nature ? Only our collective prayers & positive thoughts can do us some good.

  3. theshankaran, ambattur 
    I’m only Susa.. :-/ I don’t have mod rights, PJ Gopal and Srikanth have them along with Sailu and Kea

  4. The system is in better shape compared to this morning. How chennai will be benefited immensely is the question to be pondered over.

  5. shajaya-madip/ekkad Sud T.nagar 
    no system moves from southern siberia to TN :-/ Only the HPA which originates there triggers NEM

  6. Sud T.nagar nellaivel sunspot13
    But North eastern states have so many mountainous rivers to take care of the needs and the population is less there. So no major problem for them if rain is deficient. But Tamil nadu has to support 7 crore plus population plus daily increasing migrant population.

  7. nellaivel sunspot13 Sud T.nagar 
    Yes, TN doing very badly this NEM.. Have you forgetten all the north-eastern states of India vel? all of them doing terribly

  8. sunspot13 Sud T.nagar i think only two states are rain deficient in india one is J K and TN which has less rain than the national average

  9. Sud T.nagar sunspot13
    Susa, Andhra has two long rivers krishna, godavari, pennar river system compared to one karnataka plundered river called kaveri

  10. MeenSundaram Sud T.nagar sunspot13 
    lol.. andhra is the southern desert.. all places in coastal TN are wetter than ALL places in AP.

  11. If somebody can post the entire movement of the cyclone madi from its inception to its current location, it would be really fantastic. A system unwilling to produce rains to TN when it was near has been forced by Kea bloggers determination to come back and produce rains on southern desert of india known as Tamil nadu.

  12. The movement of the system seems to be excluding Chennai from any rain plans.The manner in which it is intensifying.Chid to Nagai will be pounded.The path will then take it thru Trichy..Tanjore into South Kerala.

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