879 thoughts on “Shifting track, weakened ‘Madi’ heads back to TN coast – The Hindu Business Line

  1. Taking up Salil Davey’s comment further  to logical conclusion – This NEM –  Its indeed a novel challenge. Unique from a national perspective. When the rest of the country is having winter like conditions some areas having freezing conditions – how do we keep our SST warm enough for more cyclones/dds/lpa/wml to develop ? Please think over carefully.

  2. am_met  the SST is not very affected by human habitat… at least not to a great extent.. But i may be wrong…

    Current NEM had lots of chances to be a repeat of 2005 with perfect conditions when it started..but possible systems forming in all sorts of lat and long decided to be unfavourable…now when chances of good systems are bleak and NEM nearing its end.. we pin our hopes on Madi.. :-/

  3. ☼ sailudavey – Kellys am_met Yes I am aware SST is not affected by human habitat. I was asking a hypothetical question- how does NEM sustain under these conditions ?

  4. N Indian Ocean: Storm Alert issued at 10 Dec, 2013 12:00 GMT
    Tropical Storm MADI (06B) currently located near 15.1 N 84.9 E is forecast to strike land to the following likelihood(s) at the given lead time(s):Green Alert Country(s) or Province(s)
            probability for TS is 40% in about 48 hours
    Green Alert City(s) and Town(s)
        Pondicherry (11.9 N, 79.8 E)
            probability for TS is 40% in about 72 hours
        Madras (13.1 N, 80.2 E)
            probability for TS is 35% in about 48 hours
        Nagappattinam (10.8 N, 79.8 E)
            probability for TS is 35% in about 48 hours
    Note that
        Green Alert (Low) is TS to between 31% and 50% probability.
        TS means Tropical Storm strength winds of at least 39 mph, 63 km/h or 34 knots 1-min sustained.

  5. surajsr – Kellys mary211271 so the clouds have started appearing  can see them in the radar…when will rains start the music?

  6. chennai_weather 
    it’s obviously fake.. see the organization of the echoes and cloud heights.. also see the sat image, no rain in the system itself

  7. Anomalous Propagation is abbreviated as AP. AP and false echoes are one of the biggest enemies of the radar
    meteorologist. Those without experience in radar meteorology are often “burned” by AP and false echoes. AP
    is a false reflectivity echo on radar (a reflectivity echo that is NOT precipitation, especially echoes produced
    by unusual rates of


  8. IMD predicted  cyclone movement of 15.4/85.0 on  11-12-2013/0530  AM whereas the at 8 PM today itself, the target is achieved.  The position at 8 PM is 15.01 -84.82. This shows is fast moving southwestward than predicted by IMD itself.

  9. System lost its shape and all rain bands are lost. But convection will start building tonight when system moves below 14N

  10. Guys a thick cloud cover is seen north east of chennai in the radar to the upcoming movement of the cyclone. We may get rains tonight or tomorrow.

  11. Ganesh Arshavin chennai_weather
    ninaippu thaan polaippa keduthu daam. If it comes, it is good. If it doesnt come with bang, our heads may hang with sadness.

  12. Because of the moisture in the air, it reflects light differently.
    especially if a storm is coming. The more orange, the worse the storm.

  13. arun0521-minambakkam Ganesh Arshavin
    The system is coming down because it could not sustain at that latitude and longitude due to HPA and dry air. So naturally it will weaken. But million dollar question, as it comes down will it pick up moisture from warmer sea due to good SST, and produce rains over chennai and TN. We have to wait and see or wait and yawn.

  14. chennai_weather The Farmer Metrology
    – 1.Thickly packed Stars like a road, which falls from North East to South West
    – Arakn
    ettari poduthal 2. A circular
    ring formation around the moon Nila kottai kattuthal 3.At the day
    break, the eastern horizon should be like a thick dark wall in an even height
    with a clear cutting upperline of the
    wall running from north east to southeast as such that without even a single
    ray of light could not be able to peep within the wall formation, such that the
    raising Sun rays should be seen above the wall and the line should be seen
    clearly defined, it should be like a black paint evenly drawn the greater the
    height of the wall it is the best, poluthu – kall kattuthal 4. Normally when the sheep fences is opened in
    the morning they rush out, in spite of it if the sheep’s form a circle putting
    heads together – like the spokes of a wheel for a few minutes, a longertime best, addu thali poututhal 5. The
    chameleon turning yellow in color standing skywards at the tip of the cactus
    upper stem looking skywards with its mouth wide open, pachchondhi munjal nerammaki
    kalli mara uchiyil vai therunthu vanam parthal 6.Minute circular wind
    movement – seen at tallest tree upper center tender branch leaves slowly moving
    in a circle, uchi mara kombu thalai assaithal 7.Hot sunshine, sutu erayim surian 8.At
    mid day a low feeble gentle wind sweeping the dry leaves gently getting swept
    away without arising dust in small circular movements, many such movements the
    best, vassal kuttum mathium. 9.Evening sun setting western sky
    turning bright orange red flame like, Poluthu erainthu veluthal
    1.Most important as – the “Thickly packed Stars like a road”
    IF THIS FALLS OPPOSITE that to south east to north west it is a definite monsoon failure.
    2.Signifies formation of low pressure area.
    3.Signifies sudden heavy spells- if 3 is strong for 2 days
    sowing could be done in dry land because it gives definite heavy rainfall
    within 24 hours.
    4. This is rare it signifies – Immediate rainfall within
    8.and 9. Signifies continues rains for 2 to 3 days.
    5.6.7. along together or singularly with any of the  parameters strengthens that aspect.

  15. It looks like a hot balloon landing on earth – with a big thud – lol madi – u have made fun of all the bloggers – here.

  16. It looks like a hot balloon landing on earth – with a big thud – lol madi – u have made fun of all the bloggers – here.

  17. chennai_weather there is a moisture spread around madi and it is reaching central tamilnadu.  it happens when a system dissipates so fast.  Remember the heavy rains in tiruvanathapuram when Thane dissipates inside TN.

  18. ramisettisrinivasa chennai_weather rami… Do u still feel it will regenerate when it comes down to warmer sea.. I also see that the water vapour has increased near N TN coast in past few hours.. will that help?

  19. It should give us rains. I cannot imagine once again chasing these tanker fellows..omg..what an experience…May to August. 2013

  20. PLZ wait its still stationary …every thin will be clear tmrw..so we have all waited from DEC 1..10 hrs lets see if it regenerates

  21. Nasa satellites have found the coldest place on earth. At a desolate and remote ice plateau in East Antarctica, temperatures hit a “soul-crushing” -93.2 degrees Celsius (-135 degrees Fahrenheit). This beat the previous record of -89.2 degrees Celsius measured at the Vostok Research Station in East Antarctica on July 21, 1983.

  22. It is rite now reducing its intensity. It was a cat 1 hurricane at its peak. and it has to reduce to a TS catagory and then proceed further. with the conditions prevailing it may weaken very rapidly to the TS level and when it is in midst of a favourable condition it will probably maintain its intensity while coming down south. 

    The JTWC still maintains that it will be a TS when it crosses near near cudalore. The only thing we should be seeing is that how much of moisture it can gather from sea and dump in chennai as a rain. that remains a big question now.

  23. better v switch off n come back tomo 2 c wat its got.. Even yesterday it started 2 become transparent  at the same time.. Morn i came back and was shocked to c an eye.. Something like tat cud happen tomo morning!!

  24. IMD Update 20:00 update:

    The severe cyclonic storm ‘MADI’ over westcentral Bay of Bengal moved southwestward during past three hours and lay centred at 1730 hours IST of today, the 10thth December 2013 over westcentral Bay of Bengal near lat.15.40 0 N and long. 85.00 0 E, about 430 km east-southeast of Machillipatnam, 580 km northeast of Chennai and 860 km north-northeast of Trincomalee (Sri Lanka). It would move southwestwards and weaken gradually.

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