987 thoughts on “VSCS Madi to weaken into a depression and make landfall by Friday.

  1. Guys lets feel happy with whatever rain we are going to get let it be 1 cm or 40 cm..atleat system has showed us some signs of return ..lets wait..hope for good..
    Antha thirupavai songa konjom On pannunga pa

  2. As far as tis system ( system struggling with dry air) is concerned, rainfall wil b limited…. eventhough shear gonna reduce,dry air wont allow any rainband to form… So only landfall region and few areas north of tat area wil get a big share.. if dry air increases n enter into the core , forget everything tis wil b another lehar…

  3. Selcyclone Ok.. lets put it this way.. It weakens tomo evening and slowly starts SW movement.. so its gona travel towards low shear region n it is gona stay in bay for 3 more days.. Cant it gain intensity again n develop more rain bands??

  4. Raghavendra_k-Madipakkam Selcyclone i think by tat time it takes sw movement more dry air might hav penetrated into the system so tat it cant intensify further..

  5. shajaya-madip/ekkad Selcyclone 
    rainbands will be there till 150 km, but heavy rain will be limited to landfall spot and some 30-40 km north

  6. shajaya-madip/ekkad Sud T.nagar 
    but those 150 km areas won’t get more than 40-50 mm.. heavy rain areas might reach 15 cm

  7. Sud T.nagar shajaya-madip/ekkad Selcyclone if it is cyclone crossing tn coast rainbands will be tightly packed, rainbands will be less in radius and will be giving heavy rainfall in the place of 100km radius alone… so if it is depression or low entire tn can benifit out of it… so hope it weakens to depression state atleast

  8. krish coimbatore Sud T.nagar shajaya-madip/ekkad Selcyclone 
    no.. these depressions are different from normal ones. since it is weakening, the scenario i have posted will most likely happen. It’s not the same case as an intensifying depression or a one that maintains intensity

  9. With so many systems dissipating this season in BOB and that too with such lovely rainbands,the salinity of the bay might have come down with all that fresh water rains

  10. shajaya-madip/ekkad gbrajendran We are also waiting for at least a low pressure area near gulf of mannar so that it could help us at-most. Am correct in my opinion

  11. Yeah, it hasn’t happened this year, thanks to the rapid cyclogenesis conditions.. But now, I think Madi is the last cyclone of the season.. Gulf of Mannar system is long overdue in this season now..

  12. gopal666 BN Actually Gopal the sea needs fresh water also. Some fishes thrive on less salinity. So fishermen can benefit in that way. Fish for thought ?

  13. sriharikotta receiving good showers now.  hopefully rain clouds from the system moving south. probably by tomorrow morning, might spread to chennai.

  14. rahul1997 if this pattern continues fr upcoming years chennai and other coastal districts dosent need any sethusamithira thitam fr water purification 😛

  15. gopal666 BN am_met Plus you never know with more water in the bay which will evaporate next February onwards may give more precipitation next year. Its a cycle yes ?

  16. gopal666 BN In any case we are using seawater for drinking water by desalinating so I dont think its a waste these cyclones dissipating over sea.

  17. Selcyclone all season the madden julien oscillation signal has been weak . Only recently emerging stronger in phase 3 in Indian ocean. However long term forecast has said its going to be weak again in January as well. No any hopes of extended NEM does not seem too optimistic right now.

  18. narayan2587 looks like outer periphery is surrounded by dry.. core is somewat safe for now.. The faster it recurves the better it will b!!

  19. 10-12-2013/0530 15.0/84.6 100-110 GUSTING TO 120 SEVERE CYCLONIC STORM
    10-12-2013/1130 15.0/84.5 100-110 GUSTING TO 120 SEVERE CYCLONIC STORM

  20. Sud T.nagar Susa i really angry ,annoyed that there is no rain…I can feel from your comments ..u waited from 6 th dec ..plz wait for 1 day

  21. krish coimbatore Sud T.nagar narayan2587 
    rains will mainly be concentrated around the center.. only light rains possible at that time

  22. krish coimbatore Sud T.nagar narayan2587 sure depends on rain bands illana verum kaathu thaan….Plz see the new IMD report ..system moves a bit noth as expected before recurve…that upgrades us from a depression to cyclonic strom while crossing chennai

  23. narayan2587 Sud T.nagar I expect tat 2 travel 2 the arabian sea via sri lanka and come back 2 BOB, go straight 2 burma n say ‘hi’ to ppl over der.. From der it shud travel straight 2 bangla,kolkata,machili.. finally make landfall in chennai in April :P.. Atleast it will keep climate cooler till april..:P

  24. one doubt the adt shows intensity of 84.8 kts(157 kph) for the past 4 and half hrs but imd says 120 km/hr and weakening…

  25. Even I had the same doubt, ADT has always shown higher intensities for this storm as well as Lehar. Wonder why.

  26. ashwinv They are a bit slow!! Even when Lehar got completely vanished.. They were showing intensity upto 75 KTs for few hours!!

  27. krish coimbatore Raghavendra_k-Madipakkam narayan2587 Sud T.nagar More likely trend of cyclones in future!!

  28. Raghavendra_k-Madipakkam narayan2587 Sud T.nagar if it is moving to any from bay and arabian sea continuously  till april via tn will also be superrr …

  29. krish coimbatore Raghavendra_k-Madipakkam narayan2587 Sud T.nagar ithelam konjam over some how it must find a end in land may be its chennai..it should be before  couple of days ..or Else Susa wll be More angry..LOL..Cant wait till april

  30. shajaya-madip/ekkad Raghavendra_k-Madipakkam Oh i was shocked 4 a moment.. It was the same place were Lehar lost her life..

  31. shajaya-madip/ekkad Selcyclone Remnants will come 2 the landfall area!! It wull give some 60mm to landfall place alone.

  32. madi situation right now with santhanams comedy in polathavan: kea bloggers apovae sonnaga , north pogatha pogathanu …na than kekula 😛

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