VSCS Madi to weaken into a depression and make landfall by Friday.

South west movement of Cyclone is expected to start tomorrow. Impact on Chennai is still not clear. Things will get clearer in a couple of days.

987 thoughts on “VSCS Madi to weaken into a depression and make landfall by Friday.

  1. Taking up Salil Davey’s comment further  to logical conclusion – This NEM –  Its indeed a novel challenge. Unique from a national perspective. When the rest of the country is having winter like conditions some areas having freezing conditions – how do we keep our SST warm enough for more cyclones to develop ? Please think over carefully.

  2. naganathanashok ☼ sailudavey – Kellys   That may not be for us… we might get some rains after Madi via easterlies which has been elusive till date since the start of NEM

  3. ☼ sailudavey – Kellys

    But some models suggesting regeneration after reaching arabian sea

    Can this give rains to south tamil nadu due to pull effect

  4. what is going to happen for Chennai from this mad system MADI. WILL CHENNAI BE BENEFITED FROM THIS SYSTEM OR ELSE THE END OF NEM 2013

  5. The initial debate and concern was the SW Movement towards TN or AP… Now the debate and concern is the strength of Madi… will it sustain as a DD or D or a WML.. few more updates and we shall know

  6. It started moving SW, because it got weakened and in the process it got sheared and lost its rain band and it will gain in strength below 13 N

  7. Latest Readings

    2013DEC10 140000 5.2 962.3 94.8 4.7 4.5 2.0 0.7T/6hr ON ON -31.06 -37.63 CRVBND N/A 3.3 15.03 -84.83 FCST MET7 36.5

  8. chennai_weather 
    very tough :( sustain might not even contain 5 cm as of now.. but situation will definitely improve(hopefully)

  9. It has actually moved SW!! Good news! But bad news is, it got sheared, so the ULCC is to the NE which will contain the weak rainbands.. Let’s wait and watch

  10. It also depends on the bulk of rain bearing clouds which it would pull on its return journey. It shudn’t shrink to the size of an LED lamp, it must be like a bright sodium light, to give decent rains.

  11. JTWC Latest ”


  12. In the same article:

    The hottest recorded spot on Earth – again by satellite sensor – is the
    Dasht-e Lut salt desert in southeast Iran, where it reached 70.7 degrees
    Celsius in 2005.

  13. Fishermen in TN are the most sufferers due to Madi…They didn’t venture to sea for past 1 week…& their business went to dull stage ..
    Source : SunTv news
    If rain doesn’t come..then whole TN will suffer ..

  14. guess recurving has started 
    2013DEC10 130000 5.3 960.4 97.2 4.7 4.7 2.5 0.7T/6hr ON FLG -26.66 -43.46 CRVBND N/A 3.3 15.06 -84.87 FCST MET7 36.5

  15. Again windy weather for chennai…mostly by tomorrow eveng..
    if it moves as forecasted by models…
    60 kts near chennai latt.. 111.12 kmh

  16. New york, philly, newark, dc, richmond, baltimore, boston… Total them up and the mid size towns and you are looking at 4 crore people…

  17. Rwh is poor here..1000 cm penjalum ellam koovathirke…apara. Current ila..thanni illa ,,water table poche nu solli no use..conservation boss..

  18. narayan2587 
    it has the capacity to re-intensify again..when it reaches our latt…SST remains favour here…it can pull clouds from S/SW bay..

  19. chennai_weather correctly said. Our water management is still primitive. User as well government has to be blamed. Inefficiency. Still looking at skies and radars. We need to look down and add more lakes.

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