End of NEM 13 in sight as the new system is expected to move N-E

All models are sticking to the track that the depression will move North East towards Bangladesh. Still time is left, hopefully track can change towards TN and give us the much needed rains.

1,186 thoughts on “End of NEM 13 in sight as the new system is expected to move N-E

  1. naganathanashok especially tirunelveli city has got 65 cm against 73 cm year. Papanasam has already having phenomenal year

  2. unnecessarily lot of interchange of messages.  the system has to move towards tamilnadu.  all models never dependable.  out of 100 times, may be few times they may be right.  hardly few hours change of wind
    can totally alter the position.  a system which is lying close to tamil nadu coast would make a landfall in bangladesh or west bengal or burma never can be even imaginable. by tomorrow rains will commence even at chennai.

  3. Not sure about the charts and patterns, this system is for TN and chennai.
    The clock starts tomorrow and ends on Dec 11. It is only question of how much ??

  4. about 100 kms from chennai good widespread rains for the past few hours gives an indication the core system is towards tamil nadu coast.  we can have plenty of rains by tomorrow.
    how these models say bangladesh.  looks like they are joking, as the system has to travel not less than 2000 kms. whereas the coast is hardly few hundreds of kms towards tn.

  5. maisuh well said……… u r right………i strongly feel that this system will not go to bangla,…and very soon they are going to change the title as “Chennai getting ready for its share of NEM”
    Its only during december we get cyclones and it goes till January. I really cant understand why everyone is getting panic, rather hold on, sit back and relax the systems movement which is going to give us copious rains.

  6. Yes Initially, there was a problem when once you close the last post, at least for 20 -30 minutes we are not able to see new post… But now it is fine

  7. shajaya-madip/ekkad paul abraham 
    paul pl dont be selfish. ALready rain is playing hide and seek and you want it delay further. Person like you should not comment like this. You are the most interested young man in this forum for rains. Understand

  8. Apologize for the issue..a few may have noticed the Blog did not open… Issue Fixed and Happy Blogging! 🙂

  9. BaskarShah Selcyclone sumthing like thane shld happen…   http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f9/Thane_2011_track.png/800px-Thane_2011_track.png

  10. உள்ளூர் வானிலை முன்னறிவிப்பு (சென்னை) – 05.12.2013
    வானம் ஒரளவு  மேகமூட்டத்துடன் காணப்படும்.
    மழை அல்லது இடியுடன் கூடிய மழை ஒரு சில இடங்களில் பெய்ய கூடும்.
    தரைக்காற்று சில சமயங்ளில் வலுத்து வீசக்கூடும்.
    அதிகபட்ச மற்றும் குறைந்தபட்ச வெப்பநிலை முறையே 30 மற்றும் 24  டிகிரி செல்சியஸ் ஆக இருக்கக்கூடும்.

  11. Same feeling that I had exactly a year ago.. Completely helpless seeing the pathetic situation of rain in the State.. 

    Selcyclone I saw the satellite image just now, so chances of any favorable movement remote?

  12. Selcyclone Shrinivas @Velachery Miracles (system crossing B’desh in December, VSCS weakening to a DD in a matter of hours) are happening this NEM.. :/

  13. originaldashman there are lot of security checkpoints before entering the bermuda triangle… by the the “clearing” and the “Rains” will be gone and only “deficit” will be there 😀

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