915 thoughts on “Chennai’s final chance brewing off Sri Lanka

  1. Central part of India will be light north easterlies. Moisture laden winds from the sea will make the weather rainy in South India for next couple of days.
    The cyclonic circulation in the Bay has now intensified into a well-marked low pressure system.. Widespread light rain has been recorded in most parts of south India with good amounts of rain in Tamil Nadu. Forecasts show, rain activity could intensify further as the well-marked low may

  2. IMD forecast for chennai
    03-Dec    Thunderstorm with rain  04-Dec   Thunderstorm with rain  
    05-Dec    Thunderstorm with rain 06-Dec    Thunderstorm with rain

  3. sreekriss rame1975 – Chennai-Kolathur narayan2587 http://www.imd.gov.in/section/dwr/img/caz_chn.gif

  4. If the rains which are at 100kms east of the city cover Chennai , the entire city will be drenched this night like anything!! rain gauges in the city are still thirsty!!

  5. rame1975 – Chennai-Kolathur Selcyclone under the pull effect of Malaysian trough, it is adjusting its final position.

  6. ramisettisrinivasa rame1975 – Chennai-Kolathur Selcyclone which is the future direction for this system ??

  7. rame1975 – Chennai-Kolathur ramisettisrinivasa Selcyclone 
    after December 6-7 onwards either machilipatnam (CAP) or Bangladesh to Myanmar.
    before that it would give good rainfall.
    I will give my explanation based on MJO-SOI later today.

  8. hi selva, why all these models are again confusing themselves. What are the ridge placements now? what is the future course of the system?

  9. Heavy rain lashing Madipakkam for the past one hour.. enjoying the lashing sound of rain… let it rain for the whole day non stop.. I m waiting… 🙂

  10. s_velayudham gfs says its gonna be a complete miss.. even rain bands wont impact us. yest’s run atleast gave us a ray of hope

  11. Depression near Srilanka is expected to move north west -more north direction and may reach Andhra sea area in 3 to 4 days.Chennai , coastal TN & Pondi expected to receive moderate to rather heavy rain fall during these days .Transforming to Cyclone, chance still exists. If it’s cyclone, direction may change.

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