Depression passes but more rain on way for TN – The Hindu Business Line

An India Met Department outlook said that thundershowers would continue to lash many places over Tamil Nadu, Rayalaseema and south coastal Andhra Pradesh on Monday. Rain or thundershowers have been forecast also at a few places over coastal and south interior Karnataka on Monday.

702 thoughts on “Depression passes but more rain on way for TN – The Hindu Business Line

  1. the present system would intensifies to cat 3/4 and crash into NTN/SAP around Chennai (preferably north of Chennai)
    However i am very cautious about IMD’s easterly wave prediction around 20th, whether the system would drastically weaken before landfall. I am closely watching the parameters HPAs, MJO, SOI and SSTs etc.

  2. rame1975 ramisettisrinivasa y this time IMD also underestimating the coming system, despite of good Andaman circulation?

  3. ramisettisrinivasa Where is the Trough of low pressure  per IMD forecast  now situated ?
     The IMD outlook says convection below south of 12.8 N.

  4. vagaries post 
    Bay will be buzzing again from Thursday,18th: Precipitation resumes for the East Coast from 22nd.

    A UAC will form “in situ” in the Bay in the Central region on 18th at around 15N. The UAC will descend to sea level, track Westwards, and cross the East Coast of India in the Southern AP region around the 22nd. Rains very heavy along AP coast and interiors, but good rains all along the coast of TN also. Could be numbered by Tuesday (BB-19)

  5. ramisettisrinivasa Vagaries post On 21st November, potential Low could form in the SE Bay, South of Andaman Islands in the 7N region. Can have a good potential for further developing possibly up to DD or cyclone stage.

  6. IMD data 
    Chennai rainfall 
    Deficit of   -273 mm till date (0830hrs of 17.11.2013)  from 01.10.2013
    Chennai AP
    Deficit of  -108 mm till date  (0830 hrs of 17.11.2013 ) from 01.10.2013 
    Hope  by mid december it should be erased and showing excess in figures. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The low pressure in bay has organised rapidly under low vertical wind shear.The centralized convection is developing over the center indicating system to near depression status.Outlfow is good provided by anticyclone over top of the system.

  8. A mass of thunderstorm is developing close to brunei which is expected to move westward and become a cyclone in bay of bengal.

  9. Good morning to all. Hope to get some rains from the new system near Andaman. Currently it’s shape appears a 3-bladed wheel ready to take on. However further intensification and W-SW movement needed else it will go to B’desh

  10. Kalyan_nanganallur it would in a west-south west direction towards south AP and north TN.Looks like intensity would fluctuate.

  11. It looks like competition between 90E vs 110E. If 90E becomes powerful system, then 110 E would be weaker and vice versa.

  12. vinodh1986 Kalyan_nanganallur Repeat of 30W? Outflow appears little disorganised.  Creates a doubt whether this will intensify or dissipate in the sea itself?

  13. System sitting in 5N-110E looks more deadly than the one sitting near 90E. Vietnam is going to face another fury it seems

  14. central bay disturbance is now well marked ,significant low… Conditions seems to b gud but shear increasing along its path… Its clear with the sat pic, the radial outflow is perfect…

  15. Pradeep John – Anna Nagar West paul abraham Could any one post the image of the cyclone formation which is crossing on 24th/25th ?

  16. I am also joining with selva, vinod, pradeep and our fellow bloggers regarding more intensification of 110E  than 90E.
    It looks MJO & SOI would take 3-4 more days to stabilizes (at present they r under severe fluctuations). By then 90E would come close to SAP without much intensification.
    It seems 110E will be emerging in SE BOB around 21st. I hope MJO & SOI would stabilize by that time to make 110E as more powerful.

  17. ramisettisrinivasa Ganesh Arshavin Nah ! Models showed North tn And south Ap LF near Shriharikota , Chennai , Nellore….But I feel Its Going too north ! Seeing its movement Till now

  18. A deal has been struck between two storms one at 90 E and the other at 110E. The less powerful 90E has agreed to move faster towards the Central TN coast so that 110E can later intensfiy after it gets into the Bay.
    Both storms have agreed to crash into Central TN and not AP because AP has got enough rain. They have also agreed to not to become cyclones and damage the coast with winds. They have worked out a deal with 500mb level winds to draw loads of moisture from the warmer south bay.

  19. Ganesh Arshavin ramisettisrinivasa 110 E looks emerging as WML/depression. If any powerful system coming towards North-central BOB, there is a fair chance of going towards north either West Bengal/Bangladesh/myanamar.
    The above opinion is only premature/ it is not serious.

  20. Still drizzling in Adam…these showers formed rite on the the ones which develop along the Kerala coast during SWM..

  21. jon mount Selcyclone I am thinking 90 E is generated from the pulse of depression podul. tats y it has strengthened rapidly overnight.

  22. ramisettisrinivasa 90e has all the potential to become a tropicql storm.. I think models are taking it lightly.. 110e has long way to go so lets wait n see

  23. jon mount ramisettisrinivasa I also expected same concern yesterday night. however I am waiting for today’s MJO & SOI values.

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