1,481 thoughts on “Super Wet Sunday

  1. north madras can get goin for triple numbr(10C).,.if it rain lk ds…its moderate..& continuous..hav to check redhils..gummidipoondi sourroundings..

  2. Finally IMD has last laugh to other all models regarding track prediction.
    These heavy spells r due to pull effect of moisture from BOB due to 30W. May continue for some more time.

  3. Tiruchchirapalli- 142 mm till 11.30 pm
    Manalmedu – 120 mm
    Mailam – 91
    Kulithalai – 90
    Chettykulam – 81
    Yelagiri – 80
    Veppanthattai  – 76

  4. surajsr – Kellys the sound of rain is so loud that i’m increasing  the volume of d song in my desktop! Lovely surprise from 30w!!

  5. Pradeep John – Anna Nagar West sailudavey – Kellys  Then lets go with it… edit current title and auto publish in an hour?

  6. Sud T.nagar U correctly understood my Feelings ! Were is it likely to Lf ! FIrst  were is it likely to end up ! 😛

  7. Ganesh Arshavin Sud T.nagar 
    lol… models say it goes towards AP, but fizzles out on the way and new system from S.Bay moves towards TN.. but its too long range

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