864 thoughts on “New Bay system heading towards TN

  1. ganu1985¬†ūüė¶ even d somalian one was good ¬†atm but how com enough energy lft for a new storm to develop near phili

  2. jon mount ganu1985 we have enough water vapour in bay.Otherwise models would not spin a tropical cyclone.Its already showing cumulonimbus cloud formation.

  3. Dry air ingestion was not clealry  visible in water vapour imagery.It may be a faint one.
    Karthik Storm was able to see that slight ingestion :).

  4. vinodh1986 The region is filled with somalian pirates who plunder other ships in that region for a living.. see this more details http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7650415.stm

  5. sailudavey what about innocent lives? so many of them have died.Somalia pirates are looting because they are very poor.They are better than World Bankers who is looting the whole world.

  6. Great to see bloggers following this system even during this time of the day.. how active was the blog during the days of thane nilam.. did anybody sleep??

  7. PradeepJohn iamramesh 
    Great to read this article.. keep rocking.. hope the next 3-4 days are sleepless nights as well

  8. sailudavey vinodh1986 PradeepJohn isabel is a perfect one ..haiyan very close but it had some rain bands to north.

  9. Isabel is the storm which got good coverage fom indian newspapers.Indian express published a large sized image of hurricane in 2003.I am not sure its Fabian or Isabel.

    JTWC has said what I feared yesterday. We have to be very careful from now on.

  11. System looks like its going to b TC in next 48 hrs i think is it correct.Lets hope to come to chennai as DD then v can receive much rains. One thing thamaraipakkam got 1cm rain yesterday.

  12. Gmorning..Most models have reduced the intensity to 50knots..90km/hr.and models place between Karaikal and Chennai..landfall predictions are on 15th afternoon to 16th afternoon

  13. Hoping to see intensification of the system from now on. Conditions are favourable enough. If dry air wasn’t present, it would have reached minimum TC strength.

  14. Best scenario for us if the system makes landfall south of us like Pondicherry or cuddalore. Northwest quadrant is much better defined than other quadrants, has consistent winds.

  15. Good morning to all friends.happy to see TS building around the 30W as said by sel, novak and others. Many of us were upset when the depression seemed to dissipate. Let us hope for best

  16. http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/todays-paper/tp-agri-biz-and-commodity/low-pressure-in-bay-intensifying-into-depression/article5340940.ece
    India Met Department expects the ‚Äėlow‚Äô in the Bay to intensify further into a depression, the equivalent of a minimal tropical storm, by Tuesday.
    Sea-surface temperatures over south-east and adjoining south-central Bay of Bengal are close to 30 degrees Celsius, which provides it the perfect environment for intensification.
    But the warmth tapers off over the south-west Bay which the depression will spin its way into in due course, and which abuts the Tamil Nadu coast where it will make a landfall by the weekend.
    The moot question is whether the depression will strengthen into a deep depression (next to being called a tropical cyclone) before it enters Tamil Nadu.

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