259 thoughts on “Another below normal week expected

  1. Based on 500 Hpa winds I can see two systems over the week, the first one east of Lanka which is expected to give good rains to South Tamil Nadu and Kerala, this would possibly cross between Somalia and Yemen after 10th.North Tamil Nadu could be in for a dry period consequent to this.
    Now comes the worse part I see the second system drifting ontohe bay

  2. Thats my assumption Paul I might be wrong though because models like ECMWF are showing a system towards north TN / south TN

  3. Super heavy rains here in Anna West! With amazing winds.. The trees look like they’re flying :O the rain looks very consistent so hopefully it would continue like this for sometime.

  4. Good morning.rained for 20mins in ambattur heavily.today it will continue to b like this passing showers and as per in tamilnews and imd rain will continue heavily in coastal Tamilnadu.let enjoy NEM rains.

  5. Power
    of MJO: 
    Due to MJO phase 1’s good amplitude, the present system would
    survive for longer time with good intensity. 
    However some models showing MJO will be bypassing (not entering)
     phase 2 towards phase 5. If this happens the system entering to BOB would
    travel more towards north & north-west, thus skipping from TN coast.
    If MJO enters phase 2 (with good amplitude, we can expect the
    system towards TN or at least N TN/S AP coasts.

  6. Rainfall in mm Till now from the easterlies

    Poonamalle – 27
    Poondi Agro – 17

    Kolapakkam – 16
    Ellapuram – 14

    Guindy – 14
    Taramani – 13
    Ennore – 12

    Kancheepuram – 12

    Cheyyur – 12

    Chennai – 11
    Chennai AP Р10 
    Katupakkam – 10
    Madhavaram – 7

    Avadi Р6 
    Katpadi – 4
    Kaveripakkam – 4

    RK Pet – 3
    Mailam – 3

  7. Good morning.rained for 20mins in ambattur heavily.today it will continue to b like this passing showers and as per in tamilnews and imd rain will continue heavily in coastal Tamilnadu.let enjoy NEM rains.

  8. Note for Kea..As of now we have separate pages for, bloggers RG, Contest page, Rain fall data page, Kar files etc..How about opening separate pages for school holiday questions, Will it rain in my area, what time will it rain in my area, Exclusive pages for those who claim n fear of NEM failure, Negative comments special page (The PESSIMIST’s page)..Kindly note..This page is not for the blog owner.
    Hope few of my suggestions will be taken care off..Thanks.

  9. It was monster rain last night for 10 mints in Madambakkam…¬† How much did it rain in Tambaram???
    Karthik Raghavan’s RG shows just 5 mm. I feel it should be more…

  10. 1st November Rainfall (Ended on 2nd November 8.30am)

    Parrys Р26 mm 
    Thiruvootiyur – 32 mm
    2nd November Rainfall (Ended on 3rd November 8.30am)

    Parrys Р45 mm 
    Thiruvootiyur Р51 mm 
    3rd November Rainfall (Ended on 4th November 8.30am)

    Parrys Р21 mm Thiruvootiyur Р16 mm

  11. radar pictures shows  rains to Pondicherry, Cuddalore,Villupuram,Chidambaram areas get heavy rain from earlier mornings .

  12. Imd said yesterday heavy rain possible to chennai also but heavy rain only pondicherry to nagai belt only.Here some rain in yesterday night and today early morning.

  13. Any rainfall figures of less than 5 centimeters with in 12 or 24 hours insignificant for monsoon season.  Even thundershowres during summer can fect not less than 5 centimeters of rain some time.  these are all not to be reckoned for any reporting or discussions. but we will have ploenty of such heavy spells in the days to come.

  14. Vinay the shower u r getting nw r jst passing shower so no big hope expected from it so need to wait for a system to trigger heavy rain

  15. Vinay cyclones are really unpredictably…there track and intensity only can b identified when they form…still in ma opinion it will b a cat1 NT more dan that…lets see

  16. mitansunshine¬†u could c the hpa influence and system position is placed near south-southeasterly quadrant of hpa…so westerly movement will be seen althru its lifecycle,,,… scenario will change only if ther is change in position of hpa.

  17. Sel the system is at Chennai latitude whent surfaces in the bay, by wednesday we will have clearer picture, but one thing is for sure the first fortnight is going to be poor

  18. pypkmsrikanth ya..almost fortnight but last two days could be gamechanger.. i mean 
    (13th,14th)… ¬†an dnow ther is a circulation near indonesia waters.. hav to b tracked

  19. Pj I hvnt said a north movement I jst said a mild wnw movement intially…bt as u said its seems unlikely…inbtwn thnks for the extra knowledge

  20. for the last 3 days Nellore got good rains, then rainfall skipped Chennai from today C.Tamil Nadu receiving heavy rains

  21. Sriraman V K  
    after 14 november we will heavy rain if sytem moves to north tamilnadu .Amount of rainfall above 30 cms in single day it may higher

  22. Radar shows heavy for pondicherry to nagapattinam belts from evening continous heavy rain.But chennai to tindivam no rain possible only cloudy conditions

  23. imd said today new lowpressure near srilanka under it influences delta region and coastal T.N,would receive heavy rain for coming 2 days

  24. Novak Nole  
    i saw but from last week bbc forecast like same thurday night  but no rain these time heavy rain for deltas region for today and tommorrow.

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