613 thoughts on “Wet start to the day

  1. Good morning bloggers. Thank god at least one CM is registered so far. The easterly wave is giving fantastic rainfall in south TN and south kerala. Waiting for the rainfall numbers from some experts here.

  2. Good morning to all.today also there will b more and more lots of flowers like cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds and passing showers will b moderate to heavy.let enjoy these days.

  3. Wow nungambakkam got 2cm rain fantastic and iam happy.early mrng 4AM ambattur received heavy rain for 10mins and light rain for 20mins totally 30mins rain occured and even lots of lightning and thunder also came any one saw that at 4AM.

  4. New cyclone enters Andaman sea at exactly Chennai latitude as per gfs.
    It brings it very close to Chennai then a recurve to north-north western direction.
    If it enters at lower latitude we have very good chances of landfall at north TN.

  5. Yesterday kea topic dry diwali gone by passing showers.Today kea topic wet start to the day saying the rain to be clear and clear skies expected.This will not happen because already lot of cumulus forming in NE and in radar lot of dots in NE of chennai so chennai will get sure passing showers.let enjoy

  6. However, Once again North East Monsoon is Great Failure in Tamilnadu. Chennai Public Please ready to fill water in Buckets!!!!!!! from Jan’2014 onwards

  7. Heavy rain in Kanyakumari, Ramanathapuram, Tirunelveli  and Toothukudi.
    The southern belt is getting good rains for past 5 days.

  8. chennairain 
    Avoid premature comments related to failure of NEM..We are just in the first week of November and things have just started now.. Since 2005, we have been getting rains till the fag end of December…

  9. chennairain 
    This is just a start.. we need patience. I’m confident of atleast 700 mm this NEM and we have already received excess rainfall for SWM, so normal/above normal year is likely

  10. Guys!!! Alert!! LPA has organized and intensified. Very fast moving outerbands thunderstorms approaching S.AP/N.TN coast. This is the first time intense and fast moving storms are forming from the outerbands.. good sign!!

  11. SenthilkumarP_Adm 
    where did you get that info Senthil ??? I think it is near 81 E seeing the IR image, but need to check other products.

  12. Selcyclone Sud T.nagar 
    Remember Nilam outerbands ?? 😀 It was filled with heavy rain giving squalls which struck frequently…. We got around 11 cm from that and 1 cm from actual cyclone… lol

  13. arb sea shld be monitored…current disturbance wil be forced to move west in tat case arb sea will get the pulse from it….50% chance of a system in arb sea..models failed many times to pick the system in arb sea during nem..

  14. Sud T.nagar Selcyclone ya… current scenario doesnt luks gud for it to drag it north… wait i will show u with pic representation.

  15. Wow as i said in today comments at morning is happening now. That is Opposite to kea topic now kea says rain to b clear and clear skies but beautiful cloudy weather now with lots of large cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds building.super weather soon v have showers also.

  16. mouliambattur 
    we will have partly cloudy skies for most of the day.. NEM Rainfall will occur mainly in the night till 8 am

  17. Selcyclone 
    I think we’ll get around 10 cm from this in total.. Let’s see what the remnant typhoon can give us after redevelopment

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