318 thoughts on “November Begins with a positive note

  1. Flash News! Rajesh Sir’s Report from Vagaries!¬†
    The trough shrinks due to the anti favourable conditions in the Northern parts, and remains as an off shore trough off the TN coast 2nd November. Should be effctive from 2nd/4th November for TN coast and Chennai.¬†Chances of a good thunder storm in Chennai on Sunday 3rd, as the trough inter acts with a developing East-West trough. ..chances of the trough shifting more towards the South of 12N later…

  2. Surprising..There was so much questions of when its going to rain and when it is raining in few parts of Chennai there is no one online

  3. sailudavey Hehe…Ironic isn’t it…They were very sure the forecasts of rains will never go true..so i guess they have nothing to say now lol

  4. nice to have 5 bloggers within a 5km radius..¬†surajsr¬†Arjunlv¬†¬†JoshuaAaron¬† ¬†surajsr¬†¬†Paul Abraham¬† ūüôā

  5. Hope we get lot of disturbance this month.There are lot of activity in south indian ocean but less in north indian basin.Models forecast shows pretty underwhelming november.Hope it turns false.

  6. its really been underwhelming.Normally we would see lot of disturbances developing near Andaman in November but it seems so clear except for some spotty thunderstorm activity.

  7. most parts of bay wer under hpa influence.. So ther was no cloud formation. Trough from south is xtending now til c.tn,so Clouds wil develop if it reaches the coast

  8. Selcyclone This could be worth watching, would possibly get into the bay at the right altitude to make some impact for North TN / South AP Coast

  9. Good morning to all.november started with light rains and everybody hope that chennai will get above normal rainfall this month to correct the october month rainfall deficit.

  10. Tirunelveli,kanyakumari,thoothukudi getting rain.chennai has chance of rain today and nellore getting rain now.lets hope for widespread rains in chennai.

  11. some parts of chennai got some rain last night but at the end of october and the start of november it has to be very wet everywhere in tnbecause of NEM its just looks like Swm TS but in blog lot of buildups are given and subsequent to the Bups all is shattered !

  12. Chennai- 12:30am, Upper level winds are now East and picking up speed.
    Now showers seen over N suburbs of city (near Ponneri)
    Weak low level circulation over W-central Bay persisted till afternoon of 31-Oct.. this delayed the Easterlies push towards Tamilnadu coast.
    Latest analysis show that easterlies is now over central Bay and expected to reach S Andhra, Tamilnadu coast in 18hrshttp://ow.ly/i/3AzUS
    source from indianweatherman

  13. Paul, please do not post one line comments on a regular basis.  It adds to the scrolling effort need to be made by those bloogers surfing on from a mobile platform.  I suggest you put your thoughts together in one post which would add more value to the blog as well

  14. Hi Srikanth already bloggers are down and out because of failure of NEM rains so far, so a very few post msgs now and then. No issues.

  15. sundar24 Sundar I understand the overall mood is down, but my suggestion to Paul would also improve him also in blogging thereby becoming a more well appreciated blogger by the community.

  16. JTWC forecast won’t become true regarding¬†the present typhoon. it would dissipate over Vietnam around 5th November. However under its influence, one more system would be initiated in south-west china sea, which slowly move to Andaman sea around 10th November.
    this year NEM monsoons won’t fail. NEM would pick-up speed after 10th November onwards.

  17. It rained for exactly 5 minutes in mandaveli, and just see the skies now, Sunny as ever. Diwali day will be perfect. All of us are optimists but I feel something wrong this year with NEM, worrying.

  18. The site is really getting tougher to navigate via mobile…too many unnecessary comments…can you please help with this mods, admin?

  19. sundar24 
    Dont think bloggers are here to give false hopes..Everyone here follows one model or the other and come with certain forecasts..It just that the real rains are not happening for the moment..

  20. Srinivasa you are right its not Typhoon Krosa, it is one more new typhoon which will form that will come into Bay of Bengal

    A Typhoon  is expected to form on 6th November near vietnam 

    As a LPA it is travelling into Malay Sea on 7th November

    As LPA over Andaman on 10th November

    As Depression North of Chennai on 11th November

    Landfall at North TN / South AP coast on 12th November

  21. RohitSanthosh 
    Rohit, you need to get in touch with the Skipper for blog meets..The next meet by all means will be in mid December or Early Jan.

  22. Posring every five minutes it wont rain and accusing the experts here of giving us false hope is nor going to do any good foe either of us..all of them here are trying their best to predict the correct thing..you got to understand weather is, has and will always be tricky one to predict…one thing I really appreciate about the experts here is that they are so patient with so many questions and don’t mind people accusing them of being wrong in their prediction. .really hats off…but we need to support them to move forward as well by learning from what they have to share rather that not contributing much towards the blog…I don’t a mean to bw rude but I think thia blog has a lot of potential of being great soon we don’t need to spoil it and need to encourage each and everyone of them…lastly, I didn’t mean to say this against u or paul in particular…this applies to all of us…

  23. rainfall in Chennai last night
    Nungambakkam – 3 mm
    Besant Nagar – 6 mm
    Anna Nagar – 5 mm
    Padi – 2 mm
    Kellys – 26 mm

  24. keaweather
    IMD data

    Nungambakkam – 3mm
    Ennore – 10 mm
    Madhavaram – 5 mm
    Kancheepuram  Р9 mm
    Meenambakkam – 0.4 mm

  25. keaweather Looks like Sailu has got his cat again working its magic how come Kellys can get 26 when nothing in double digits anywhere except for Ennore

  26. sundar24¬†Sundar as I said too many one line comments add to the scrolling by mobile users. We are all evolving as a blog so no need to take anything personally. ¬†The blog would become better and the benchmark for weather blogs in this country only with active support from all of us don’t you think so

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