282 thoughts on “Easterlies return, but no signs of any new system yet

  1. Looks like a classic 1984 situation. We may have 2 rainy periods in Nov. One in the middle and the other one by end of Nov.

  2. After 23 now NE winds have sets in and so large and dense cumulus clouds forming over NE and N this will form more in the morning and afternoon or evening some places get rain lets hope that god will give rain to chennai.

  3. Seeing Dark clouds moving in from NE and drizzling for the last ten minutes @ Rathinamangalam 6kms from Vandalur Zoo towards Kelambakkam and the drizzle is becoming moderate rain now.

  4. This is due to Phailin & the Weak Low which Stationed in AP last week, It has observed all the moisture, after that Easterly winds are not strong enough to bring us rain. this is the reason.
    Anyway we are hopeful that easterlies will get full strength within 1 or 2 days, and our turn will come to us to enjoy rains.

  5. As per latest Insat image there is a circulation in Bay and rain band more tilted twds myanmar. The remnants might strengthen again and South TN might get good rains in the coming days

  6. There are 3 favourable factors which can strengthen the NE monsoon current from tomorrow morning.
    1. A feeble low pressure over extreme south east arabian sea.  2) An upper air cyclonic circulation in west central bay of bengal covering extreme north tamil nadu coast.  3) An anticyclone above vizag latitude & myanmar coast.  4) easterly waves gathering strength.  All these would improve rainfall over tamil nadu from tomorrow morning.  Probably chennai would wake up with morning drizzling.  let us see tomorrow.

  7. PJ
    Don’t worry, shiva spoken to Rajesh sir, a low will form near west central bay & move fast.
    we will have wide spread rain, after that strong easterlies will set, also stated that around 50cm avg rain for TN can be easily expected in this Nov.

  8. November contest
    A reminder to all, NEM predictions for November will be divided into 2 halves.
    Oct 31st 8:30 am – Nov 15th 8:30 deadline will be Nov. 3rd midnight.
    Nov 15th 8:30 am – Nov 30th 8:30 am deadline will be Nov 17th midnight.
    Rules are the same.
    Please send in your entries for first half by Sunday midnight. You can send the actual Nov rain, not from Oct 1st.

  9. Novak, day finished hot and humud, no trace of any precipitation whatsoever. Clear weekend also, so folks dont worry about wet diwai.

  10. day finished hot and humud, no trace of any precipitation whatsoever. Clear weekend also, so folks dont worry about wet diwai

  11. Ok guys, forget the NEM predictions etc, take a call on diwali day. How will the weather be like? I say confidently clear. Any opinions

  12. Today temperature
    chennai AP
    chennai airport is the lowest max temp 30.7
    tirupattur(vellore dist) is the lowest min temp 19.4
    (except kodaikanal,valparai,coonoor)

  13. sundar24 
    Dont worry sundar. Something is really in store for us. Now only Easterlies have set in real force. Things will change in a matter of days. Hope is the only real medicine when one cannot cope with  continuous disappointment

  14. Guys again lot of clouds formation near Comorin coastal area adjoining southwest srilanka. A week LPA is trying to form I guess.

  15. As I mentioned yesterday, Kalugumalai in Tuticorin and Sengottai in Tirunelveli district received 5 and 2 CM yesterday because of the low LPA in comorin coast

  16. Hi All,
    I could feel the easterlies today, no sweat when i walked from my office to parking, then from Tambaram to Tambaram railway station and then from urapakkam station to home.
    Expect heavy rain tomorrow morning.

  17. i could see most of the new bloggers are not patient enough to wait for NEM rains, we will get good rains this season.

  18. parthasri35urapakkam surajsr I will never be negative about NEM :)…I sometimes feel since many people are negative the rains that comes to us also goes away…It’s actually something like a law of attraction…

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