318 thoughts on “Easterly winds expected to return by Wednesday

  1. Nunga misses gain. How long the misses will continue.
    Rainfall till 11.30 pm 
    Katupakkam – 46 mm

    Meenambakkam – 19 mm
    Kalavai – 18 mm

    Cheyyar – 10 mm

    Guindy – 5 mm
    Taramani – 2
    Sholinganallur – 2

    Expecting good numbers from Tambaram and Chengelpet.

  2. Expecting for things to improve from Wednesday. NEM big wigs like Napapattinam 99 mm, Cuddalore 73 mm,Karaikkal 114 mm and Pondy 61 mm (Till 8.30am 27th)lagging behind in rainfall amounts since October 1st. Expecting the above places to catch up rapidly in the days to come.

  3. Congrats to blog members and very happy to c the photo with Ramanan sir.
    Very proud to be part of this blog.i m following this blog since 2010.my interest towards this blog is increasing day by day.
    My best wishes once again.

  4. PJ
    u might not know me but we know you as a complete data man.
    Very nice to hear abt rain forecast.
    Rare Data that you collect and share in this blog is brilliant…vattara mozhiyil therivikka vendumenil “Arumai”.
    Wishing to c many such in this blog.

  5. It didnt rain that much in chitlapakkam,4km from Tambaram.Only mild drizzles.
    After 20th Nit there was no significant rains in chitlapakkam.hoping to get more in the coming month.

  6. grullychitlapakkam grully these encouragement are much needed. sometimes i wonder why i am wasting so much time compiling all these. thanks again.

  7. PradeepJohn No it’s not a waste of time , these info’s are really useful in terms of knowing the happenings… keep going

  8. Pradeep richly deserves every accolade coming his way. Painstaking job to say the least, thankless job too cos few errors are questioned n the correct ones never gets the due credit. The blog is lucky to have passionate bloggers in Pradeep and Karthik Raghavan .Kudos to both of them. Pity that Kar does not blog regularly.

  9. PradeepJohn grullychitlapakkam PJ, never think it is a waste of time. You are doing a great job “consistently”, which is nearly impossible for others to do.

  10. The system looks weak.There is a high pressure building to the west of the system and is moving in a easterly direction, as this system is in the eastern quadrant  of the high pressure it will move in a southerly direction.
    The thunderstorms persist near sumatra and  would move towards TN as above said high pressure is moving eastwards over central TN which would keep the disturbance in lower latitude.The shear is high over the bay which would inhibit the development.

  11. nellaivel from the first system,coastal TN will  be benefitted as it would again set winds from  the northeast.i think it will reach only as a trough.For the second system,South TN would be benefited if the system could survive the bay shear.

  12. The shear is very high over most parts of bay.ENSO is neutral but Atlantic had a poor hurricane season due to shear.Normally Atlantic and bay would produce  less storms during Elnino.

  13. velu The low pressure moved north and stalled there which took all the moisture towards orrisa and AP.That’s the reason for less rain in TN.Rains will be back soon.

  14. nellaivel lets see.. Hope it comes down .High shear will  inhibit cyclone development but it would cause no harm to disturbance.

  15. vinodh1986 velu  
    Yes,but always Chennai rocks when on set of N.E.M.UP TO DEEPAWALI CHENNAI RECEIVED MINIMUM 50CM RAINS AT-LEAST .After deepawali from deltas and south tamilnadu will receive non stop rains

  16. nellaivel if we have few good disturbance then we will get our normal rainfall amount.high shear will prevent it from reaching a cyclone.

  17. gopal666
    Great Gopal. Its a great tool. Nice to hear that from fellow blogger. One must understand the basics of the system and the location of the TS before using this tool.

  18. PradeepJohn gopal666  
    PJ- VVP tool was explained to us by Srikanth ( he is also the pertson behind the Besant Nagar RG)..so the credit goes to him..have also learnt a lot from you..I will be happy to see fellow bloggers learning these tools so that we can have interesting debates

  19. In peak monsoon we are not in the N.E.M Season humid condition like south west monsoon.Why still wind are changing direction to west ,north south

  20. looks some TS – early Oct signs.  my farmer friends are saying that the easterlies cannot be expected for another week to 10 days.

  21. s_velayudham JoshuaAaron 
    Why Vela..Nice to see these images..Understand about your problem in mobiles,same time it good to see on a desk top.

  22. Josh–The image you posted..is that the bridge when you come from Anna Arch towards Shanthi Colony and Roundtana-3rd avenue road???

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