861 thoughts on “WML fighting to stay alive

  1. A stretch of rain band is at the East of Chennai , it cud cover all the way from ponneri to kovalam if it hits the city!! but wil  it??

  2. @gokultamilselvan 
    During NEM, its the easterly winds which produces cyclones. They are similar to africa trade winds which produce hurricanes in atlantic.
    this low pressure as kitchen sink.water comes from all directions
    towards the hole,same way air comes from all directions to the low

  3. Vinodh its offcourse nem trough bt usually it affects ap and TN bt this trough is enough strong and bringing torential rain here…even if swm trough doent bring such rain every time

  4. VAGARIES FLASH SNIPPET.East coast trough strengthens due to Well Marked Low parked just off the North TN/South AP coast..Posted 11 pm IST Monday

  5. mitansunshine All  low pressure systems are not same.Some systems are big,some are small.This is one is quite big in size.

  6. IMD warning for next 2 days 22 October:  Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur  at isolated places   over Tamilnadu, Kerala, south interior Karnataka, coastal Andhra Pradesh, Telangana  and Rayalaseema.
    23 October: Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur  at isolated places   over Tamilnadu, Kerala, south interior Karnataka, coastal Karnataka, Telangana, coastal Andhra Pradesh and Rayalaseema

  7. mitansunshine WE badly need rains. we are not blessed with perennial rivers like godavari, krishna or mahanadhi. 
    All lakes in chennai surroundings are not full. We need them badly.

  8. mitansunshine If the LPA would have organised ,orrisa wont be getting rains.The more the organisation occurs,more the rains will be confined near the centre.

  9. Vinodh yesterday the storm in bhubaneswar was more violent than today bt today it rained more than twice compared to yesterday..gdni8 vinodh

  10. How Lightning occurs ?
    When an updraft of warm air reaches a height where the temperature is just above freezing, ice crystals and frozen particles interact to produce an electric charge separation. When the electric field between the charges is great enough, an electrical breakdown – a lightning flash – occurs

  11. Types of lightning
    cloud-to-ground lightning and inter-cloud lightning. 
    While lightning that strikes the ground poses the most direct threat to humans and infrastructure, lightning between or within clouds can produce dangerous hail and tornadoes

  12. Gud morning bloggers. Luks it is not gud day for chennai compared to sterday in terms of rainfall . Once again south ap is benefitting lot from this

  13. RaijinWeather 
    May be we have some rainfall even today but  with very less intensity. But overall gud NEM start for chennai…

  14. Rajarathnam KarthikStorm_T.Nagar We missed out big time. This may be the best band produced by the system

  15. Its a pity that we miss the bulk of it when the system has started to organize itself well. South AP already getting the bulk of the rains. Our only hope is for the bands to develop to the south as well strongly .

  16. KarthikStorm_T.Nagar Rajarathnam 
    Yes we missing them even after NEM has set in.. liile disappointing to miss sunc organized storm

  17. Nothing to pity about. What we have already received is 25% more than that I had estimated from the initial forecasts of 3-4 days back.
    October is expected to remain weak

  18. KarthikStorm_T.Nagar its puhing in all the moisture from bay into S AP.. it would have been better if the LLC is located somewhhere parallel to nagai

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