184 thoughts on “NEM expected in next 4-5 days

  1. Massive rains in central east japan areas from Typhoon WIPHA
    Rainfall in Tokyo and its islands in 24hrs
    Oshima   – 824.0mm
    Kitanomaya (Oshima AP)  – 412.0mm
    Tokyo   – 246.0mm
    Edogawa   – 246.0mm
    Niijima (Niijima AP)   – 244.0mm
    Haneda Airport  – 204.0mm
    Kozushima (Kozushima AP)  – 203.0mm
    Miyakejima  – 188.5mm
    Miyake Tsubota(Miyakejima AP) – 128.0mm

  2. Kanagawaa Perfecture in 24hrs
    Miura   – 241.0mm
    Yokohama   – 227.8mm
    Hiyoshi   – 211.5mm
    Tsujido   – 171.0mm
    Odawara   – 140.5mm

  3. Chiba prefecture in 24hrs
    Kyonan   – 331.5mm
    Kisarazu   – 323.5mm
    Tateyama   – 321.5mm
    Otaki   – 315.5mm
    Chiba   – 309.0mm
    Ushiku   – 279.5mm
    Mobara   – 272.0mm
    Yokoshiba-hikari  – 268.0mm
    Katsuura   – 249.5mm
    komagawa   – 229.0mm

  4. Raijin  
    82 cm in 24 hrs…unbelivable raijin… the day like mumbai got 94 cm…
    but this one is un -expectional  with winds..

  5. Numbers would have high for Tokyo and it’s surroundings if it has made landfall near Tokyo, but it moved 40kms away

  6. Now north Japan is getting rains. Fukushima and it’s surroundings getting gud rains. Hope that all the stations will record more than 100mm

  7. KarthikStorm  
    yes…it triggering our NEM  in full flow… Thanks to Nari…
    otherwise our NEM will be commenced after Oct 28th only… due to phailin

  8. Today will be the last day of the daily/weekly contest. Next contest deadline will be on Sunday.
    Will post more details regarding it tomorrow in the blog.

  9. parthasri35urapakkam parthasri35urapakkam   Most of your comments have 1 line sentence and 1 link..which is like the automated spam machines.. thats why 90 percent of your comments go into the pending status

  10. sailudavey parthasri35urapakkam 
    but i am not posting links for most of my comments, but when the link is more explanatory then i have to paste it here, that is why i paste it.
    Today i did not paste any link, but couple of my points not been allowed to post here, system is blocking, it was a general comments only.
    I do not know on what criteria it blocks, it has become tough to comment here.

  11. yesterday temperature
    Maximum Temperature(Deg C)
    Departure from Normal (Deg C)
    Minimum Temperature(Deg C)
    Departure from Normal (Deg C)
    24-hour Rainfall (mm)0.0
    Today’s Sunset (IST)18:23
    Tomorrow’s Sunrise (IST)05:49
    Moonrise (IST)00:12
    Moonset (IST)11:51
    Forecast for next 24 hours:

  12. already there is a cross wind.  south west and north east.  this is certainly not sea breeze.  upper level winds also slowly transformed to east/north east.  tomorrow this would pick up momentum.  once it is established the trough zone would form in bay of bengal normally below machili latitude.  let us see.  but a good low pressure is essential for useful widespread rains across tamil nadu.  Already the temperturs at mumbai had gone up which is a clear cut indication of total withdrawal of south west monsoon for more than half of india.  But IMD normally takes few extra days to make a formal announcment.

  13. Currently the trough is from North-Bihar to South-SW bay.
    The trough over the north india i.e. in Bihar should come down to North AP, then the SWM will completely withdraw and NEM will start.
    This may happen in 72 hours time.

  14. Circulation building up over Gulf of Mannar from Tomorrow. This will generate an LPA in the coming next 3 days. Once this circulation builds up it will trigger more easterly winds.

  15. Partha sir i think the circulation is going to building over sw bay within the trough located over sw bay…correct me if am wrong

  16. Today imd announces delay of north east monsoon Because of Cyclone Phalin and withdrawn of southwest monsoon delay.When did we except rain from northeast monsoon

  17. Change in Contest!!!
    To add spice to the contest.. a new change from Daily Contest to Weekly Contest! 
    1. Predict the Total Rainfall for the 4 stations! (nungambakkam, Meenambakka, Chembarakkam, Red Hills )
    2. Predict the highest rainfall for each station within a 24hour period.. 
    For this week the contest starts from Today will End Of Week
    Send in your entries before Tonight! No New entries will be accepted tomorrow..

  18. IMD in their mid day report has published an upper air cyclonic circulation formed over south west bay of bengal.  This would bring night thunderstorms and easterly winds would prevail from tomorrow.  We can also expect some showers from tomorrow.  But IMD is yet to announce the withdrawal of South west monsoon, as they expect some more change in the upper level winds pattern from madhya preadesh & above.  As it is going by the trend, the south west monsoon would make an exit within the next 48 hours from whole of the country. 

  19. Sea breeze sets in early n hence it is much more cooler than it was one hour ago. Expecting TS to develop in the evening.

  20. Flash News  
    IMD mid day bulletin:
    Upper air cyclonic circulation over SW bay extending to North TN and South AP above 4.5M above mean sea level.

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