437 thoughts on “Withdrawal of SWM to speed up as Phailin weakens

  1. half a month gone already.. it might take maxim a week or more for NEM to set in… hope for the best… a low or a nice eastliers by start of last week of OCT will be a happy scenario…

  2. @Jupi–VP2 charts show NE winds in the 3-4 km altitude..infact have asked PJ and Selva whether this could means NE direction at surface from tmrw?

  3. I could not even say anything about NEM and Easterly Waves.
    My comments are not been allowed to post here. 
    Why, i am not saying anything illegal, it is really frustrating to blog nowadays.
    Do something on this, it is irritating.

  4. Cyclone phailin gave bhubaneswar extremely heavy rainfall in the span of three days i.e 250mm….in which bhubaneswar got 170mm on 12th itself

  5. Gopal those 12hrs was hard to explain….vvvvvv heavy rain fall bt font know ant the wind …dont think the wind hve crossed 160kmh

  6. Mitan- Thanks..we are happy that Phailin was contained from a Human tragedy perspective although material losses would be there

  7. I hve recored mny videos of phailin…will soon upload in fb…bt unfortunetly couldnt upload at the time of landfall bcoz of v v violent weather

  8. Typhoon Wipha races north towards Japan, Mon Noon Update from Western pacific weatherhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ4XyFdW1jY

  9. The Worst of the storm will be impacting the Kanto area(Tokyo) as Wipha races North East in Wednesday afternon. Large waves near coastal areas will be seen along with winds sustained up to Typhoon strength along the immediate coast with Tropical Storm Strength Inland. Tokyo will see heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and winds gusting up to 50kts. Right near the Water Front Sustained 50kt winds is likely.

  10. parthasri35urapakkam selvam13 
    Hi partha. Hope u r not mistaken with another active sel cyclone in this blog. I am a blogger from triplicane, active for a month in this blog. Meanwhile, We should say that phalin has helped in completely defocussing SWM which acted a like a crying child not interested to leave india soon to pave way for its younger brother NEM

  11. selvam13 parthasri35urapakkam 
    good thinking, u think like a poet.
    yes what you say is right.
    i thought my old friend selvan, ur the new one.
    welcome to KEA.

  12. Rajesh Sir info says ( Vela- tks for pointing out) max rainfall  of 300+ rains in Banki and Balimundali ..these are N/NE of Brahmapur- the landing pt..Did the NE bands carry the heaviest rains?

  13. one doubt for experts here. Today i noticed that there was absolutely no wind at all when stepping out of the house. Is it because Phailin took away all moisture or change in direction of wind from west to east happening now and that may have a impact?

  14. shajaya 
    There is a transformation surely, these days are typical SWM withdrawal and Prior to NEM onset days.

  15. Phailin now as Deep Depression over Jharkhand and moving in NE direction, will weaken into a depression in next 6 hours.
    Due to this, Jamshedpur recorded 10CM, Bankura 9, Sundegarh 7, Gaya & Jharsuguda 5CM. Ranchi and balasore 4CM,

  16. There is a v unique thing abt cyclone phailin i.e it intensified in a cat5 cyclone at the time of when swm was strong and it was raining heavily in parts of Rajasthan,delhi,gujurat….and also the swm was jst started withdrawl from India…really its amazing…

  17. Typhoon Wipha will be rapidly weakening as it makes its closest approach to Tokyo, due to high wind shear and cooler waters. The damage is expected from the rainfall not from the winds

  18. The coast of Japan should experience winds below hurricane force if the core of Wipha passes offshore as expected. High winds and heavy rains from Wipha may be a concern for the Fukushima nuclear site, where rainfall from Typhoon Man-Yi on September 16 compicated clean efforts of the reactors damaged by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

  19. Tc¬†nari : it is just following pre-phailin(90w) track..upper level factors r driving it perfectly into n.thailand as a low .. Hope It doesn’t lose its intensity further.

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