584 thoughts on “Dangerous VSCS Phailin expected to make landfall today

  1. Sud T.nagar¬†They don’t want to screw their track record, They are ok to manipulate the numbers to prove they prediction ranges are with in their tolerance levels.

  2. Sud T.nagar The sad part is they are still hanging up with their storm surge prediction of 3 meters, the actual number will be very huge, so they are scared to say.

  3. mitansunshine 
    That’s not too good news!! Strong storms have not much winds in outer bands. Or one more possibilty, it might be missing you!

  4. Ehsan, its a super cyclone.
    heading should be changed. We should be like IMD. Vagaries has already put is as super cyclone.

  5. sometime i feel IMD is correct because they know all media and all blog saying but still they keep 220km/hr if life lost all will blame IMD done incorrect so they may know all issue but still keeping 220km/hr ? will be really 220km/hr ?

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