787 thoughts on “Bay system expected to make landfall as a Very Severe Cyclonic Storm

  1. Jtwc says system moved nw in last 6 hrs… I could c in last two updates that Phalin has shifted major part of convection twrds west.. And even vorticity has been displaced… reminds me of thane..

  2. Good rains in aminjikarai. Rajkmr may i ask a favor? Can you check sun news or jaya news for me regarding school holiday as i dont have those channels? ThanK you.

  3. illusivegossip  
    i don’t think so…its not heavy rain…only moderate…but if get hvy shower within next 1 hour..chances are there..

  4. Well I live in aminjikarai near anna nagar side, my name is confidential because my dad doesnt want me sharing my name on the net 😛

  5. Hey guys check the news section in livechenni.com, he announces when its a holiday, but jaya plus and sun news announce first.

  6. Actualy it has been raining since five including heavy rain here and it has not stoped, i still have light rain and no sign of stopping. Thus my concern.

  7. JTWC .. Updated


  8. Susa, its tilting twrds nw direction n now minimum cat 1 .soon it wil reach tat status..navy nrl shows intensity of 55kts..but actual would b 60knts.. Pressure around 982mb. btw Stil 2 days to go,. DISTANCE WISE long way to go.. so tis is going to b a monster.

  9. As per jtwc,phailin Influencing ridge has been changed.. Now the one in myanmar at mid level 500mb is dominating.. So now the system wil b at sw quadrant of hpa. so more of nw flow. Gud bye phailin..

  10. Lateset jwtc report says nw system is in warm bay waters with low shear and it will continue its journey north west direction through out its life span

  11. NEM may be late this year. ..but with the cyclone gaining strength. .our only hope is that what ever we are supposed to get later should not get affected with this cyclone…

  12. SaileshDavey wish the cyclone crossed very quickly and dissipates soon.
    Rajesh sir expects the SWM withdrawal will be quick once this system crosses the coast

  13. To compensate for this weeks contest “Cyclone Phalin contest”
    Predict the landfall of the cyclone.
    Points will be awarded as follows. Within 50 km – 75 points
    50-100 kms – 40 points
    150 – 250 kms – 25 points
    250 – 400 kms – 10 points
    Over 400 kms – 5 points
    Deadline nine pm tonight.
    Please note Entries should refer a single place / town as possible landfall. For e.g Machili, not from pondy to Chennai etc.
    Post your entries in the weekly contest page.

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