1,164 thoughts on “Cyclone Phalin likely to make landfall this weekend

  1. Hello, its Illusivegossip, I hope you remember me. I was busy with school so couldn’t reply here.
    May I know the NEM situation right now please? I would like to know why people are saying it will be a failure.

  2. How much rain will chennai get possibly?
    Also, just asking, due to cyclone alert is it holiday in chennai for schools today?

  3. illusivegossip Some rain can be expected today, but after that it depends on cyclone direction.If it moves north, we will have very less rain.

  4. The clouds we r seeing now in Insat near TN coast   .will join the cyclone as tail end & progress its movement..
    ..let it move atleast AP coast…

  5. Sel nothing new abt this…it was expected…i think it will make landfall in between puri and balasore…wat u think

  6. U can see band like structure warping around southern half of the llc..latest satellite image shows it has crossed Andaman islands and intensified into a cyclone

  7. evrything depends on the rige at 20N…if it stays ,possible for the change in track ..i mean the sytem would move more west than nw..

  8. Yes raja…i too think the same…i am from Bhubaneswar and nw its raining heavily here …its the storm effect..its going to b a cat 2 storm

  9. KEA,
    DUring initial days I was able to expand the live video but now adays i cannot do that , as we get the user name and password prompt.. can that facility be available again

  10. jtwc report is out  http://www.usno.navy.mil/NOOC/nmfc-ph/RSS/jtwc/warnings/io0213.gif  good news is tat U.S gfdn model tracking the system into s.india.

  11. RaijinWeather 
    oh that was really good , where we able to watch the live chennai weather from any where . miss that now

  12. Rainfall in and around Chennai Region on 8th October 

    in  mm ending 8.30 am

    Kalavai – 41

    Sholingur – 40
    Tiruttani – 37
    Vellore – 15
    Kaveripakkam – 14
    Thiruvalangadu – 10

    Arakonnam -10
    Mailam – 10

    Katpadi – 7
    Cheyyar – 5 
    Kancheepuram – 2

  13. As per IMD NEM is possible only betwen 20 to 25 oct , because Swm is yet to withdraw that possible only after system crosses coast

  14. Yes whenever a cyclone is heading north, all forecasts agree to the landfall area.
    It is only cyclones that make landfall in TN that have different forecasts

  15. As per the various models its going to be North Ap or Odisha. This Phalin is going to suck all the moisture around and that would leave our coast high n dry for about 8 to 10 days. Hope it dissipates fast for the easterlies to set in. Taking all these developments into account, we can expect typical NEM showers from 20 or 22nd.

  16. Good rains in blore again except north blore.. begur in blore south got 122mm.. city 22mm, Hal ap 15mm, gopalnagar 39mm, sompura 22mm.. my rg in n.blore only 2mm..

  17. Oh ma god…alert alert…latest imd report out…this system is going to b a monster..,it will hv a peak intensity of 185kmhr…unbelievable

  18. as i said yesterday it is going to cross near paradip and at midnight 12th.
    this will intensify into cyclonic storm today afternoon, then come to bay.
    then before crossing the coast it will intensify into severe cyclonic storm.
    wind speed 175-185 KM/HR.
    Will cross coast between Paradip and Kalingapatnam by midnight of 12th October.

  19. parthasri35urapakkam reason given imd is that further withdrawal will begin only after system crosses coast and then easterlies has to start but he says rain fall will be good inspite of delay in onset

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