362 thoughts on “Hot day expected

  1. Day 4 of the contest

    Nunga max
    31.3 (Senthil)
    32.6 (Rajarathnam)
    33.7 (Vela)
    33.9 (Gtaman2 & Srikanth)
    34.2 (Rajkmr & Gopal666)
    34.6 (Raijin, Sailu & Templetravel)
    34.8 (Parthasri35, Sudharshan, Rame1975 & Paul Abraham)
    35.1 (ArjunLV)
    35.2 (PJ)
    35.8 (KEA)

    Meena Max
    31.6 (Senthil)
    32.8 (Rajarathnam)
    34.1 (Srikanth & Vela)
    34.3 (Rajkmr & Gopal666)
    34.4 (Gtaman2)
    34.7 (templetravel)
    34.8 (Sailu)
    34.9 (Raijin)
    35.0 (Sudharshan & Paul Abraham)
    35.2 (Rame1975 & Parthasri35)
    35.4 (PJ & ArjunLV)
    35.6 (KEA)

    Nunga rain
    0 mm (Parthasri35, Templetravel, Vela, Srikanth, Sailu, KEA & Rajarathnam)
    4 mm (Senthil)
    8 mm (Gopal666)
    10 mm (Sudharshan)
    12 mm (Paul Abraham)
    13 mm (Rame1975)
    16 mm (ArjunLV)
    20 mm (Rajkmr & Raijin)
    25 mm (PJ & Gtaman2)

    Meena rain
    0 mm (Parthasri35, Templeltravel, Vela, Srikanth & Rajarathnam)
    2 mm (Gopal666)
    6 mm (Senthil)
    7 mm (Sudharshan)
    10 mm (Sailu & Gtaman2)
    12 mm (KEA & ArjunLV)
    15 mm (Paul Abraham)
    16 mm (Rame1975)
    20 mm (Rajkmr & Raijin)
    30 mm (PJ)

    Senthil is leading after a very low scoring round yesterday.

  2. This site has become weather contest blog than weather info blog.

    Kea: Why are you encouraging such things? Atleast look at Mr.Rajesh blog. Lot of weather information is there

    Selvanfun: What is happening in this blog ?

    I fed up reading this blog for past few days. Please stop this temperature prediction atleast.

    • Raja, while all of us have our views. I see no harm in the contests being run. Please note that there are lot of us who spend quite some time looking out for various things before deciding on our predictions. More often than not we share reasons for our predictions as well, explaining where we went wrong & right. Am sure the contest would certainly help people become more knowledgeble.

      Please note that this is not just a guesstimate which most of us are doing. Concepts like CAPE etc have been discussed when posting why it would rain or not rain on a particular day. Wind patterns have been discussed when why the temperature for a day would be high or low on a particular day.

      Lets not forget the competitive spirit is actually helping us to research more in trying to get our predictions right.

      • Srikanth: My concern is main blog page is polluted with lot of data. We may need segregation like separate contest page(like tabs followed by Rajesh blog) , than putting data in the same page.

        From readers point of view, this blog has lost its shine.

      • You have a valid point, may be we could possibly have the contest pages separately. Its just a couple of weeks now the daily contest has started, so am sure we will evolve over time

  3. IMD web site & Radar services were out of order for the past few days. Is any one getting it ??

    South west monsoon would terminate shortly. entire gujarat region ( rains will be over in a day ).

    we can expect a good low pressure zone over south west bay tomorrow and rains will be back from today at chennai.


  4. The  chief amounts of  rainfall  (2  cm or more)
    recorded at 1730 hours IST of  yesterday were: Bhaunagar­11; 
    Veraval and Rajkot­7 each; Diu­6; Surendranagar, Baroda,
    Varanasi and Bankura­5 each; Panagarh­4; Mahuva, Amreli, Sultanpur, Bahraich, Ahmedabad and 
    New Kandla­3 each and Bulsar, Cherrapunji, Shillong, Malda and Ranchi­2 each.

  5. A trough in lower levels extends from Bihar to eastcentral Bay of Bengal
    across Jharkhand and  north Bayof Bengal.

    If this trough extends till west central bay then we should get some TS.

    This may happen today or tomorrow.

  6. @Partha

    Yes! But our problem is, it will prevent convection even if there is severe heating following the sea breeze. It should set in by 4:00 pm

    • Poonamallee location is also corrected as black doe next to NBK. NBK refers to Nungambakkam and it is the white dot above “m” in mount

  7. The arrowhead of ‚ÄúANG‚ÄĚ Anna Nagar is Madhavaram. MO is made as Mount. Black spot near it is Airport. The blue dot near radar is parry‚Äôs


    Poonamallee location is also corrected as black doe next to NBK. NBK refers to Nungambakkam and it is the white dot above ‚Äúm‚ÄĚ in mount

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