365 thoughts on “Jupijove’s NEM forecast released

  1. Jupi–Had a cursory glance at your work…can see the hard work and passion behind it..real painstaking efforts..I appreciate it..will go through it detail and comment in the next few days..could read the comforting conclusion that it will be a near normal NEM…are you also concurring with the “near normal” forecasts?

  2. Nunga: 35.5 Meena: 35.6
    0mm rain.

    Noted the disincentive planned for 0mm rain forecasts – but I am unable to change what I know is most likely to be correct. ūüėÄ

  3. @Jupi,
    I have gone through presentation, Good & Excellent Work.I feel u have taken lot of time to compile this report, hat’s of you. This shows the passion behind it.
    Your references from

    I appreciate your good effort.
    But in conclusion you have specified that “Below Normal to Near Normal”. As most of the models predicted the same.

    Thanks for your wonderful work.

  4. NEM Prediction
    Jupi Prediction – Below Normal to Near Normal
    KEA Prediction – Not looks good (based on experience)
    PJ Prediction – This NEM going to be special
    My Prediction – 20 to 25% Above Normal

  5. The  upper air cyclonic circulation now lies over west Madhya Pradesh and
    neighbourhood extending upto 4.5 km above mean sea levels.

  6. Folks, looking back, yesterday was a wonderful and memorable day in my life. I met two Directors – One Director of IMD Chennai, Dr. S.R.Ramanan and another Director (Kanders Group), Mr. Ehsan Ahmed (KEA)!! After meeting Dr. Ramanan we drove to Kanders and KEA was courteous enough to receive my family and spend some time with us in spite of his busy schedule. Of course he was very particular to know about the other Director’s weather predictions :D!! Thanks KEA!

    • Congrats Jupi,
      Good & Excellent Work.
      I feel u have taken lot of time to compile this report, hat’s of you.
      This shows your passion in weather..
      I appreciate your good effort.
      Thanks to your Parents also, for given u the wonderful opportunity

  7. Day 2 of the Week 2 contest entries

    Nunga Max
    34.9 (gtaman2)
    35.0 (Jon & Prasathsasi)
    35.1 (Rame1975 & PJ)
    35.3 (ArjunLV, Velayudham, Rajarathnam2004 & Novaknole)
    35.4 (Rajkmr & Paul Abraham)
    35.5 (Sailu, Parthasri35 & Ashwinds)
    35.6 (Templetravel)
    36.1 (KEA)
    36.3 (Raijin)
    36.4 (srikanth)

    Meena Max
    35.1 (Prasathsasi)
    35.3 (gtaman2 & PJ)
    35.4 (Jon, Rame1975 & Novaknole)
    35.5 (Rajarathnam2004)
    35.6 (ArjunLV, Paul Abraham, Rajkmr, Ashwinds, Sailu & Velayudham)
    35.7 (Templetravel & Parthasri35)
    36.3 (KEA & Raijin)
    36.6 (Srikanth)

    Nunga Rain
    0 mm (Paul Abraham, Srikanth, KEA, Rajkmr, Ashwinds, Templetravel, Rajarathnam2004 & gtaman2)
    2 mm (Sailu)
    5 mm (Prasathsasi & Novaknole)
    8 mm (Raijin)
    9 mm (ArjunLV)
    10 mm (Velayudham,Jon & Rame1975)
    14 mm (PJ)

    Meena Rain
    0 mm (Paul Abraham, Srikanth, KEA, Rajkmr, Ashwinds, Templetravel, Sailu, Rajarathnam2004 & gtaman2)
    5 mm (Velayudham)
    6 mm (Prasathsasi)
    7 mm (ArjunLV)
    9 mm (Novaknole & Raijin)
    12 mm (Jon)
    15 mm (Rame1975)
    18 mm (PJ)

  8. Mr.Temple Travel. You stand a good chance of hitting the bulls eye for Nunga temperature. 35.6. Ive asked for your real name few days back. Don’t know whether you have replied or not.

  9. Rain in past 24 hours


    ANDHRA PRADESH: Tuni (East Godavari dt) 8,
    Visakhapatnam and Visakhapatnam Airport 2 each and Kakinada 1.

    KERALA: Kannur and Kudulu (Kasaragod district) 1 each.

    Bhatkal (Uttara Kannada dt) 9, Shirali 5, Gokarna (Uttara Kannada dt) 4, Gersoppa, Manki (both Uttara Kannada dt), Honavar 3 each, Kumta, Kadra, Sirsi AGRO, Siddapura (all Uttara Kannada dt), Karwar, Linganamakki (Shimoga dt) 2 each, Banavasi, Manchikeri, Yellapur, Castle Rock, Jagalbet, Joida (all Uttara Kannada dt), Talaguppa, Hosanagara (both Shimoga dt) 1 each.

  10. The
    amounts of rainfall (2 cm or more) recorded at 0830 hours IST of today are:
    Dahanu­27; Baroda­23, Bulsar­16;
    Chittorgarh­7,   Bhavnagar,   Bhuj   and   Gandhinagar­6   each;Kota  
    and   Mahuva­5   each;   Nasik­4;   Silchar,
    Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Sundernagar, Diu and Honavar­3 each and Udaipur, Mount Abu, Agartala, Lengpui, Long
    Islands, Mumbai (SCZ), Tibia, New Kandla, Idhar and Karwar­2 each.

  11. An upper air cyclonic circulation lies over northwest Bay of Bengal 
    and adjoining areas of coastal Gangetic
    West Bengal extending upto 1.5 km above mean sea level

  12. DAY – 1 (WEEK – 2) Contest
    Paul Abraham—————28
    Shiva —————19

    The result upto yesterdays, within few mins will get the latest result applying todays temperature….

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