196 thoughts on “Few isolated showers possible

    • Partha- It was more of a Hi Hello get together..Expected at least 12 to 15 members..Ehasan, Sampath Ca, Gopal666, Karthikstorm, Karthikraghavan1994,Velayudham,pypkSrikant,Novaknole attended the casual meet up. Nothing big was discussed except for some volley of questions which Gopal666 raised regarding radar study and wind pattern..Our Windman 2-Pypksrikant answered one by one…Ehasan again proved to be a nice host and the place (Kanders) was really quiet on a Sunday afternoon..Wish the place had more bloggers friends yesterday.Since the whole thing was arranged in a short notice,the meet had to settle with just 8 bloggers.Hopefully we can have a full strength next time around..

  1. Kea, my views on the points is, we should be giving points for temp as currently being given with bonus for accurately predicting the temp. With regard to rains bonus points should be applicable only if we get the rains accurately not for accurately predicting 0 mm rains.

    Also I think there has to be a bonus for a full house. 6 Points for temp & 2 points for rains in case of no rain days or 4 points for days when it rained. If it is full house we could have a bonus of either 50% or may be even double the total points.

  2. New points scoring system for week 2. The focus is to award more points for more accurate predictions.

    Difference of 0 gets 15 points
    0.1 diff – 12
    0.2 diff – 9
    0.3 diff – 7
    0.4 diff – 6
    0.5 diff – 5
    0.6 diff – 4
    0.7 diff – 3
    0.8 diff – 2
    0.9 diff – 1
    1.0 diff 0.5 points will be awarded

    Difference of 0 – 0.5 mm gets 15 points
    Difference of 0.5 – 2.0 – 12 points
    difference of less than 4 – 9 points
    6 mm – 7 points
    8 mm – 6 points
    10 mm – 5 points
    12 mm – 4 points
    14 mm – 3 points
    16 mm – 2 points
    18 mm – 1 point
    20 mm – 0.5 points

    Zero rainfall
    To discourage 0 mm entries, only 5 points will be awarded if the rainfall is zero. No points will be awarded if rainfall is 1 or 2 mm and no difference will be calculated.
    If 1 mm is predicted and actual rainfall is zero, zero points will be awarded.

  3. Surprise Surprise !!! Patgaon takes the Lead from Hulikal – All India SWM Toppers from 01.06.13 to 22.09.13
    Surprise Surprise. Patgaon in Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra rainfall data is obtained. It has got 5881 mm rainfall in July alone. A data which has to be noted in your record books. Amgaon in Karnataka got 5097 mm in July, but Patgaon simply rocked.

    in mm (Minimum 5000 mm)

    1. Patgaon (Sindhudurg), Maharashtra – 8917
    2. Hulikal, Karnataka – 8831
    3. Mashtikatte, Karnataka – 8487
    4. Tamini, Maharashtra – 8279
    5. Amgaon, Karnataka – 7988 (Till 31st August)





  4. Hello all – I hope the post title comes true else I should be back to cribbing on the blog from day after tomorrow morning. Looks like I will be jumping from a pleasant 31C/21C into 35C/27+C soon ūüė¶

  5. Raijin,

    If someone predicts zero and rainfall is indeed zero or trace, then only 5 points will be awarded
    If rainfall is .1 mm then the person who predicted rainfall of 20 mm or less will get points

  6. Morning Bulletin

    The low pressure  area over central  parts of south Madhya Pradesh and neighborhood has become less
    marked. However, an upper air cyclonic circulation lies over southwest Madhya Pradesh and neighbourhood
    extending upto 4.5 km above mean sea levels.

  7. The amounts of rainfall (1 cm or more) recorded at
    1730  hours IST  of  yesterday were: Pachmarhi  and Angul  ­3  each; Kota,  Jabalpur,   Ujjain, Gandhinagar,
    Canning,   Chittorgarh   and   Nasik­2   each;   Ahmadabad,   Baroda,   Surat,   Indore,   Champa,   Hoshangabad,
    ,Surendranagar, Vengurla, Jalgaon, Midnapore, Shirali, Sagar and Goa­1 each.

  8. Week 2, Day 1 of the contest (Entry closed)

    Nunga Max
    33.5 (gtaman2)
    34.1 (PJ)
    34.6 (Rame1975)
    34.7 (Templetravel & Jon)
    34.8 (KEA)
    35.0 (Sailu)
    35.1 (Paul Abraham & Parthasri35)
    35.2 (Rajkmr & sksvram)
    35.3 (Raijin, Novak & Velayudham)
    35.5 (Srikanth & Ashwinds)

    Meena Max
    34.2 (PJ)
    34.5 (Templetravel & gtaman2)
    34.7 (Rame1975)
    34.8 (Sailu)
    34.9 (KEA)
    35.1 (Paul Abraham)
    35.2 (Jon & Novak)
    35.3 (Rajkmr & Parhthasri35)
    35.4 (sksvram)
    35.5 (Raijin, Velayudham & Ashwinds)
    35.6 (Srikanth)

    Nunga rains
    0 (sksvram, Parthasri35, Ashwinds, Paul Abraham, PJ, Rame1975, templetravel & Srikanth)
    5 mm (KEA & Sailu)
    10 mm (Novak & Velayudham)
    15 mm (Raijin)
    16 mm (gtaman2)
    20 mm (Rajkmr)
    22 mm (Jon)

    Meena rains
    0 (sksvram, Parthasri35, Ashwinds, PJ, Rame1975, Paul Abraham, templetravel & Srikanth)
    5 mm (Gtaman2, Sailu & Velayudham)
    9 mm (Raijin)
    10 mm (KEA)
    15 mm (Novak & Rajkmr)
    20 mm (Jon)

    Week 2 will follow the new points scoring system. Zero rainfall will have lesser points awarded

  9. Rame1975

    A small request to you. Please do not repeat same question over and over again. People will read your question and answer them. It becomes irritating to see the same message posted over and over again.

    • Okay Kea . I will not repeat again or ask same question.
      Btw new points system is very fine.

      Some clarification about Rain fall points rules.

      1.RF of about >5 mm will only be considered
      2. Minimum values for rainfall amount considered.

  10. @ kea , Thanks for updating my points. But still you missed 1 point for rains in Meenambakkam, I predicted 0 mm rainfall , but you gave only 1 point ….

    Pls correct and update…

    Pls let me know where are the photos taken yesterday ?
    Vela said they are posted in Facebook , but not able to find.

    Pls post the link here in the blog. I do not have FB account.

  11. KEA,


    Sorry for repeating the same point again.
    By mistake i posted earlier in reply to your comment.

    Some clarification about Rain fall points rules.

    1.RF of about >5 mm will only be considered
    2. Minimum values for rainfall amount considered.

  12. Ehsan– Great point system..tempts me to join from next week..only 1 submission..it is a brilliant move to lower the pts on zero mm rains..in the same vein,as all of us here wish rains and so we need to incentivise bloggers who predict more rains and get it right..for example if the average rain in sept is 20mm/rainday,any prediction above 20mm should get bonus pts if they get it right.

  13. Reg yday bloggers meet,the disappointment was there were only 8..but I feel that content and texture of the meet was a relaxed and an informal one and I think this should be the tone for future meets..yes there can be ppts from Jupi and Others like Susa,but lets keep this soothing ambience

  14. Past 24 Hours Weather Data – IMD

    Maximum Temp(oC) 35.1
    Departure from Normal(oC) 1
    Minimum Temp (oC) 26.8
    Departure from Normal(oC) 1
    24 Hours Rainfall (mm) NIL
    Todays Sunset (IST) 18:05
    Tommorows Sunrise (IST) 05:59
    Moonset (IST) 09:09
    Moonrise (IST) 21:02

  15. Rame and Partha– Standing left to right back row–Velayudham, Sampath C.A, Kartthik Ragahvan 1994,
    Front row–Left to right–Gopal666, Kea, Novak,Pypksrikant and Karthik storm.

    • yes my guess proved correct.

      I tried this :

      I saw the names of the persons while moving the cursor over them

      Now Gopal confirmed that he is the person in extreme left.

      Thanks Novak . No other photos ???

  16. Massive rains in Gujarat

    in cm

    Sagbara (dist Narmada) 36, Umerpada (dist Surat) 35, Bharuch (dist Broach) 30, Jhagadia (dist Broach) 20, Quant (dist Baroda) 20, Jetpur Pavi (dist Baroda) 19, Sankheda_arg (dist Baroda) 18, Sankheda (dist Baroda) 18, Tilakwada_arg (dist Narmada) 18, Waghai_arg (dist Dangs) 15, Naswadi (dist Baroda) 15, Tilakwada (dist Narmada) 14, Nanipalson (dist Valsad) 13, Rajpipala (dist Narmada) 13, Sinor_arg (dist Baroda) 13, Ankleshwer (dist Broach) 13, Nandod (dist Narmada) 13, Ukai (dist Surat) 12, Madhbun (dist Dadara & Nagar Haveli) 12, Jambughoda (dist Panchmahal) 11, Silvassa (dist Dadara & Nagar Haveli) 11, Nizer (dist Tapi) 11, Dediapada (dist Narmada) 11, Valsad (dist Valsad) 11, Hansot_arg (dist Broach) 11, Dabhoi_arg (dist Baroda) 11, Dangs (ahwa) (dist Dangs) 11, Songadh (dist Tapi) 10, Wanakbori (dist Kheda) 10,

    For next 24 hours:
    The sky conditions would be partly cloudy. Rain or thundershower may occur in some areas during evening or night. Maximum and minimum temperature would be around 36 and 27 degree Celsius respectively.
    For next 48 hours:
    The sky conditions would be partly cloudy. Rain or thundershower may occur in some areas during evening or night. Maximum and minimum temperature would be around 36 and 27 degree Celsius respectively.

    • The chief amounts of rainfall recorded in centimetres are:

      TAMIL NADU: Nil


      KERALA: Nil

      Khanapur (Belgaum dt) 3, Kadra and Manchikere (both Uttara Kannada dt), Belgaum, Londa (Belgaum dt) and Kavital (Raichur dt) 2 each and Mani (Dakshina Kannada dt), Kollur (Udupi dt), Joida and Yellapur (both Uttara kannada dt), Shirali, Belgaum airport, Dharwad and Kundagol (Dharwad dt) 1 each.

  18. @ PJ

    36 cm, 25 cm ….

    awesome and threatening rainfall figures.

    what about Narmada river water level ?

    Weather Warning during next 3 days

    23 September: Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at a few  places over Gujarat Region with extremely
    heavy at isolated places and isolated heavy over west Madhya Pradesh and Saurashtra & Kutch.

    24 September:  Heavy rainfall would occur at isolated places over  Gujarat Region and Saurashtra & Kutch.

    25 September: No warning.

    • Meteorological¬†Analysis¬†based¬†on¬†0830¬†hours¬†IST
      ♦   The   upper  air  cyclonic  circulation   lies  over  southwest Madhya Pradesh  and  adjoining
      Gujarat region extending upto 4.5 km above mean sea levels.
      ‚ô¶ ¬†An¬†east¬≠west¬†trough¬†runs¬†roughly¬†along¬†latitude¬†21.¬†0¬įN¬†over¬†India¬†region.
      ♦   The feeble western disturbance as a trough   in mid level westerlies lies along longitude

  19. The amounts of rainfall (2 cm or more) recorded at 0830 hours IST of
    today are: Bulsar­11; Bhavnagar­8;  Mount Abu­6; Lengpui, Baroda, Rajkot,  Surendranagar and Mayabander­
    5 each; Angul­4; Dahanu, Mahuva, Ujjain and Pachmarhi ­3 each and Chittorgarh, Kota, Jalgaon, Nasik, Goa,
    Jabalpur, Ahmadabad,  Gandhinagar, Canning, Bhopal and Veraval­2 each.

  20. The   upper  air  cyclonic  circulation   lies  over 
    southwest Madhya Pradesh  and  adjoining
    Gujarat region extending upto 4.5 km above 
    mean sea levels

  21. The system near gujarat giving extremely heavy rainfall for the state.The system is interacting with land and is currently under low shear which is maintaining the upper high to be inline with low pressure in lower level increasing outflow.There is a chance of development into an organized system if the system moves back to sea as indicated by Models or else it will produce heavy rain and will weaken.

  22. IMD forecast for Chennai

    Date Temperature ( o C ) Weather Forecast
    Minimum Maximum
    24-Sep 27.0 35.0 Light rain
    25-Sep 26.0 34.0 Light rain
    26-Sep 26.0 34.0 Light rain
    27-Sep 26.0 34.0 Light rain

    • IMD

      All India Weather forecast
      Weather Warning during next 3 days
      23 September: Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at a few  places with extremely heavy falls (>25 cm)
      at isolated places over Gujarat Region. Isolated heavy to very heavy over Saurashtra and isolated heavy west
      Madhya Pradesh and  Kutch.
      24   September:   Heavy  to  very  heavy  rainfall  would  occur  at  a  few   places  over   Gujarat  Region  and
      Saurashtra & Kutch.
      25 September:  Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at isolated places over Saurashtra & Kutch and
      isolated heavy over Gujarat Region.

      Weather Outlook for subsequent 4 days  from 26th September to 30th September, 2013
      ♦   Rain/thundershower would occur at many places over   eastern  & northeastern states and Andaman &
      Nicobar Islands. 
      ♦  Rain/thundershower would occur at few places over Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Lakshadweep and along
      the west Coast.
      ♦   Rain/thundershowers  would   occur   at   Isolated   places   over   Uttar   Pradesh,   East  Rajasthan   and   rest
      peninsular India.
      ♦  Mainly dry weather over rest parts of the country.

      • * 23¬†September:¬†Heavy¬†to¬†very¬†heavy¬†rainfall¬†would¬†occur¬†at¬†a¬†few ¬†places¬†with¬†extremely¬†heavy¬†falls¬†(>25¬†cm)
        at isolated places over Gujarat Region. Isolated heavy to very heavy over Saurashtra and isolated heavy west
        Madhya Pradesh and  Kutch

    • Wunderground forecast 4 days

      Clear35 ¬įC

      Tuesday Night
      Chance of a Thunderstorm 27 ¬įC
      Chance of T-storms
      70% chance of precipitation

      Thunderstorm 34 | 27 ¬įC
      80% chance of precipitation

      Chance of a Thunderstorm 33 | 26 ¬įC
      Chance of T-storms
      70% chance of precipitation

      Chance of a Thunderstorm 34 | 27 ¬įC
      Chance of a Thunderstorm
      20% chance of precipitation

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