317 thoughts on “Dry day ahead before a super wet weekend

  1. Puerto Lopez in Columbia the New wettest place in the World and revised Top 20 wettest places
    Information provided recently by IDEAM (Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies), the Colombian meteorological service, indicates that one of his official sites called Port Lopez in the Department of the Cauca, pacific region has an annual average rainfall of anywhere else in the world.

    The Top 20 Wettest Places in the World
    1. 524.68″ / 13327 mm – Puerto Lopez, Cauca, Columbia, South America
    2. 512.08″ / 13008 mm – La Concha, Cauca, Columbia, South America
    3. 473.86″ / 12036 mm – Bahia Malaga, Valle, Columbia, South America
    4. 467.35” / 11871 mm – Mawsynram, Meghalaya, India, Asia
    5. 463.66” / 11777 mm – Cherrapunji, Meghalaya , India, Asia
    6. 453.38” / 11516 mm – Cropp at Waterfall, South Island, New Zealand
    7. 448.58” / 11394 mm – Tutunendo, Choco, Colombia, South America
    8. 423.19” / 10749 mm – Quibdo, Choco, Colombia, South America
    9. 411.42” / 10450 mm – Ureca, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, Africa
    10. 405.47” / 10299 mm – Debundscha, Fako, Cameroon, Africa
    11. 404.40” / 10272 mm – Big Bog, Maui, Hawaii, Oceania
    12. 384.35” / 9763 mm – Mt.Waialeale, Kauai, Hawaii, Oceania
    13. 365.87″ / 9293 mm – Kukui, Maui, Hawaii, Oceania
    14. 327.72″ / 8324 mm – Walakkad, Kerala, India, Asia
    15. 21.60” / 8169 mm – Emei Shan, Sichuan, China, Asia
    16. 315.24″ / 8007 mm – Hulikal, Karnataka, India, Asia
    17. 307.90” / 7821 mm – Bowden Pen, Jamaica, Oceania
    18. 300.00″ / 7620 mm – Agumbe, Karnataka, India, Asia
    19. 297.60” / 7559 mm – Lloro, Choco, Colombia, South America
    20. 280.98” / 7137 mm – Andagoya, Choco, Colombia, South America

    More on Port Lopez monthly rainfall records etc in


  2. Begur in bangalore south got 27mm yday, the highest in bangalore as per KSNDMC report. It is close to bannerghatta road vijaya bank layout from where Philander reported yesterday’s heavy rains.

  3. To,
    All My Teachers,

    Teacher is a person, who always helps everybody to get the knowledge and always stands beside the students, when they have problems.

    Thanks for being my teacher.

    Happy Teachers Day

  4. @ svelayudham,

    How can u delete or modify a posted message in KEA blog ?

    Afternoon u posted one link , and after sometime that link was missing .
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  5. TN Govt – Teacher Day Special

    Tamil Nadu School Education Minister Vaigaichelvan was on Thursday removed from the Jayalalithaa-led cabinet.

    “On the recommendation of the Chief Minister, the Governor of Tamil Nadu (K. Rosaiah) has dropped Dr Vaigaichelvan, Minister for School Education, Sports and Youth Welfare, Tamil Official Language and Tamil Culture from the Council of Ministers,” a Raj Bhavan release in Chennai said.

    Higher Education Minister P. Palaniappan will hold the additional charge of the School Education portfolio as “further recommended” by Ms. Jayalalithaa, it added.

    Mr. Vaigaichelvan, known for his oratorical skills, was made minister in a cabinet reshuffle in February this year.

  6. Lovely Message received in my FB.

    sir !
    u asked un kea weather

    what is hip level water?


    so iduppu alavu water.

    by thunder kali

    WOW – WHat a wonderful meaning / explaination…

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    Can any one help me out in this ?

      • Vagaries forecast for next 3 – 4 days:

        Posted on Wednesday Night:

        4th September..The South West Monsoon has withdrawn from West Rajasthan (as per Vagaries’ observations).

        The Seasonal Low a the western End of the Monsoon Axis has weakened to 1002 mb. Resultantly, the Monsoon Axis itself has weakened.

        The East Coast trough will form in the Bay by Thursday, but move towards the coast by Saturday.

        On Thursday and Friday, there may be some heavy rains in parts Northern TN districts of Vellore and Thiruvallur, and adjoining Districts of AP. Coastal AP too, gets heavy rains from the trough.

        Mumbai: As usual, cloudy morning, precipitating showers in some parts. Rainfall 5-7 mms.Clearing later, and re-grouping by evening.
        Outer Townships will have same pattern of morning showers. Clearing, and getting Cb clouds by afternoon evening. Rains upto 10 mms.
        Some isolated showers in the ghat areas. Rains increasing as mentioned after 10th, Ganesh Chaturthi.

        Chennai: Less chances of a rain cloud or TS hitting Chennai these 2 days. Increase in rains on Saturday and Sunday, with Thunder showers precipitating upto 40-50 mms in some areas.

        Delhi NCR: Warm and hazy at 37c..with almost clear skies and strong dusty West winds. Night temperatures may drop to around 24/25c.

        Surat: Partly cloudy with upto 10 mms rain on Thursday. Decrease in rains on Friday.
        Pune: Cloudy in the afternoon and evening. Pleasant mornings at 18/19c.

        Bangalore will be partly cloudy with showers in some parts. But a pleasant day at 26c.

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